TAS team of 80 to set a pace in City to Surf

Posted 3rd August 2015

The City to Surf fun run in Sydney on 9 August may be a gruelling 14km, but long distances are clearly no impediment for a team of 80 from The Armidale School who will not just take a 1000km round trip to be part of it, but make up what is believed to be the largest school group so far entered in the iconic event.

More than 85,000 people are expected to enter this year’s race, which goes from Hyde Park to Bondi.

TAS students have taken part in the event on several previous occasions, and Athletics MIC Jim Pennington said it is only growing in popularity. This year’s TAS team includes day and boarding students from across northern and western NSW, two from the Northern Territory, and Scotland.

“Part of this is because the City to Surf now forms part of a school award called the TAS Triple Crown, for those students who complete it, the 2km Coffs Harbour Ocean Swim and the 111km overnight Hawkesbury Canoe Classic during their time at the school,” he said.

“However the very special atmosphere of this event, combined with a sense of physical challenge as the course makes its way from the City to Bondi via the infamous Heartbreak Hill, remains an enduring attraction in its own right.”

The group will set off for Sydney the day before the big race – just as soon as many in the team walk off rugby fields after home games against The King’s School.