2024 Term 1 Week 5   |   28.02.2024

TAS Talks Term 1 Week 5

01. From the Principal


A highlight of Term 1 each year for me is the series of lunches I have with our Year 7 students. Once or twice a week, groups of eight students come to The Lodge for lunch with me and Mr Coulson, whose brownies for dessert are always a hit. With this being the biggest intake year at TAS, this is a great opportunity for me to get to know our new students, and indeed those who started at TAS in Junior School, a little better and for them to ask any questions they might have about me or the School.

This year, as always, the lunches have been an absolute delight with conversation moving across a wide range of topics from where students are from, their family and pets, where they would travel if they could go anywhere in the world and what their go-to meals or bakes are if let loose in the kitchen, to who missed out on Taylor Swift tickets and who would not have gone, even if the tickets had been gifted to them.

One of my current favourite questions to ask is one that a year 7 student last year brought to the table, “What would you do if you suddenly had a million dollars?”. A few weeks ago, I would have anticipated students would elect to spend the money on fun items, depending on their own interests, travel or perhaps a house, but most students this year have responded with a combination of investment, donation to charity and supporting their families in a raft of different ways. It is pretty clear that we have a young group of people who think responsibly and give a high level of consideration to others. The opportunity they have been given by their families to attend TAS is not lost on them and their wish to pay back their parents or indeed “pay it forward” to their siblings or to people less fortunate than them who they do not know is incredibly heartwarming.


Dr Rachel Horton

02. From the Deputy Principal


I would like to commend our students on the way in which they have commenced the School year. There is a positive feel around the campus with routines established and some wonderful achievements being seen inside and outside the classroom.

Unfortunately, our young people remain vulnerable to targeted social trends and as we see the regulation of vaping take effect, a replacement product is becoming prevalent in society.

Snoose, also known as snus, is a form of smokeless tobacco that is gaining popularity, particularly among young people. Like vaping, it is often marketed as a discreet and harmless alternative to smoking. However, the reality is far from benign. Snoose contains nicotine, the addictive substance found in cigarettes, and is associated with various health risks, including oral cancer, gum disease, and addiction. It is important to emphasize to our children that there are no safe forms of tobacco use. Last week our Director of Pastoral Care, Mr AJ Whalley met with Year 12s to outline the risks involved in experimenting with such substances. While we have not yet had to address issues with this product at TAS I have asked staff to be aware and alert.

TAS has a zero-tolerance approach to any nicotine products or associated materials. As per our Rules and Regulations Document, if brought on campus or used in uniform the School would consider this to be a significant breach of our expectations.

For more information please see the following article from the University of Sydney:


Mr Ray Pearson

Deputy Principal

03. Calendar of Events

Wednesday 28 FebruaryFederation Cup DebatingTamworth
Thursday 29 FebruaryOAU Committee Meeting
Friday 1 MarchArmidale ShowCattle Show
Saturday 2 MarchNSW Schoolgirl Head of the River
Sunday 3 MarchClean Up Australia Day



Uniform and Bookshop

The new navy bucket hats are now in!

The next delivery of the girl's straw hats are expected on the 8 March.

Now is the time to start planning the purchase of winter uniforms, please buy online, or if fitting is required please make an appointment on the website.
We are happy to fit Year 6- 12 students without an appointment at lunchtime and after school.

Next school holidays we are only open Wednesday 24 April and by appointment only. Please book online.

On Monday 29 April from 10 am - 4pm we are open exclusively for boarding students. No appointments are necessary, but this time is just for returning boarders and their families.

Mrs Cate Hayton

04. From the P&F


Connect with P&F

We have several Facebook pages providing useful information about upcoming activities as well as a place to stay in touch – we strongly recommend you join the main P&F page as well as your Year Group pages;

  • TAS P&F FB page – Search “TAS Parents & Friends” on Facebook
  • Year Group FB pages – Search “TAS Year 12 XXXX” on Facebook where XXXX is the graduating year of your child (e.g. “TAS Year 12 2026”). Ask to join.

Contact P&F Executive

If you have anything you would like to raise with the P&F Executive, please send us an email at pandf@as.edu.au


Mr Paul Gaddes
P&F President

05. Academic - From the Head of Mathematics


This year’s theme for International Maths Day is ‘Playing with Mathematics’. Playing with mathematics allows for inquiry to happen, patterns to be discovered and concepts to be understood. Playing with maths is a crucial part of the learning journey of mathematics.

Maths is a part of our everyday world, and that is what this year’s International Mathematics Day competition is all about. This year, students and the wider school community have the option of entering our photograph competition. The aim is to take a photograph with maths around you in your everyday world! One winner from each of these four categories will be chosen:

  • School Community

  • Junior School

  • Middle School

  • Senior School

For anyone wishing to enter the competition, please submit your photograph to rpidding@as.edu.au, along with a title for your photo, your name and school year (if a student) by Tuesday 12 March.

Students who have a maths lesson on Thursday 14 March will have the opportunity to ‘Play with Maths’ by participating in different activities that their teachers have organised.

Mrs Rachel Piddington
Head of Mathematics

06. Adventure and Challenge - TAS Triple Crown


The Triple Crown is a series of unique events which culminate in one of the most highly valued awards available at TAS. Every year, there are four opportunities for students, parents, and staff to participate, compete, get outside of comfort zones and to support those less fortunate. Complete three out of the four and you’ll receive the Triple Crown. Complete all four, and you join the ‘Awesome Foursome’.

In 2024, there are four amazing events planned and outlined below:

  1. The Coffs Ocean Swim 2km (Sunday 7 April)
  2.  The Tour de Rocks 268km ride (Thursday 18 April-Saturday 20 April)
  3. The “Walk a mile in another man’s wheels” 4-hour Wheelchair Challenge (Friday 9 August)
  4. The 19 for 19, a 19km walk (Anya’s Wish, Sunday 19 October).

It is now time to call for expressions of interest for both the Coffs Ocean Swim https://oceanswims.com/event/coffs-ocean-swim/ and the Tour de Rocks https://www.tourderocks.com.au/ Please note that the Tour is held during the 2nd week of the April school holidays.

I am pleased to be able to offer this experience to all TAS students, staff and parents. Please register your interest in either event below.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email at jpenning@as.edu.au

Mr James Pennington
Adventure, Service and Challenge Coordinator

07. From the Director of Co-curricular


The Swimming Championships is one of the very special carnivals at TAS. The Thursday night saw the 100m Freestyle and two rounds of War Cries, won by Tyrrell House. The overall participation was excellent and the house spirit during the event was at an all-time high. I particularly enjoyed seeing students connect with their House but also come together as a school. The support that students show for each other, irrespective of their place or ability, gives that reaffirming sense of belonging. I commend our House Captains for their positive involvement and encouragement, this day will live long in the memories of all who attended.

Winter Co-Curricular Choices will take place next week. Please take the time to read through the information so that your child can make their choice next week.

CLICK HERE for all the details of each activity.

Today in the Assembly we presented the Age Champions from the Swimming Carnival. Congratulations to all champions and runners-up who were recognised.


18 Years & Over ChampionPrudence BlackBrock Galvin
18 Years & Over Runner UpMatilda CullenJames Collum
17 Years ChampionBeatrice ThibaultIles Baker
17 Years Runner UpElsie KearneyBenjamin Scarlett
16 Years ChampionIsabella HendersonMitchell Evans
16 Years Runner upLily LorimerTy Nixon
15 Years ChampionJordie CullenArchie Quinn
15 Years Runner UpGeorgia HendersonCody Uebergang
14 Years ChampionMomoka WilliamsHamish Rodgers
14 Years Runner UpGeorgia CadzowCody Wellings
13 Years ChampionFelicity HendersonAidan Arkit
13 Years Runner UpSophie BanisterFrank Pike
12 Years & Under ChampionClaire ReynellClay Nixon
12 Years & Under Runner UpEvelyn BrownlieTom Loxley


TAS Swimming House Champion Trophies 2024


2024 Middle & Senior School  Highest Total Points Scored per House Member
PlaceHousePoints per Member
1stTyrrell House156.2
2ndAbbott House154.3
3rdCroft House124.4
4thRoss House105.2
5thGreen House86.4
6thBroughton House86.2


2024 Tooth ‘ N Nail Trophy ( 6 x 50m Freestyle Relay)
WinnerCroft House


2024 Harwood Swimming Relay ‘Cake’ Shield -Champion House Relay Events
WinnerTyrrell House


2024 BJ Mattingley Swimming Trophy for Inter House Championship
PlaceHouseTotal Points
1stAbbott House13119
2ndTyrrell House12805
3rdRoss House9676
4thCroft House9081
5thBroughton House7670
6thGreen House7255


Girls and Goal Posts

International Women’s Day event on Thursday 7 March (4-6pm) at the Tamworth Jockey Club/Racecourse, featuring acclaimed women in sport: Casey Dellacqua OA, Kezie Apps, Dr Rachel Horton and facilitator, Fox Sport’s, Eloise Sohier.

CLICK HERE to access more information.


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-Curricular

08. From the Head of Creative Arts


09. From the Acting Head of Middle School


As we nearly move past the halfway mark for Term 1, it has been great to see the students familiarise or refamiliarise themselves with daily routines, schedules, and deadlines of school life. From afar it feels like everyone knows where they need to be and have become used to new systems, such as the new timetable. I must commend all Middle School students for being punctual for each Town Meeting. For some clarity, a town meeting occurs every Tuesday morning during Advisor time where all students from Years 6 to Year 8 get together as a community to receive notices and messages for the week.

Speaking of community, it gave me great pleasure to see two Year 7 boys organising and driving an initiative for a member of the wider TAS student body. Over the past few weeks, Leo Thavapalasundaram and William Cooper-Filios managed a fundraising bake sale for a fellow student in need. Their commitment, compassion, and service to the TAS community were on full display. Both young men demonstrated a sense of caring for others which TAS strives to instill in all our students. Well done Leo and William!

Mr Jamie Brauer
Acting Head of Middle School

10. From the Head of Junior School



Fourteen students from Year 3 to 6 travelled to Alstonville, just inland from Ballina for the NCIS Interschool Swimming Carnival last Thursday. The students represented both themselves and our school incredibly well, often swimming against State-level athletes. Congratulations to all on your selection in this squad, especially Baxter Carruthers (Year 6) who qualified for the next round of competition (CIS) in two events.

Students in Years 3 to 5 are already making the most of all that the Lake Keepit Outdoor Education program has to offer, with those in Year 2 set to depart tomorrow. Stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, canoeing, archery and cycling are just some of the fabulous activities that the students have already participated in. We can’t wait to share some of the highlights in next week’s edition of TAS Talks.

With so many Junior School students not on site this Friday please note that there will be no assembly to finish the week. Students will instead spend this time with their class groups. Students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 1 will continue with their Water Safety program this week. Kindergarten and Year 1 students will enjoy the opportunity to spend some time together in a tabloid sport-style activity on both Thursday and Friday mornings. Students should wear their House uniform on these days.

Junior School parent-teacher interviews (PTI) take place next Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, with class teachers available to meet with any of our families who wish to do so. We will this year offer families the chance to join in person or to join via Zoom from the comfort of their own homes. Instructions on how to book a time to meet with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) should you wish to do so will be sent to you in the coming days.

Following an exhaustive selection process, we are pleased to advise that Ms Polly Harvey has been appointed as the Out of School Hours Care Coordinator for the remainder of 2024. Ms Harvey, a qualified teacher and a fabulous artist in her own right, knows TAS well having previously taught visual art to students in both Junior and Middle Schools. Ms Harvey joins the OSHC team at an exciting time as we continue to work towards ACECQA registration and the benefits that this will bring to our community, the ability to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS) chief among them.

Happy Birthday

Many happy returns to Penelope Coventry for her special day this week.


Mr Scott Chittenden
Head of Junior School


Upcoming Events

Wednesday 28 FebruaryYear 3 to Lake Keepit
Thursday 29 FebruaryYear 2 to Lake Keepit
Friday 1 MarchAll return from Lake Keepit
Friday 8 MarchYear 2H AssemblyHoskins Centre (2.45pm)
Wednesday 6 MarchParent Teacher Interviews
Thursday 7 MarchParent Teacher Interviews
Friday 8 MarchYear 2 AssemblyHoskins Centre (2.45pm)

Community Notices