2023 Term 4 Week 7   |   22.11.2023

TAS Talks Term 4 Week 7

01. From the Principal


As Mrs Benham shared last week in assembly, according to the ‘UN’s 2020 state of food security in the world report’, over 40 percent of the worlds’ population cannot access a regular nutritious diet because they cannot afford the $3.75 a day that is required to buy it. This amount is far above the poverty line of $1.90 per day that many people live on. When we hear these statistics, they make us realise how incredibly wealthy we are. In comparison to those who surround us, perhaps we might not feel well off, but by the world’s standards many Australians are incredibly rich.

At this time of year when many people’s thoughts turn to Christmas, time to be spent with family, wonderful meals to be shared and gifts given, it is a particularly important time to consider those less wealthy and fortunate than ourselves. It has been particularly pleasing this term at TAS to feel that our students have been increasingly involved in community service activities. These have included the Triple Crown events 19 for Nineteen and Walk a Mile in Another Mans Wheels; supporting local events like the New England Garden Festival; planting trees in Armidale; hosting and visiting the residents of Newling Gardens, packing Christmas hampers for Anglicare and many many more. These are all wonderful ways to serve, and I have no doubt many of our students and our wider community also consider what they could do personally and privately to assist those less fortunate.

I would like to finish with a reminder this week that the safety of our students is paramount and to ensure this, there is no parent vehicle access to the school through the Brown Street gates (Gate 2). Our boom gate is currently out of action, but I ask that parents and carers continue to respect this request and access the school on foot from the street or via Gate 7 in Chapel St, the gate for Junior School.

Dr Rachel Horton

02. From the Deputy Principal


“Obstacles should never be the end of our journey. When faced with a wall, the instinct to conquer it must prevail. Instead of turning away in defeat, we embrace the challenge—to scale it, break through it, or navigate around it.” – Michael Jordan

The exploration of our true potential quietly fuels our aspirations, compelling us to ponder, ‘What am I truly capable of achieving?’ In the upcoming week, our Middle and Senior School students will embark on the unparalleled experience of our Activities Program. Our Junior School students continue to immerse themselves in engaging experiences like Finding Nemo and the Bike Safety and Triathlon Day just last Friday.

These experiences push each individual beyond their comfort zone, serving as tests not solely of physical prowess but also of mental fortitude. Success extends beyond those who complete the challenges; those who demonstrate vulnerability by seeking help and those who willingly offer it have also achieved greatly as genuine success lies in possessing and showcasing the softer skills.

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, I encourage every student to take a moment in the upcoming days to express gratitude towards the teachers and staff who have been influential throughout the year. The dedication and caliber of our TAS staff never cease to amaze me, and a word of appreciation or a heartfelt note from students acknowledging their impact is a wonderful gesture. 

With Annual Camp taking place in Week 8 our Medical Centre will not be open as our nurse will be based down at Nymboida. A second nurse will be on-call in Armidale if medical assistance is required on-site.


Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal

03. Calendar of Events

Wednesday 22 NovemberFoundation Board Meeting
Thursday 23 NovemberBand Night / Battle of the Bands
Friday 24 NovemberYear 5 Valedictory Dinner
Saturday 25 NovemberLoreto Normanhurst Regatta
Sunday 26 NovemberCadets depart for Activities Week
Monday 27 NovemberActivities Week
Wednesday 29 NovemberP&F Meeting


04. From the P&F


Christmas Puddings – Order & Collect Now

The famous TAS P&F Christmas Puddings can be ordered online here Order Puddings Now.

Puddings can be collected from the school’s Reception during office hours. If you would like to pre-arrange with reception, please email or call.

Next P&F Meeting

The P&F will meet on Wednesday 29 November at 7.00 pm. As this will be the last meeting for 2024, we will be face-to-face at the Railway Hotel.
No Zoom session will run.

Please add the date to your calendar and come join us for a social gathering.

Contact P&F Executive

If you have anything you would like to raise with the P&F Executive, please send us an email at pandf@as.edu.au


Mr Paul Gaddes
P&F President

05. Leadership, Service and Adventure


Cadets - Annual Camp

A reminder that cadets are to assemble on Adamsfield Sunday 26 November by 1330. It is imperative that cadets are not late as rolls are to be marked by 1330 in order for pack inspections to occur.

Cadets are reminded they are not to bring:


Knives and Technology will be confiscated, and Contraband will be dealt with in accordance with regular School policy.

Company briefings are to be conducted Thursday and Friday Week 6 (16 and 17 November)

  • A Coy Briefing – 0840-0925 Friday 17 November, McConville
  • B Coy Briefing – 0840-0925 Friday 17 November, Memorial Hall
  • C Coy Briefing – 1130-1215 Thursday 16 November, McConville

Should any cadet be absent from this briefing they are to contact their SGT, CUO or Company Commander.

Cadets are to bring:

  • 1 DPCU HAT
  • 1 PAIR of BOOTS
  • 1 HEAD TORCH* (preferable with RED LIGHT SETTING)
  • 1 COMPASS* (available from clothing pool)
  • 1 PENCIL*

Cadets may bring:

  • 1 JUMPER
  • BIN BAGS/SNAP LOCK BAGS* (to keep gear dry)
  • 1 CHANGE OF CIVILIAN CLOTHES (shirt, shorts/jeans)

Cadets will be issued at Nymboida Canoe Centre:

  • MAP
  • HEXI TAB(s)

( * indicates not supplied by TAS)

In addition to the list above cadets may be asked by their Company Commander to bring additional equipment specific to their Company’s needs.

Q-Store will be open Lunchtime Week 7 Monday to Thursday to swap out any damaged gear. Any gear that is lost will be charged to student accounts. TAS Cadet Gear is loaned to students for their time in cadets. One set of cadet gear costs $2500, and hence should be looked after appropriately.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Officer Commanding, TASACU

Surf Lifesaving - Annual Camp

06. From the Head of Cocurricular


Music Matters

TAS Contemporary Band Night – 6:00pm, Thursday 23 November (Hoskins Centre Theatre)

We are delighted to be running our first Contemporary Band Night this Thursday 23 November in the Hoskins Centre Theatre. The Band Night is the result of the Contemporary Band Program that we have developed at TAS which is directed by Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki with the support of our fabulous Music staff, Mr Tom Collett, Mrs Jessica Miller and Ms Leanne Roobol. The bands and students performing at the TAS Contemporary Band Night are:

  1. Rockstars – Fast Carby Tracy Chapman

Tom Loxley (Voice), Harry Fawcett (Guitar), Xavier Stephen (Guitar) & Flynn Ritchie (Drum-kit)


  1. IDK– Home by Jade Castrinos & Alex Ebert

Tanya Wickramathilake (Voice), Tilda Morse (Voice), Sophie Rogers (Voice & Guitar), Caitlyn Taylor (Voice & Bass Guitar), Jack Uebergang (Guitar) & Angus Benham (Drum-kit)


  1. The Brighter 4– Lanterns by Ian Berney, Ian Kenny, Glenn Sarangapany, Adam Spark & Adam Weston

Jack Wood (Voice), Xavier Stephen (Guitar), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Bass Guitar) & Ethan Wooldridge (Drum-kit)


  1. Rosst Chick(and)Wright? – You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift

Harriet Coupland (Voice), Zana Ross (Voice & Guitar), Mila Wright (Voice), Minnie Chick (Bass Guitar) & Mrs Jessica Miller (Drum-kit)


  1. Boarder Patrol– Somewhere Only We Know by Tim Rice-Oxley, Tom Chaplin & Richard Hughes 

Scarlett Dawson (Voice), Tom Watt (Guitar), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Guitar), Jack Farrell (Bass Guitar) & Bridie Farrell (Drum-kit)


  1. 100 Watts– These Days by Dan Caplen, Jamie Scott, Julian Bunetta and John Ryan

Prue Black (Voice), Tom Watt (Guitar), Jack Farrell (Bass Guitar) & Angus Benham (Drum-kit)


  1. 100 Watts– Crooked Teeth by Zac Bryan

Jack Farrell (Voice & Guitar), Tom Watt (Bass Guitar) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Top Shelf– Riptide by Vance Joy

Elsie Caulfield (Voice), Maddie Meyer (Voice), Jess Emmery (Voice & Guitar), Gita Rajendra (Keyboard) & Jess Broadhead (Drum-kit)


  1. Cousins– Free Fallin by Tom Petty & Jeff Lynne, arranged by John Mayer 

Lilla Menzies (Voice), George Douglas-Menzies (Guitar),  Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Bass Guitar) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Beauty and the Bulls – Come as You Are by Kurt Cobain

Polly Turnbull (Voice), Sienna Nguyen (Guitar), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Bass Guitar) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Blue Eyes – Lost Boy by Ruth B

Clare McDouall (Voice), Polly Turnbull (Voice), Felix Hruby (Keyboard) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Pay Off – Payphone by Benjamin Levin, Ammar Malik, Dan Omelio & Shellback

Tanya Wickramathilake (Voice & Guitar), Mr Tom Collett (Keyboard), Jack Uebergang (Bass Guitar) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Men and Monsters – When I Come Around by Green Day

Ethan Wooldridge (Voice), Jack Uebergang (Guitar), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Bass Guitar) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Cranberry Juice – Zombie by Dolores O’Riordan 

Bridie Farrell (Voice & Guitar), Tom Watt (Bass Guitar) & Jack Farrell (Drum-kit)


  1. Crooner – Sway by Norman Gimbel, Pablo Beltrán Ruiz & Luis Demetrio

Jack Lucas (Voice), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Guitar) & Harry Turnbull (Drum-kit)


  1. Three Minutes to Midnight– Fever by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell

Peyton Slade (Voice), Ellie Miller (Guitar), Mr Tom Collett (Keyboard) & Bridie Farrell (Drum-kit)


  1. Cullenary & Co – Use Somebodyby Caleb Followill, Jared Followil, Matthew Followill & Nathan Followill

Matilda Cullen (Voice), Lanni Ryan (Voice), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Guitar), Mr Tom Collett (Bass Guitar) & Will Glover (Drum-kit)


  1. Lil’ Black Glove – Sweet Child O’ Mine by Duff McKagan, Slash, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin, Axl Rose arranged by Tim McKay

Lilla Menzies (Voice), Prue Black (Voice), Mr Denis Dos Santos Arakaki (Bass Guitar) & Will Glover (Drum-kit)


  1. Ataque De Sapo – Falling Behind by Laufey & Spencer Stewart

Bella Lucas (Voice), Ellie Miller (Guitar), Felix Hruby (Keyboard), Jack Uebergang (Bass Guitar) & Will Glover (Drum-kit)


  1. Ataque De Sapo – State Line by The Dip

Bella Lucas (Voice), Ellie Miller (Guitar), Felix Hruby (Keyboard), Jack Uebergang (Bass Guitar) & Will Glover (Drum-kit)



07. From the Head of Junior School



Last Friday, the Junior School Bike and Triathlon Day, was unlike any that I have experienced in the various state and independent schools in which I have had the privilege of working. The majority of the day involved students working in comparatively small groups in completing a range of activities, from obstacle courses to bike relays, with the ‘car wash’ a
wonderful way to cool down on a hot day. Students then competed, either individually or as a group, in the hotly contested age-based triathlon events.

The determination and resilience demonstrated by all as they tackled a range of challenges was exemplary, and the elation on all participants faces throughout the day was a true delight to behold. At the start of the year I asked all members of the Junior School community to Be kind, Always try your best, and Get involved (BAG, for short). While individual skills were certainly tested and improved throughout the day, arguably the most impressive element on display was the overwhelming level of support and encouragement that all showed their peers, regardless of their ability. It is fair to say that all of our students far exceeded my expectations throughout the day! Our thanks and appreciation to the staff who supported the various events, and most especially the many Middle and Senior School students who planned and conducted the various events throughout the day. Congratulations to Baxter Carruthers and Claire Reynell who were announced as joint Triathlon Champions and winners of the Sarah Heaney Memorial Trophy.

The Junior School was again abuzz this Monday as many who are joining us for the first time in 2024 joined our current students as they “stepped up” to their next year level for much of the day. Trialling something a little different this year, students spent more time in their 2024 year group than in previous years, while also splitting into smaller groups for most of
the day. Our teachers believe the day went well and achieved the intended purposes of familiarising students with new routines and expectations while simultaneously having them become even more enthused about the opportunities that 2024 will bring. We would be glad to receive any feedback about your child’s experience on step-up day that you may wish to share. Please send this through to Mrs Lasker at junior@as.edu.au. As previously communicated, our staffing for 2024 is not quite finalised. We expect to share your child(ren)’s teacher and class group with you at the end of this term.

We farewell several staff at the end of this year while others will leave us temporarily on parental leave. We wish Mrs Grania Fawcett (Adelaide), Ms Lara Nicholls (Sydney) and Mr Toby Armstrong (Canberra) well in their upcoming moves and thank all for their tireless efforts in support of our children during their time at TAS.  Our grateful thanks, too, to Mrs Sandika Weerakoon who returns to her full-time position in the Armidale child care sector in 2024 after working in our pre-Kindergarten class part-time this year. We also wish Mrs Kate Moloney and Mrs Jacinta Major well in the final stages of their respective pregnancies and look forward to sharing news of the newest additions to the TAS Junior School community in the new year.

We are pleased to share the details of several staff members who join us in 2024. Mrs Rebecca Mason returns to Armidale where she completed her tertiary studies. Mrs Mason is currently teaching at an independent school in northwest Spain where she has worked for many years. Prior to moving to Spain, Mrs Mason worked extensively with Sydney Living Museums where she led teams of educators at the Hyde Parks Barracks Museum and The Mint in the delivery of educational programs for a range of students across all ages. Mr Mark Caulfield is known to many having completed relief work at TAS throughout Term 4. Mr Caulfield, whose children attend TAS, joins us most recently from O’Connor Catholic College, previously having worked in a variety of leadership and teaching positions in China, Thailand and New Zealand after starting his career at Newington College in Sydney.
Ms Josie-May Waters also joins us in 2024. We have again been fortunate to have Ms Waters work extensively throughout the Junior School this term following her return from London where she taught at a range of schools for close to 18 months. Prior to this, Ms Waters has taught in the Catholic system in Warren, NSW and before that at NEGS. Ms Mandy Sweeney joins us as the Teacher Assistant in the pre-Kindergarten classroom next year. Ms Sweeney has extensive experience working with pre-school aged children, having worked at Kurrawatha Avenue Early Learning Centre, Goodstart Early Learning (Moree) and most recently at TG’s Childcare, as well as within the disability support industry.

Happy Birthday

This week we wish Evie McDonald, Allira Greentree and William Minter a very happy birthday.


Mr Scott Chittenden
Head of Junior School


Bike & Triathlon Day



Step Up Day


Upcoming Events

Friday 24 NovemberYear 5 DinnerHoskins Centre
Junior School Sports training finishes – games to continue
Year 1 AssemblyHoskins Centre (2.45 pm)
Tuesday 28 NovemberFinal AssemblyHoskins Centre (2.00 – 3.30 pm)
Thursday 30 NovemberFinding Nemo Matinee1.30 – 3.00 pm
Friday 1 DecemberFinding Nemo Matinee1.30 – 3.00 pm
Finding Nemo6.00 – 7.00 pm
Saturday 2 DecemberFinding Nemo5.00 – 6.30 pm
Sunday 3 DecemberFinding Nemo Bump Out Working Bee1.00 – 4.00 pm
Monday 4 DecemberJunior School Carols and Chapel Service
Wednesday 6 DecemberPool PartyMonckton Aquatic Centre (9-4 pm)
Thursday 7 DecemberJunior School SpeechGymnasium ( 9am)
School concludes


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