2022 Term 1 Week 8   |   23.03.2022

TAS Talks Term 1 Week 8

01. From the Principal


TAS students are busy young people. This is a wonderful thing. As a school, the wide range of opportunities we are able to offer form an integral part of a TAS education. It is a hallmark of our students that they choose to participate widely, try new things and to learn and grow through challenges. The flip side of this is that it can be hard to find the right balance during a busy term. This week at assembly I spoke about the importance of looking after themselves in terms of making good choices about commitments. In addition to involving themselves thoroughly in the life of the School, our students need to develop the skill of choosing what to prioritise and at a busy time of term, that must include sleep and a healthy diet in addition to their academic, co-curricular and social pursuits.

I also speak to a lot of students at TAS who have incredibly high expectations of themselves. Again, this is a great thing and should be encouraged when those expectations are around effort, attitude and commitment; the process. It can be counterproductive, however, when students expect that they should excel at everything they undertake. To hark back to my school days learning Latin and quote Virgil “non omnia possumus omnes”, we cannot all do everything. Every student has their unique individual skills and talents and it is my hope that during their time at TAS they keep their minds open to opportunities, put the effort in, commit to the process and thereby discover where their talents and passions lie.

With just a couple of short weeks until the holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our families that students who are unwell or displaying COVID-19 symptoms must stay home, even if they test negative. For day families, we have additional RAHTs to provide if they are required. We will be maintaining current protocols at school for the remainder of the term, including the wearing of masks while indoors at all times for staff and students in Years 6 and above. If anyone in your household tests positive at any time, please let us know and do not hesitate to ask us what that means for you and your child/children if you are unsure.

With Winter and the accompanying flu season also approaching we have many students and staff booked in for vaccinations this weekend. I would also encourage all eligible members of our community to get their flu vaccination as soon as they are able to do so.


Dr Rachel Horton

02. From the Deputy Principal


We have less than three weeks remaining in Term 1. From experience, I believe this period of ‘almost there but not quite’ to be a critical one in determining the success of the term.

With two and a half weeks remaining in the term, it has become evident that many are understandably being impacted by fatigue. Reflecting back on the past seven weeks, this is not a surprise with the many extraordinary opportunities provided. Schools are most certainly a human endeavour, often and unfortunately, the first casualty of fatigue is relationships. In the last week alone there have been some isolated instances of personal standards dropping in how we interact, approach to learning and following expectations. This is certainly not widespread or cause for concern but rather a timely reminder that it has been a long term, people are fatigued and there is pressure from a range of areas.

Rather than ignore this and hope we all get through to the end of term unscathed, it is better we call it out and address it. It is timely that we all check in with ourselves to identify the levels of fatigue and stress we are under, engage with strategies of self-care, remain focused on achieving our goals and indeed be proud of what we have achieved so far this year. 

For all staff, students and myself, I believe three important constants need to be at the forefront of our minds for the remainder of the term.

  1. Being in touch with our own state of mind and developing strategies for self-care.
  2. Seeking to maintain and even strengthen the relationships we have invested time and effort into. 
  3. Ensuring the work we have done translates into meaningful results.

To relieve pressure and provide a healthy break from any ‘rutts’ we have found ourselves in, we have some exciting events to look forward to. The Activities Days tomorrow and Friday provide all an opportunity to experience the value of serving others through our Cadets, Rural Fire Service, Surf Life Saving and Local Service programs. Our Junior School getting a free run of the Senior School’s facilities is exciting. Next Tuesday’s Cash Cup will provide the first injection of House spirit since our swimming carnivals in Week 4. Of course, we finish the term with the TAS Rugby Carnival. 

I have been impressed with the staff and students alike at TAS this year; the enthusiastic and optimistic approach is a credit to the positive intent all have commenced the year with. As we finish Term 1, it is fundamental that we maintain the positive relationships we have worked so hard for and look after ourselves and those close to us. 


Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal

03. From the Director of Studies


2022 Year 12 Study Days

During the Activities Days, Year 12 have the opportunity to focus their attention on their academic studies and post-school opportunities. They receive guided support with their studies and are able to work individually, with their peers and on Major Works. There is tutoring and support available for all Maths and English subjects.

Each student will have different goals and needs for the two days but the chance to work solidly on assignments and revision for the two days is invaluable. In past years students have found the support of peers and teachers throughout this time incredibly helpful.

  • Students need to bring all necessary equipment for the day and ENOUGH WORK TO DO.
  • Dress is neat casual clothing (no thongs or tank tops)
  • Breaks are built into the day
  • General school rules apply – Please be respectful to school staff
  • Boarders are not permitted to go back to the house during the day.

24 & 25 March Schedule


8:40am            Roll Call – Memorial Hall

8:45am            Introduction (Mr Whalley)

9:00am            HSC Advice and Guidance (Mrs Wark)

9:45am            Short Break

10:00am          Elective Workshop –

  • Making the Most of Each Minute – How to Study
  • How your Brain Works – Memory & Learning
  • Managing a Major Work
  • Writing Well for Humanities Subjects

10:45am          Recess

11:00am          Guided Study Session 1

1:00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Guided Study Session 2

3:30pm            Finish



8:40am            Roll Call – Memorial Hall

9:00 am           ‘Money Matters’ Presentation

10:45 am         Recess

11:00am          Guided Study Session 3

1:00pm            Lunch

2.00pm            Guided Study Session 4

3:30pm            Finish


Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies

From the Director of Studies Office

Parents who have children in Years 6, 8, 10 and 12 should have received an email recently inviting them to book a parent / teacher interview.  These interviews are being conducted on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 April.

Parents with children in Years 7, 9 and 11 will receive an email next week inviting them to attend parent / teacher interviews at the start of Term 2 – Tuesday 26 April.

If you are unable to attend appointments on the allocated dates and would still like to meet with the relevant teachers, please make contact with agayner@as.edu.au and alternative arrangements can be made.

Mrs Anna Gayner


Year 11 Geography field studies trip

Last week, Year 11 Geography exchanged the classroom for the rainforest at Cascade Environmental Education Centre north of Dorrigo. As we gathered data about the rainforest, various field work skills were being put into practice as well as learning more about the human impacts both positive and negative on the surrounding area. This experience set Year 11 up well for their Senior Geography Project and for their studies into Ecosystems at Risk next year.
As tranquil as the rainforest was, Twilight the carpet snake seemed to be the highlight.


Ms Fiona Taber
Geography Teacher

Year 9 HSIE Conscription Rally

With support for World War I dwindling, finding soldiers to enlist was becoming increasingly difficult.

On 30 August 1916, Prime Minister Billy Hughes announced his intention to hold a plebiscite on conscription. The Australian Government would ask the people of Australia to vote in a referendum to introduce a conscription policy.

Compulsory voting in referendums had been introduced in 1915. Eligible voters at that time included most men and women aged 21 and over. First Australians, who were not given the right to vote until 1949, were ineligible.

The Australian Government asked voters if they agreed with compulsory military training for Australian men to serve overseas.

The wording of the referendum was complex:

“Are you in favour of the Government having, in this grave emergency, the same compulsory powers over citizens in regard to requiring their military service, for the term of this War, outside the Commonwealth, as it now has in regard to military service within the Commonwealth”?

The campaign for and against conscription in September and October 1916 was bitterly contested. The debate divided Australian society. During HSIE, a Year 9 group re-enacted the debate about conscription, taking on the role of those individuals and groups both for and against. Unfortunately, we are again seeing a revisit of this in Russia today which demonstrates the relevance history and the lessons we can learn.


Ms Lorna Ahern


TAS Regional Tour

Over the past month, we have been meeting families across regional NSW to discuss a TAS education for their children during the TAS Regional Tour attended by Dr Horton and senior staff.

During these visits, we have enjoyed hosting drinks for current and past parents and alumni in their home region.

Thank you to our Moree, Narrabri, Tamworth and Gunnedah communities who have joined us to date. The next drinks event is this week in Scone on Thursday 24 March and an Inverell event will be held Wednesday 30 March. We look forward to welcoming our TAS community to both nights.


Mrs Jo Neilson
Enrolments Registrar



Please note that we currently have NO Casual Boarding vacancies in the Girls Boarding Houses.

Casual boarding can be for a single night or several weeks. It is proving to be increasingly popular. The cost of casual boarding is $80 per night inclusive of linen, dinner and breakfast.

Space is limited and may not always be available at the times required. Please assist us by providing a minimum of 24 hours notice and completing an online casual boarding application by using the link below or if you have any queries, please contact Mrs Veronica Lucas on (02) 6776 5800.

Uniform & Book Shop

Winter Uniforms
As we approach the end of Term 1 we would like to remind all parents about purchasing Winter Uniform for Term 2.

The Uniform Shop is open during term at the following hours and is located in the cream weatherboard building behind The Hub (library):

Monday 10.00 – 4.00pm
Tuesday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Friday 10.00 – 4.00pm

UNE Vaccination Clinic

The University of New England (UNE) will offer free Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19 for 5-11 year-olds through an approved drop-in clinic on Sunday 27 March at the UNE Medical Centre, 110 Butler Street, Armidale.
CLINIC DETAILS: 9am - 4pm Sunday 27 March
5-11-year-old only
1st & 2nd doses are available
No appointments required
Medicare is not compulsory, although please bring your card if you have one. This is a COVID safe event. Please limit attendance to one parent per child.
To find out more please click on the link below.

Travel Bookings

A reminder that weekend travel bookings must be made before each Thursday prior to the weekend. All travel arrangements (except air travel) should be made with Reception. If you have any queries regarding travel, please don’t hesitate to Mrs Veronica Lucas in Reception.

School Photographs

Individual Photos Orders are ready for collection from:
Junior School - Ms Sandra Lasker
Middle School - Mrs Robyn Frost
Senior School - Mrs Veronica Lucas

Motor vehicle regulations

Students and parents are reminded that L and P plater drivers (whether they be students at TAS or another school) are not permitted to drive a vehicle into the school grounds at any time, including the beginning and end of term when boarders are departing/arriving at school. This is part of our duty of care to our students and outlined in the School Rules and Regulations that can be found on the website, in both the Parents and Students Portals.

Other driving regulations are outlined below. Thank you for your support.

A day student may drive to school provided he/she and their parents have provided the ‘Permission to Drive to School’ form in duplicate, available from Reception or the school website. Students are to park in Douglas St or Mann St only. The vehicle is not to be used between the commencement of the school day and 3.30 pm (unless permission has been sought for Late Arrival/Early Leave in the case of Year 12 students). The vehicle is not to be brought on to school property.

Students are forbidden to drive other students in their cars without the written permission of parents of the passenger, which should then be submitted to the Deputy Principal.

Boarders are not to have the use of a motor vehicle in Armidale unless parents have presented a case for good cause and the Head of House has approved.

A separate Boarders Drivers form is available from Reception and the website.

04. Calendar of Events


Week 8
Monday 21 MarchYear 11/12 Geography & Textiles Excursion

Harmony Day

Friday 25 MarchTAS Regional Tour – Maitland
Saturday 26 MarchNSW Schoolgirl/Schoolboy Head of the River ( Years 10/12)

Cricket Dinner

Week 9
Monday 28 Marchda Vinci Decathlon
Junior School Parent/Teacher Interviews
Tuesday 29 Marchda Vinci Decathlon

Junior School Parent/Teacher Interviews

Wednesday 30  Marchda Vinci Decathlon
TAS Regional Tour ( Inverell & Glen Innes)
Thursday 31 MarchTwilight Concert ( 6pm)
Sunday 3 AprilCoffs Harbour Ocean Swim



05. From the P&F


TASRC - Volunteers

With the TAS Rugby Carnival less than three weeks away we are continuing the call for volunteers. The P&F will be operating venues for BBQs, snack kiosks, coffee vans & home-baked goods.

We will need help on Friday 8 April to set up, as well as Saturday 9 April 2022 & Sunday 10 April 2022 for the carnival.

We need over 150 helpers across the weekend!

Thank you to all who have already responded via email. Everyone can now use this link to select which days and times you are available.

2022 TASRC Volunteer Sign Up

If you have questions, contact the P&F Exec team on pandf@as.edu.au.

Contact the P&F Executive

If you have anything you would like to raise with the P&F Executive, please send us an email on pandf@as.edu.au


Mr Paul Gaddes
P&F President

06. From the Chaplain


Wisdom’s Antithesis - FOOLISHNESS

If wisdom is “Living in harmony with reality”, then, what is foolishness?

I recall one ex-student who was held up by his peers to be an expert in the field – he defined it as “doing something without thinking first.”

Who is a fool?

Typically, we consider the person who is always getting themselves in a pickle or it might be the student in your class who always gets caught for doing the same thing.

If I was to think of a person or group of people that are associated with foolishness I naturally think of the ‘stars’ from Jackass, Jonny Knoxville and Co, but recently I got the You Tube, 2022, girl in Year 6 version, and she recommended Liam Thompson who’s slogan is “I do dumb things on video”, I have to rethink my identity because having watched some, I quite enjoyed it. Anyway, he consistently does foolish type things.

But to my mind – it’s just fun – sure painful and probably not recommended, but for most of us, strangely we think – “I wouldn’t mind having a go at that”.  But is it foolishness? It is better defined as stupidity, maybe recklessness or short sightedness, but not foolishness.

Proverbs define foolishness in several ways and describe many characteristics of the fool.  My favourite is, Proverbs 26:11, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats its folly.”

Underpinning all this is the antithesis (or opposite idea) of wisdom, recall Proverbs 9:10 “

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

If wisdom begins with fear, knowledge and understanding of the Lord, then the fool is the one who is indifferent about God, disrespectful of Him, who not only ignores Him, but also is ignorant of Him.

All of us will hold opinions about God, Jesus and the Bible.  But are you a fool in terms of the definition given in Proverbs? Have you ever really given much thought to the matter?  Have you ever really grappled with what knowledge of God can be gained from the Bible? Do you have a healthy respect for God that drives you to want to know Him more deeply?

If you are like me, and you think you have foolish tendencies, then don’t be like the dog, don’t repeat your folly, turn your back on foolishness and look to God, for this is wisdom.


Mr Richard Newton

07. Leadership, Service and Adventure


The Armidale School Cadet Unit: Bivouac 1 (24-25 March)

Bivouac 1, conducted by The Armidale School, will be held on 24-25 March, Thu-Fri of Week 8, Term 1. Cadets have received a full briefing on their activities.

All cadets will camp overnight on the night of Thursday 24 March in the vicinity of Mt Duval (B & C Company) or Malpas Dam (A Company). Of particular importance is the necessity for cadets to be prepared for the possibility of cold weather, and students’ own non-cadet issue cold weather jackets may be worn in the evening in the event of cold weather.

Cadets will assemble at TAS Adamsfield for the parade on Thursday 24 March at 8.40am.

Activities will cease and cadets released on completion of the parade at 5pm Friday 25 March.

The activities will be conducted as follows:

A Company

Kayak touring, mountain biking and trekking.

B Company

Night Harbour, fieldcraft, trekking, navigation and kayaking.

C Company

Night Harbour, fieldcraft, trekking, navigation and canoeing.

Cadets should note the below packing list as a minimum for overnight bivouac. There may be additional equipment required by platoon leaders for cadets. These will have been discussed at the Activities briefing.


BackPack & Webbing (issuedHootchie (issued)
Spray jacket* / raincoat*5m hutchie cord/rope*
Kidney Cup* (issued)Pegs x 4* (issued)
KFS set*Groundsheet (issued)
Water bottles x 2 (issued)Sleeping bag & mat*
Towel (small)Olive Green thermal or cotton undershirt*
Notepad (in a plastic bag)*Jumper (issued) and/or other cold-weather jacket
Torch + spare batteries*Water gear (swimmers, shirt, shorts & shoes)
Plastic bag for wet gearBush Hat* (issued)
Sunscreen & insect repellent (tube or roll-on only)
Change of underwear & socks
Toilet bag  (toothbrush + paste etc)
*Available for purchase from TAS Clothing Shop

In particular, all students should ensure they have adequate warm clothing, including a jumper, warm clothing and a thermal undershirt. Sleeping bags should be appropriate for the New England autumn climate.

All participating students will be issued with all required equipment by the TAS Q-Store. If this equipment is lost or damaged, it must be replaced at students’ own cost. Many items in the list above can be purchased from the TAS Clothing Shop and have been selected specifically for their suitability for TAS Activities use and reasonable cost. Clothing that has been outgrown can be replaced at no charge at Q-Store by arrangement with the School Quartermaster.

If cadets have questions about their activities, they should in the first instance approach their platoon leader for more information.

LT (AAC) Johnathon Woodbridge


08. From the Director of Co-curricular


Last Thursday our TAS Swimming Team took to the pool in Alstonville following an overnight stay in Tenterfield and whilst the Great Dividing Range caused some discomfort for many of our team it did not detract from their enthusiasm, sportsmanship and effort on the day. I commend all our 36 swimmers who took part in the NCIS Carnival. A special congratulations to 15 of our students who earnt the right to compete at CIS next term. I also wish to acknowledge Mr Pennington for his thorough organisation and planning which ensured a successful meet.

Our Junior Girls Rowing crews competed last weekend at Iron Cove in the NSW Head of the River. Given this was their first regatta and in many cases their first season of rowing their achievements were remarkable. Both the First and Second Quads qualified through the heats to make the final in their respective divisions, an outstanding result and an encouraging sign for the future of TAS Rowing. At Assembly on Tuesday our senior crews were presented with their zoot suits, a tradition to acknowledge their hard work during the season before they compete at the NSW Head of the River this Saturday.

The 15s Cricket team unfortunately went down to Hillgrove on the weekend in the Grand Final. However, their development during the year, and considering they are a young team with the opportunity to play in the 15s competition in 2023, should give them all a great deal of confidence as they move into next season.

Please find a link to the Winter Sport Schedule

It has been an absolute pleasure to witness our skilled musicians at Assembly each week. The Ensembles and Individual Performances have been uplifting. As we move towards the NECOM Eisteddfod it is pleasing to see so many students willing to be involved and I commend our music department for their hard work and guidance of our musicians.

Please find a link to the Music Ensemble Schedule


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-curricular

TAS Hockey

The TAS Hockey Registration Portal is now open for families to register their children for the winter season.

The TAS Hockey Portal Address:

Thank you to those who have already registered.

Please keep in mind, if your son/daughter is playing in more than one team, you need to acknowledge that in the relevant add-ons at the base of the registration page.

Our Opens teams start games on 19 March.

Our Juniors will start at the beginning of Term 2. All players must be registered before they start playing.

Looking forward to a great season of Hockey. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Mrs Tania Ball and Ms Ingrid Steddy
Hockey MICs

NCIS Secondary Swimming Championships

Despite the horrendous floods devastating the NSW North Coast, last week’s NCIS Secondary Swimming Championships were held in Alstonville. The TAS team of 37 swimmers had a very long day on Thursday, up at 4:45am due to the only accommodation (obviously) available being in Tenterfield. Not deterred, they were amazing!

TAS finished fourth overall, but second on percentages (number of students per school), a tremendous achievement. Ruby Straker (Captain of Swimming) was the 17 years Champion, with Isabella Henderson (14s), Alexander Scanlon-Dawson (14s), Matilda Cullen (16s), Karen Baker (18s) and Oliver Griffiths (18s and Captain of Swimming) all being awarded Runners-Up.

Massive congratulations are extended to Ruby Straker, Karen Baker, Oliver Griffiths, Samuel Ball, Matilda Cullen, Alice Bourne, Prudence Black, Ruby Hyland, James Collum, Iles Baker, Isabella Henderson, Alexander Scanlon-Dawson, Jordie Cullen, Hugo Broun and Cody Wellings, all of whom have now qualified to represent NCIS at the NSW CIS Swimming Championships later in May.


Mr James Pennington


New England District Rifle Association Prize Meet

On Sunday, 20 March, Harry Price, Will Friend, Mr David Lawrence and myself travelled out to Wollomombi rifle range for a competition shoot with the New England District Rifle Association (NEDRA).

There were three different shoots throughout the day, in which we competed for prizes including some badges and prize money.
The ranges we shot included:

  • 500yds – 10 shots + 2 sighters
  • 600yds – 10 shots + 2 sighters
  • 600yds – 15 shots + 2 sighters

There were 44 competitors in total during the competition, each shooting in various different classes, and we were offered beautiful conditions, with light intermittent winds.

We shot in Target Rifle C class, with the following aggregate scores:

  • H.Price: 147.2
  • W.Friend: 151.8
  • R.Hey: 162.6
  • Mr Lawrence 162.5

With COVID restrictions easing, the team hopes to attend more prize shoots in the coming months.

Rowan Hey
Captain of Shooting

09. From the Head of Creative Arts


Last Friday we had our first of the National Theatre screenings in Hoskins, with a small but invested group watching One Man, Two Guvnors. The show was hilarious – James Corden gave a performance of unmatched energy and physicality – and it has set a standard for future productions. We’re hoping to lock in another show before the end of the term and I expect we’ll announce it in next week’s TAS Talks, if not before.

It has been great to see performances back at the school Assemblies and bonus concerts popping up, such as a wonderful Music showcase during Monday lunch. There is a Twilight Concert booked for Week 9, which marks a huge milestone in the return of performances at the school. It must be incredibly heartening for our musicians to be able to share their passions and talents with audiences once more and I look forward to scores of parents returning to the campus too.

We’re trying to cram in as much work on Rhinoceros as possible before the end of term, with most afternoons and Sundays busy rehearsing show elements and building props and set. My thanks to the large number of students who assisted at last Saturday’s Working Bee, we made heaps of progress on the rhino heads. Tickets should be going on sale before the end of term and with a limited number of performances you’ll need to get in quick if you want to catch the absurd chaos that is Rhinoceros.

Mr Andrew O’Connell
Head of Creative Arts

10. From the Head of Middle School



Students and staff are busy preparing to head off tomorrow as part of our Outdoor Education Program. This first Bivouac is a good opportunity to spend a night out camping as well as learning a variety of different skills that will be useful as the year progresses. I wish everyone well for the next two days and look forward to hearing of everyone’s experiences.


Please remember that staff and students cannot attend school if they are showing any symptoms of COVID-19. These include fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of smell/ taste, muscle/joint pains, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting, extreme tiredness, unexplained chest pain or conjunctivitis (eye infection).

If symptoms occur at any time, your child should not attend school and should undertake a rapid antigen test. If a rapid antigen test is positive your child should isolate as someone who has tested positive to COVID-19. If you cannot access a rapid antigen test, you can attend a PCR (nose and throat swab) testing clinic. Even if your child tests negative they must not attend school while displaying any symptoms. A reminder please that if your child returns a positive test result, or is currently isolating due to a household contact testing positive, please ensure you email me directly – lpolson@as.edu.au

If you have a need for any additional RAHTs for your child, please let us know at school.

Mr Luke Polson
Head of Middle School

11. From the Head of Junior School


COVID - 19

From Dr Horton… “With just a couple of short weeks until the holidays, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our families that students who are unwell or displaying COVID-19 symptoms must stay home, even if they test negative. For day families, we have additional RAHTs to provide if they are required. We will be maintaining current protocols at school for the remainder of the term, including the wearing of masks while indoors at all times for staff and students in Years 6 and above. If anyone in your household tests positive at any time, please let us know and do not hesitate to ask us what that means for you and your child/children if you are unsure.

With Winter and the accompanying flu season also approaching we have many students and staff booked in for vaccinations this weekend. I would also encourage all eligible members of our community to get their flu vaccination as soon as they are able to do so.”

In Junior School, we are currently experiencing numerous positive cases of COVID-19 and you will have received a letter about this from me yesterday. Please check that you did and that you are receiving these updates as a matter of course.

It is important that we discuss COVID -19 with our children at home, that we remain measured with our reaction to the current situation and the response we take to reduce the infection rates in our community. There is plenty of information on the NSW Department of Health website and I refer you to it:


Parent/Teacher Interviews – Monday

This term, Junior School Parent Teacher interviews will be held next week, on Monday 28 March and  Tuesday 29 March.

This is an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s progress, view their work and ask questions of your child’s teacher. These meetings are for 10 minutes. If you feel you require more time, an alternative date and time can be arranged by ringing the Junior School Reception on 6776 5817.

Meetings times vary according to teacher availability on the day. Again this term, we are using an online booking system and you should have received a letter with instructions for booking your session today. If you need assistance, please ring the school on 6776 5817 or email Reception at junior@as.edu.au

Safe on Social – Roblox

Many of you will remember Kirra Pendergast’s eSafety presentation to us and our students last year. She has a stern warning for the game Roblox on her website. If not, please read the following and if interested please view her website.

“Roblox is a sandbox game that many parents think is cute and completely fine for little kids to play. It can be, if you have the proper parental controls, but most parents don’t. It is also fine if you sit and supervise your kids’ use of Roblox, but let’s be honest, we are all busy, and most of us use our kids’ gaming as time for ourselves – a little time out. And that is ok as long as you have everything set up correctly.”

If you do not subscribe to her site, I recommend it to you at now –  https://www.safeonsocial.com

Activities Day Friday 25 March

With an Activities Day throughout the school this Friday, all Junior School students should wear their sports uniform (with coloured House shirts) to allow for the variations in classroom activities for the day.

School Spirits

Congratulations to the following students that received School Spirit Awards last week:

Sienna Rice, Bobby Saxby, Max Dennison, Bradley Byrnes, Heidi Secker, Maggie Wood, James Gillman, Chloe Chen, Hasadi Kodagoda Arachchige, Maddie Pearson, Lachie Chiu, Liam Hoad, Rory Secker, Roman Sue, Casey Tighe, Rupert Newton, Levi Watts, Lachie Wood, Sophie Banister, Jacqui DuBois, Layla Abu Assab and Arabella Hodges.

Happy Birthday

Many happy returns to Odin Lee-Winser, William Cooper-Fillios and Tristan Smith for their birthdays this week.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

Upcoming Events
Wednesday 23 MarchKindergarten Assembly – 2.45 Memorial Hall ( Live streamed – https://youtu.be/zm18HXFx-QY)
Monday 28 MarchJunior School Parent Teacher interviews – JS Classrooms
Tuesday 29 MarchJunior School Parent Teacher interviews – JS Classrooms
Wednesday 30 MarchYear 4 Assembly – Memorial Hall (No parents – Live streamed)
Sunday 3 AprilJunior School Coffs Ocean Swim
Friday 8 AprilJunior School Parent Teacher interviews (Additional if required)

IB Primary Years Programme

PYP Concepts and Conceptual Understandings

This week many of our Junior School classes will commence a new unit of inquiry. This is always an exciting and engaging time for classes as they participate in ‘provocations’ and ‘tuning in’ learning engagements. The commencement of a new unit evokes fresh ideas and provides the opportunity for students to ask questions and ignite thinking skills. It also invites them to demonstrate agency and have voice, choice and ownership over the direction the new unit may take.

The table below outlines the new transdisciplinary themes, central ideas and lines of inquiry that classes will focus on over the next six weeks.

YearTransdisciplinary ThemeCentral IdeaLines of Inquiry
1How the world workdMaterials have a range of properties 

that determine their use

Changes occur when materials are combined

Properties of materials determine their use

Natural materials are used for manufacturing

2How the world worksChanges In the Sky and Land impact our environmentObservable changes in the sky and land

Seasonal changes in our daily lives affect living things and environments

Earth’s resources and how we care for them

3Who we areNeighbouring countries are similar and differentNatural and built features of our country

Our connection to neigbouring countries

The culture, features and reasons why people travel to a selected neigboring country

4Where we are in place and timeExploration may lead to discovery and develop new understandingsThere are many reasons for exploration

Responsibilities of being an explorer

Every exploration has consequences 

5Sharing the PlanetManagement of the environment to produce food, fibre and servicesPhysical conditions affect the survival of living things

Sustainable food and fibre production 

Australia’s global connections  and trade 


Mrs Veroncia Waters
PYP Coordinator

Junior School Sport

Indoor Hockey

Our Junior School Indoor Hockey students have been improving their skills week after week and played well on Friday. They have been working with Year 11 student Conal Nicoll to perfect some of their skills in defending and attacking. Our last game of the season is this Friday. Congratulations to all for a great season.

Mrs Lorna Ahern

Community Notices