2022 Term 1 Week 3   |   16.02.2022

TAS Talks Term 1 Week 3

01. From the Principal


Students and staff at TAS have now settled into a familiar rhythm with the routine of classes, co-curricular activities and organisation for the fast-approaching swimming carnival taking place.

Last week the traditional Year 7 lunches with the Principal started for 2022. This year I invited Mr Pearson to join us to give him another opportunity to get to know the students and also for them to meet him in a small group scenario. We have both been delighted by the conversations had and the questions asked. These have ranged from discussions around favourite sports, pets at home, holiday destinations and the merits (or not!) of homework, to artwork, conspiracy theories and what elective subject everyone would teach if they were a teacher. We certainly have a passionate, engaged and enthusiastic Year 7 cohort and those students who are new to TAS this year appear to have settled in well.

Everyone who takes up a career in teaching does so because they care about and enjoy spending time with young people. They hope that they might be able to have a positive impact on the lives of young people and inspire the next generation. I am no different and time spent with students is always the highlight of my day. This year I am very happy to have an Advisor group and I am loving being back in the classroom teaching Chemistry. On Saturday I also took the opportunity to join around 35 of our mountain bikers for one of their training sessions. It was a slightly chilly morning but everyone warmed up quickly and the trails at the Piney were in great shape. We are lucky at TAS to have such immediate access to venues for adventure sports and activities and it was wonderful to see so many students with some really impressive skills on their bikes.

I anticipate that I will be able to provide further updates to any changes related to COVID-19 in the next 2 weeks. In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing vigilance for any symptoms in your children and the twice-weekly testing. There is no doubt that this has minimised the impact of COVID-19 on the School over the past few weeks.


Dr Rachel Horton

02. From the Deputy Principal


In my first speech to the student body, I spoke about a range of events to be excited about and the many opportunities for students to immerse themselves in this year. I highlighted that every new year presents an opportunity to positively reinvent yourself in how you are viewed and what you achieve. In reviewing what I said, there was only one explicit expectation outlined to students. To be kind to one another. 

Kindness is something I believe strongly about and I encourage all to test its impact. It is more than just a ‘warm and fuzzy’ concept. In being kind, stress levels are reduced, dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin hormone production increases, for both the giver and the recipient. This is special, but kindness goes well beyond the physiological. I recently re-read Hugh van Cuylenburg’s book The Resilience Project: Finding Happiness Through Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness and I recommend it to all. It focuses on the concerning trend of mental health challenges for young people in Australia and the need to intervene. Through a range of lived experiences and sound research-based support, van Cuylenburg highlights the positive impact kindness has on mental health and the fulfilment it brings. 

As our students progress through their schooling journey they will inevitably learn from mistakes and develop their own personal value systems. I look forward to supporting students in becoming the best version of themselves and developing high expectations around their relationships and interactions with others. Be assured that the message of kindness has and will continue to be a common and consistent theme in my addresses to the student body. The information and expectations are clear, the measure of the type of person we are is in how we treat each other.    

Every person can demonstrate kindness every day. To take on this challenge will not only strengthen our community, it will also enhance the student experience and be a positive contributor to happiness and overall mental health. Have a great week and be kind to one another. 


Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal



Year 7 - Vaccinations

Year 7 Vaccinations are being held on 10 March. A hard copy of the consent form was sent home to parents in the post. These original forms MUST be returned to the Medical Centre ASAP. Emailed copies of the consent forms will not be accepted by the vaccination nurses.

Year 8 - Catch Up Gardasil Vaccinations

Year 8 students who missed their 2nd Gardasil vaccination last year (due to COVID) will also receive their catch up vaccination on the same day

Flu Vaccinations
Parents will have recently received an email about a flu vaccination clinic happening at School on Sunday 27 March.

If you wish for your child to participate in this clinic, please complete the permission slip prior to 28 February.

Details and a link to the permission form are below.
The TAS Medical Centre is offering flu vaccinations for students at the TAS Memorial Hall on Sunday 27 March, 2022 with the support of Dr Ricardo Alkhouri from the Uralla Medical Centre.

Bookings are essential and the cost is $25 and will be charged to your school account following the vaccination date.

If you would like your child to have a flu vaccination, please complete the following permission form by 28 February, 2022. Please note that no child will be vaccinated on the day without prior parental permission.

All families who complete a permission form will be contacted in early March to choose an appointment time on the 27 March that suits them.

N.B. Boarding parents – you only need to complete the permission form. You will not be contacted to schedule an appointment time as the TAS Medical Centre staff will manage boarder times with their Heads of House.
Yours sincerely,

Sr Jacki Fletcher &
TAS Medical Centre

Permission Form


Each Friday students will be distributed RAHT Kits for next week. These tests are to be undertaken prior to coming to school on Monday and Wednesday. Please contact your Head of School if you have any questions.
Junior School: junior@as.edu.au
Middle School: middle@as.edu.au
Senior School: awhalley@as.edu.au


If your child is to be absent from school for any reason outside application for exemption requirements, including arriving late or leaving early, please advise the appropriate Administration Assistant (see below), explaining the reason for absence by phone, email, or write a note before 10.00am that day. In addition, a written note confirming the circumstances of the absence is required within seven days.

Sickness in excess of four school days requires a doctor’s certificate detailing the nature of sickness and duration of sickness.

Junior School: Phone 6776 5817 or by email
Middle School: Phone 6776 5819 or by email
Senior School: Phone 6776 5800 or by email

More information about absentees and extended leave can be found using the link provided.

Boarders Travel

A friendly reminder to all parents that require travel in 2022. If your child is a new student in 2022 to TAS or your child is going into Year 3 or Year 7 or if your address has changed, please apply for your child's travel pass using the following links.

Day students: https://bit.ly/3sKJcAl
Boarders: https://bit.ly/3oS1kHw

Boarders weekend travel bookings must be made before the Thursday prior to the weekend. All travel arrangements (except air travel) should be made by contacting Mrs Veronica Lucas - vlucas@as.edu.au.

Boarders end of Term 1/start of Term 2 travel will be arranged by the school and a booking form will be going out shortly. Booking is essential. The chartered coach services are provided free to students travelling between their home and school – not including interstate home destinations.

Student Concession ID cards have been ordered for all Year 11 students and are available for collection from Reception. This ID card entitles students to travel at child’s fare.

If you have any questions regarding student travel, please contact Mrs Veronica Lucas - 6776 5800 or vlucas@as.edu.au

03. Calendar of Events

Week 3
Thursday 17 FebruaryMS Parent Information & BBQ
JS Swimming Championships
Friday 18 FebruaryMS/SS Swimming Championships (Year 12 parents only)
Saturday 19 FebruaryCadet Leaders Theory Course
Sunday 20 FebruaryCadet Leaders Theory Course
Week 4
Monday 21 FebruaryScholarship and Open Day
Junior School at Lake Keepit  – All Week
Cadet Leaders Theory Course

04. From the P&F


P&F Meetings

Thank you to all who attended the first P&F meeting of the year either in person or via Zoom. That was a great start to 2022.

It was a busy meeting with a discussion around key events for P&F involvement through 2022.

Hopefully you can attend some of our future meetings to stay tuned to P&F activity:

  • Wednesday 16 March @7pm (T1Wk7)
  • Wednesday 18 May @7pm (T2Wk4) …. Annual General Meeting …
  • Wednesday 8 June @7pm (T2Wk7)
  • Wednesday 3 August @7pm (T3Wk3)
  • Wednesday 7 September @7pm (T3Wk8)
  • Wednesday 19 October @7pm (T4Wk2)
  • Wednesday 23 November @7pm (T4Wk8)

Sub-Committee Volunteers

As with every year, through 2022 the P&F will get involved alongside many school events to support the TAS community and raise funds to benefit the students.
The larger events on the calendar for this year are;

  • TAS Rugby Carnival (TASRC (Apr) / SBHS Home Games (May)
  • Golf Days (May, Nov)
  • Family Day (Nov)
  • Christmas Puddings (Oct)

We will form sub-committees around each of these events to make sure they are well organised and executed.

Calling for parent volunteers!!

Please respond back to the P&F Exec team on pandf@as.edu.au with your preferences if you can volunteer for any of the above events.

Contact the P&F Executive

If you have anything you would like to raise with the P&F Executive, please send us an email on pandf@as.edu.au


Mr Paul Gaddes
P&F President

05. From the Director of Studies


It is has been so lovely to see TAS ‘back to normal’ in the last few weeks. Students are busy juggling classes, co-curricular, family commitments, and their social lives. Week 3 commences with the majority of the initial changes to timetables and classes now being sorted. There can be no more movement with Year 9 or 10 elective choices but Year 11 still have some time to confirm their senior classes. Students considering changing a Year 11 subject are to see Mrs Wark by the end of this week.

Accessing classes whilst absent from school

Zoom has enabled many things to occur over the last few years that would have looked very different without it and we were lucky as a school community to be able to maintain connections with students remotely. Simultaneously running a class face-to-face whilst managing Zoom lessons is a much more complicated scenario. Whilst we are able to manage this for the students absent from school due to COVID isolation requirements, this is not something we can offer for students absent for other short-term absences.

We realise that students miss work when at home and strongly encourage them to catch up once they are in a position to do so. Talking with their teachers and advisor will help them manage how to do this. Much of the work covered in class is now posted on Canvas and students are able to access that resource at any point.

The Hub – Academic Support

Following on from the previous point, academic support is often sought after at this time of the year. I would encourage students to utilise the tutors available Monday to Thursday evenings in the Hub. These tutors are Old Armidalians who study at UNE and are able to offer support in English, HSIE, Maths and Science. This support is available for boarders and day students who may wish to return to school in the evening. Please speak to Mr Arndt for more information.

Middle and Senior School Parent-Teacher Interviews

As mentioned in the start of year communication before school returned, parent-teacher interviews will take on a new format for 2022 in the Middle and Senior Schools.

Years 6, 8, 10, and 12 interviews will be occurring on the last day of Term 1 (8 April) followed by Years 7, 9, and 11 on Tuesday 26 April. These days have been chosen to coincide with the pick-up or return of boarders to the school and early in the year to address any concerns. We are trialling running multiple year groups in one day to ease the travel and time demands, as well as the impact on working parents/carers.

It will be important to prioritise those teachers that you wish to see on the day and those that, perhaps, could be left to email or phone correspondence at a later time. Some teachers, teach multiple classes across several year groups and therefore their interview times will be in high demand. If parents are not able to meet face-to-face on these days then they will have the option to speak with the teacher on another day. Further information will be coming out by Week 6 for you to book appointment times.

Year Group Presentations via Zoom

In the coming weeks, Year Group presentations for Years 9-12 will occur via Zoom. This will be a chance to hear from some of the staff dealing directly with your child. The session will be a mix of presentations as well as Q&A. Information will be emailed directly to parents/carers approximately a fortnight prior.

Assessment Calendars

Assessment calendars for the Middle and Senior Schools are being collated at the moment and will be distributed to students over the next week. Parents will be able to access these from the Parent portal on the TAS website. Please utilise this information in helping plan the terms ahead. Any queries should always be forwarded to your child’s advisor in the first instance.

06. From the Director of Co-curricular

Summer Sport

The level of engagement and involvement from our students in the co-curricular program is pleasing to say the least. The Mountain Biking Team are back racing at UNE, cricket games at TAS, futsal starts this week at PLC, basketball games are back at The Den in the Armidale Basketball Association and the rowers are preparing for their first regatta of the season to take place at SIRC in two weeks.

With basketball games resuming this week there have been some changes to the Summer Sports Schedule. Please familiarise yourself with the updated training schedule.


Summer Sports


Middle/Senior School Swimming Championships – Week 3

Tuesday 15 February night events 5.45 Warm-up 6.00pm-8.00pm Participants ONLY

  • 50m Butterfly Age Group
  • Individual Medley JNR 12/13/14
  • Individual Medley INT 15/16
  • Individual Medley SNR 17/18

Thursday 17 February night events 5.45pm Warm-up 6.00pm-8.30pm Participants ONLY

  • 100m Freestyle Age Group
  • 200m JNR 12/13/14
  • 200m INT 15/16
  • 200m SNR 17/18
  • OPEN Boy Medley Relay
  • OPEN Girl Medley Relay
  • 6 x 50m Tooth ‘n’ Nail (Swimmer from Year 6/7,8,9,10,11,12)

Friday 18 FebruaryONLY Year 12 Parents are invited to attend the SS Swimming Championship 12.30-3.30pm. We respectfully request that you spectate on the JS side of the pool and wear a mask.

MS Swimming Championships Warm-up and Roll Call 8.30am first event 8.45am conclude 11.30am

MS Inter-House Games 12.30pm-3.30pm (Sports Uniform with House Shirt)

SS Inter-House Games 8.45am Roll Call -11.30am (Sports Uniform with House Shirt)

SS Swimming Championship Warm-up and Roll Call 12.15pm first event 12.30pm conclude 3.30pm


Swim Program


Swimming Championship Reminders

Starts will be ‘over the top’. ie the swimmer in the pool at the end of the previous race remains in the water (and holds onto the lane rope) until the next race has begun whereupon the swimmer immediately exits.

There are a huge number of heats to get through so no false starts are allowed. 
If you ‘false start’ you will still be allowed to swim for a ‘time’ but will not gain any points for your House or age championships in that event.

Dress will be House polo shirts and blue shorts. Day students may travel to and from TAS in the above clothing (plus shoes). All competitors must swim in TAS swimmers or navy/black race swimmers.

All competitors will wear a House swim cap. These will be provided to all students to keep. This will make it much easier for spectators to identify which house each competitor is in.

Because of the chlorine in the pool water, competitors are strongly advised to wear goggles.

You may not colour your hair, nor write on your body with a texta pen. Except for water, no food or drink may be consumed in the pool area. Students may not leave the Sports Centre area without permission from their respective Heads of House.

Times swum in these Championships will be used to determine which students will be selected in TAS teams to compete at NCIS carnival.


Winter Sport Choices

Please find a link below to the winter sport choices. This document serves as a guide to the sports on offer and the level of commitment. Training days have not been finalised for winter as we need to consider staffing commitments and ground allocation (depending on the number of teams). Winter Sport choices will take place next week during Advisor.

Winter Sports


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-curricular

TAS Swimmers racing across the North West

Ruby Straker, Isabella Banister, Ruby Hyland, Isabella Henderson, Jordie Cullen, Alexander Scanlon-Dawson, Ellie Cullen and Sophie Banister – yep, we think swimmers! This sensational group of athletes have started the year with a “splash” heading to Gunnedah and Tamworth over the last couple of weekends to compete in the Speedo Sprints, the New England North West Area Championships and numerous other carnivals representing Armidale Alligators.

Highlights have included Ruby Straker and Alexander Scanlon-Dawson achieving Runner Up status in their respective age groups in Gunnedah, Jordie Cullen and Isabella Henderson earning $CASH at the Speedo Sprints, with PBs and NSW Country Qualifying times galore amongst the whole crew. The TAS Swimming Carnival is in for a shake-up!

The Alligators are happy to welcome new members. Club Nights are Wednesday 6.00pm at TAS Aquatic Centre.


Mr James Pennington

Mountain Biking

On Saturday students enjoyed a morning of riding at the Piney as part of their training program. A very welcome addition to the ride was Dr Horton, who came as a guest coach on the senior student’s group. Everyone enjoyed the fun and challenging nature of the trails and are looking forward to the next ride out there.

Results from Monday night’s Summer Series Race #2 can be found here https://my.raceresult.com/192358/?fbclid=IwAR0VTAvDyYHozoEQjhT8c9ImRiWJ3eiYtdWlPoZiC-cz4ZGtO5FekVHV0Hw

Again, all TAS students rode well, some showing strong competitiveness while others just enjoy the opportunity to ride with friends and as part of a wider community event. These races are preparing students well for our bigger events this term, the Copeton 6 Hour on 6 March and the NEMTB/UNE 12 Hour on the 2nd April.

Lastly, we wish Year 11 student Toby Inglis the very best of luck as he competes at the National Mountain Bike Championship XCC and XCO races in Moderna, Tasmania this Thursday and Saturday. Toby has been training hard leading up to this event and is in a strong position to achieve fine results. We also wish TAS coach, Katherine Hosking well as she aims to defend her under 23 Women’s National Championship jersey.

Mrs Jo Benham
MIC Mountain Biking

07. From the Head of Creative Arts


It is great to once again hear the sounds of students hard at work in the Music Centre basement, Hoskins Centre, and Memorial Hall in the mornings and afternoons. Our ensembles and bands are back underway after far too long hampered by COVID restrictions. We have had a rich heritage of singing and musicianship here at TAS and I encourage all students to approach Ms Roobol, Ms Low, or Mr Collett and find out how they can get involved.

Mr Wheatley is rallying the theatresports troops together for afternoons of improvising, comedy and a whole mess of fun – send him an email or find him in the Hoskins office to find out more. We’re hoping to have an inter-school Theatreports competition later this term and it will be a fantastic starting activity for that group.

And Rhinoceros is finding a comfortable routine, with volunteers assisting on Monday, cast meeting several times a week and every Sunday, and the Technical Production Team meeting with Mr Cornford each Thursday lunch and Friday afternoon. There are so many ways to be involved in the show – other than merely enjoying it from the audience seats – and we’d love any help we can get. Come chat with any of us in the Hoskins office and we’ll find a way for you to contribute onstage, backstage, or in the preparations.

Mr Andrew O’Connell
Head of Creative Arts

08. From the Head of Middle School


Middle School Information Sessions

Tomorrow night, we would like to give you the opportunity to hear from the Middle School Staff and allow you the chance to ask questions about the year ahead. As previously announced, tomorrow afternoon, we will be hosting three separate Zoom Sessions:

  • Year 6 Information Evening – (Online) 4:30pm – 5:00pm
  • Year 7 Information Evening – (Online) 5:15pm – 5:45pm
  • Year 8 Information Evening – (Online) 6:00pm – 6:30pm

I will speak to each year group at these sessions, as well as Mrs Rachel Piddington (MYP Academic Coordinator) and each Year Advisor.

The links for these sessions have been emailed to all Middle School families today. There is no need to RSVP for these sessions – please just log in.

Students in Isolation and Learning from Home

Now that the term is underway, it is important to note the arrangements for Middle School students who are absent from school and the circumstances in which online learning will be available. Students who are away sick for a day or two of school will be encouraged to speak to their teacher on their return and find out if there is any important information that was missed. There is no expectation of learning from home in this situation. For students with longer absences due to COVID-19, such as isolating and provided the student is well enough, they will be supported with materials to learn at home. In Middle School, this will predominantly be through our School’s Learning Management System – Canvas. Middle School teachers will be arranging separate Zoom sessions with students individually if required to answer questions and discuss the content, as opposed to a Zoom session for each class. This is to allow students to ask questions and have content explained to them and the resources better targeted to be used through Zoom. Students are also encouraged to email their teacher if at any stage they need assistance.


COVID-19 and Surveillance Testing

Please ensure that students are completing their twice-weekly COVID-19 RAHT surveillance testing. This occurs on a Monday and Wednesday morning before students attend school. RAHTs for the following week will be distributed on a Friday. If your child doesn’t have a RAHT to complete, please let us know and we can arrange one to be completed at school. A reminder please that if your child returns a positive test result, or is currently isolating due to a household contact testing positive, please ensure you email me directly – lpolson@as.edu.au

Mr Luke Polson
Head of Middle School

Middle Years Programme

It is lovely to see many of our students settled into school life, and utilising all of the facilities that we have on offer. Just a reminder that Middle School students can attend the Learning Hub from 3:30pm – 5pm on a Monday to Thursday to complete any homework or assessments. The Learning Hub is supervised by teachers, who may be able to assist students with their work. It is a quiet place to sit, and a great environment for this type of stuff to happen. 

Over the last two weeks, I have had the pleasure to hand out the first of our Middle School Learner Profile awards for 2022. These awards are based upon the IB Learner Profile, and display the attributes and dispositions that we would like to see in all of our students.

The recipients this fortnight were:

  • Mohammed Almokhtar – Inquirer award
  • Olivia Bellinger – Caring award
  • Angus Benham – Risk-taker award
  • Lachlan Brett – Principled award
  • Madeline Buntine – Communicator award
  • Alexandra Coventry – Caring award
  • Charlie Crawford  – Principled award
  • Mila Downes – Risk-taker award
  • Finn Dwyer – Inquirer award
  • Jessica Flynn – Caring award
  • James Leahy – Knowledgeable award
  • Jack Lucas – Risk-taker award
  • Sasha Macarthur Onslow – Knowledgeable award
  • Ellie Millier – Communicator award
  • Hamish Pengilley – Principled award
  • Zac Ridley – Communicator award
  • Ruben Salvador – Risk-taker award


Mrs Rachel Piddington
MYP Coordinator

09. From the Head of Junior School


House Leaders Year 5

We are very pleased to announce the House Leaders for this year and congratulate all of Year 5 who participated in the lead up to the voting process by presenting to the rest of Junior School. This is no easy feat for most and it marks a significant moment in their school journey. I congratulate the following students, while reminding all those in Year 5 that they have a major role to play in determining the direction of our School. During Assembly today they are speaking about their goals for the year and I know they have selected three very exciting areas on which to focus throughout the year. More to come!

William Cooper-Fillios
Jacqui Du Bois

George Drain
Mila Nexo

Harry Fawcett
Layla Abu Assab

Lake Keepit Excursion

The excitement is almost palpable as the departure dates to Lake Keepit for our Year 2 to 5 classes rapidly approaches. All teachers have been talking to their students and while they may be some concerns about travelling away, some for the first time, the benefits from such an experience are many. Upon return, the photos and stories tell the stories….and I will let them do the speaking. Rest assured, after many years of adjusting the program, we are confident this will be one of the highlights of the year for those involved. If you have any questions, please contact your classroom teacher or Reception.





Please be reminded that we continue to RAHT test students at home on Monday and Wednesday in Weeks 3 and 4 in order to remain vigilant towards the health and well0being of our school community. We are aware of a number of families who have been exposed to COVID and we have been communicating with those concerned. Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.


ICAS 2021 Results

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge the following result in last year’s ICAS Assessments. In this well-established and highly competitive test and the following students have had outstanding results. We congratulate them all.


  • Ted Draney (Year 2) – Distinction
  • Layla Abu Assab (Year 4) – Merit
  • William Cooper-Fillios (Year 4) – Credit
  • Edward Gillman (Year 4) – Credit
  • Matilda Polson – ( Year 3) – Credit


  • Matilda Polson (Year 3) – Credit
  • William Cooper-Fillios (Year 4) – Credit

Digital Technologies

  • Matilda Polson (Year 3) – Credit
  • William Cooper-Fillios (Year 4) – Credit
  • Hamish Molina (Year 4) – Credit


  • Ted Draney (Year 2) – Credit
  • Matilda Polson (Year 3) – Merit
  • Layla Abu Assab (Year 4) – Merit
  • Edward Gillman (Year 4) – Merit


  • Matilda Polson (Year 3) – Distinction
  • William Cooper-Fillios (Year 4) – Credit
  • Hamish Molina (Year 4) – Credit


  • Ted Draney (Year 2) – Credit
  • Mehleen Sandhu (Year 2) – Credit
  • Matilda Polson (Year 3) – Credit
  • Cecilia Price (Year 4) – Merit
  • Layla Abu Assab (Year 4) – Credit
  • William Cooper-Fillios (Year 4) – Credit

Streaming Year 5 Assembly

I hope you will be able to view the first of our assemblies for the year using the following link. The Year 5 students who are hosting this week’s assembly are very excited to be able to join together for such an occasion.

The following link to the live stream was emailed to you recently:


Happy Birthday

Many happy returns to Grace Crowley, William Dennison and Sonny Salvador for a fantastic birthday.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

Upcoming Events
Wednesday 16 FebruaryYear 5 Assembly – 2.45 Memorial Hall (Livestreamed for parents)
Thursday 17 FebruaryJunior School Swimming Carnival (Staff and Students only)
Monday 21 FebruaryYear 5 to Lake Keepit
Tuesday 22 FebruaryYear 4 to Lake Keepit
Wednesday 23 FebruaryYear 3 to Lake Keepit
Wednesday 2 MarchYear 3 Assembly – 2.45 Memorial Hall
Wednesday 9 MarchYear 2 Assembly – 2.45 Memorial Hall

Life Education Van

Thursday 10 MarchLife Education Van

Year 3  Excursion to Thalgarrah

A day of fun and adventure was had by Year 3 when they went to Thalgarrah to learn about Indigenous Australians, especially relating to the Anaiwan people. The students learned about the importance of fire and were lucky enough to cook and eat some freshly baked potatoes from their hard labour of collecting dried grass, leaves, sticks and logs. A range of artwork was drawn on the ‘Scar Tree’, a Red Gumtree using charcoal. Many laughs could be heard when we embarked on the nature play area. It was questionable who had more fun, staff or students!

Later in the afternoon, students created shelters using the nature around them. Their imagination was fierce during this activity, as our Instructor Matt was amazed with the students’ interior design process and maybe the lack of shelter qualities. However, with a bit more guidance we were ready for ‘The Block’ reveal. To conclude our Thalgarrah trip we all got to hold the python and our appreciation and connection to our environment was strengthened.

Mrs Lana Hawksford and Mrs Grania Fawcett


Primary Years Programme

PYP- Units of Inquiry

This week I will outline what units of inquiry are being covered in each of our classes to commence the school year. For those families new to TAS our school offers the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. This involves our teachers planning transdisciplinary units of inquiry, which have been carefully mapped to ensure all NESA outcomes have been covered and taught across each year group/stage. I will explain the essential elements of the programme in the weeks to come.

Each of the year groups works under a Transdisciplinary Theme, which they explore through a big idea-the Central Idea. The Central Idea is then unpacked through Lines of Inquiry, which are conceptually founded. 


Year GroupTransdisciplinary ThemeCentral IdeaLines of Inquiry
TransitionWho we areRelationships with those around us help shape us as peopleOur interactions in different environments at school 

My actions affect myself and others 

The people we interact with

KindergartenWho we areConnections we have in the worldPlaces we live in and belong to 

My history

Looking after things we care about 

Year 1Who we arePeople share their feelings, beliefs and values through cultural traditionsHow and why people celebrate 

Similarities and differences between global celebrations

The importance of family traditions in shaping beliefs and values

Year 2Who we areConnections people have with placesPlaces located in Australia 

People’s connection to places

How families change and remain the same over time

Year 3How we express ourselvesIndigenous peoples understanding of the world is heard through art and storiesThe traditional aboriginal way of life 

Different cultures express themselves through the creative arts

Ways in which we can reflect on, extend and enjoy our personal creativity.

Year 4Who we areCommunities and cultures differ across the worldEach culture has its own beliefs and values

Australia is a multicultural society


Our beliefs and values may influence action taken

Year 5Where we are in place and timeMigration is a response to challenges,

risk and opportunities

An inquiry into: Migration 

Why people and animals migrate 

How migration changes environments


Mrs Veronica Waters
PYP Coordinator

Junior School Sport

Summer Sports

What a great start to our Term 1 Summer sports program. It was wonderful to see many children enjoying their chosen sport on Monday afternoon. Please keep an eye out for emails from your child’s coach in relation to continuing games. Ensure you are ready to pick up at the allocated time for your child’s sport, with your name clearly displayed on the passenger visor. Please email your child’s coach with any concerns or questions.


Junior School Swimming Carnival – Thursday, 17 February

We are disappointed that we are still unable to invite our parents to this year’s swimming carnival but would like you all to know that we will be taking many photos which will be published as soon as we can after the event. Live streaming on the day is also not possible, due to technical issues with equipment in an indoor pool environment, and staffing.

Children are to wear their swimmers and sports clothes to school on Thursday, ready for our annual Junior School Swimming Carnival. Our Year 5s have been busy organising some House spirit activities in preparation for our carnival. Please ensure your child has plenty of snacks for the day, including recess and lunch. A water bottle is essential.




Monday 14 February, there was love in the air… the love of basketball. The smiles were from ear to ear, as the basketball competition started at The Den.

The Year 3 and 4 teams did a phenomenal job of listening to the coaches and referees, as they suited up for the first time in their new basketball jerseys.

The Year 5 team matched up against a significantly taller Year 6 team. It was a slow start, but a fantastic effort to come back in the second half, with some outstanding dribbling and shooting by the TAS team.

It was great to be back at The Den. Great work by all players.

Mr Ken Secker


Community Notices