2022 Term 1 Week 1   |   02.02.2022

TAS Talks Term 1 Week 1

01. From the Principal


After welcoming all staff back on campus last week, this week it was wonderful to see new students and their families on Monday and the remainder of our students return on Tuesday. With 135 new students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12, this is a record enrolment year for TAS and an excellent start to the year.

The new year is always an exciting time, offering fresh hope and opportunities for new and returning students alike, and this year is no different. This year, one of the overarching themes will be personal standards, culture and school pride. I shared this with all Middle and Senior School students in their first assembly which took place outdoors on Tuesday morning. I challenged them to honour the opportunity they have here at TAS by giving their best effort everything they are involved with and supporting each other in their endeavours.

While I very much look forward to the day where I do not need to write about COVID-19, I feel I must touch on it briefly again today. It has been wonderful to see the calm and measured way everyone has returned to school with the stigma associated with catching the virus gone. I would like to emphasise however, that this is not the time for complacency; the possibility of infection and transmission must still be treated seriously. We remain mindful of those who are at a higher risk than others and we must work to minimise those students and staff required to isolate at any time, to avoid significant disruptions to the normal life of the School. The twice weekly RAHTs provide us with an essential tool to help manage this and we appreciate the help of our families in administering them. We do not require evidence of negative tests, but it is a legal requirement that families let us know as soon as possible if a student tests positive at any stage.

While we had very few staff leave us at the end of last year, a number of our teachers have found themselves with new roles this year. It is always sad to see staff leave, but it is also wonderful to see them move to new and exciting opportunities. Mrs Xavier Mackenzie left us last week to move closer to family in Sydney, teaching History at Kambala School. Ms Victoria Perrin-Baker will leave the Junior School after Week 4 to take up a full-time position teaching French at Armidale Secondary College. Mr Chris Cook will leave at the end of Term 1 to move to Ballarat with his family and start his new role as Director of Boarding at Ballarat Grammar. Congratulations to these staff and I thank them for their contributions to this School.

I wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous year and look forward to speaking to many of you throughout the term.


Dr Rachel Horton



The Uniform and Book Shop will be open this week for the following hours:
Thursday 8am - 4pm
Friday 8am - 11am & 3pm -4pm

Normal hours are listed on the TAS website using the link provided below.



On Friday students will be distributed RAHT Kits for next week. These tests are to be undertaken prior to coming to school on Monday and Wednesday. Please contact your Head of School if you have any questions.
Junior School: junior@as.edu.au
Middle School: middle@as.edu.au
Senior School: awhalley@as.edu.au

02. Calendar of Events


Week 1
Thursday 3 FebruaryMiddle School Orientation
Week 2
Wednesday 9 FebruaryP&F Meeting (7pm)
Friday 11 FebruaryCOVID-19 Vaccination Clinic
Week 3
Tuesday 15 FebruaryMS/SS Swimming Events
Thursday 17 FebruaryMS Parent Information & BBQ
JS Swimming Championships
Friday 18 FebruaryMS/SS Swimming Championships
Saturday 19 FebruaryCadet Leaders Theory Course
Sunday 20 FebruaryCadet Leaders Theory Course


03. From the Deputy Principal


I, like many watched Ash Barty win the Australian Open final last Saturday evening. While we can all appreciate the countless hours of training and the many sacrifices she has had to make to become the best tennis player in the world; it is her character and authenticity that appears to resonate with the Australian public more than anything else. Had she not won her final against Danielle Collins in the Australian Open Final, I am confident she would have retained the respect and admiration of us all. For a proud sporting nation with over 40 years since an Australian Open Women’s Championship, this could be considered quite remarkable. However, I believe the reason is relatively simple. Ash epitomises being humble, kind and maintains a positive perspective on what truly matters in life, an approach to life that is far more inspirational than winning. While her performance was exceptional her post-match interview confirmed the true character she possesses. Despite having won the French Open, Wimbledon and now Australian Open along with the many other competitions throughout her career, Ash Barty does not have one trophy in her house. Every award she has ever won is given to her parents as a show of thanks for all the sacrifices they made in getting her where she is today. For always believing in her and keeping her grounded.   

There is a lesson in this for us all. Clearly, we can all relate to and admire the many sacrifices made by our parents in providing us with the opportunities we have had in life, this is undoubtedly special. This lesson in gratitude does extend further as part of a unique school community. As we commence the new year it is important for us all to take the time to stop and look around and appreciate the grounds, facilities and most importantly the people who make this school special. 

In my first week at TAS, it is clear that all our students can pursue their passions, display strong character and always be good people. That effort and integrity is more important than results. This is no coincidence and comes from a strong culture established by those before us. As per the Vietnamese proverb: When eating fruit, remember who planted the tree.

I am truly excited for the year ahead; I look forward to watching our students pursue their passions and make the most of the wonderful opportunities TAS presents. I know that those who remain grounded in the values of being humble, kind, and respectful will find true fulfilment in all that they do.


Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal

04. From the Director of Studies


Welcome to all our new students and parents and welcome back to those returning to another busy year at TAS. As the new year begins, it is important to know who you should go to discuss your child’s academic progress.

The TAS Advisor system is a unique opportunity to develop relationships and support between the student and their Advisor. Advisors meet with their students for 20 minutes each day at the conclusion of Period 1. If you have any concerns about your child whether it be pastoral or academic your first contact should be with your child’s Advisor.

Students in Years 11 and 12 who wish to change subjects should meet with Mr Mark Taylor to discuss options. A subject change form needs to be completed and signed by the teachers involved, the Advisor and parents before this is approved. Mr Taylor is also the person to see in regards to career options and university information.

In regards to Disability Provisions, Mrs Regina Pollard is the person to contact for Years 6-8 and Mrs Lorna Ahern for Years 9-12.

All subject/elective changes need to finalised by the end of next week. After this, changes to 9/10 electives will not be possible. Students in Year 9 and 10 will choose Semester 2 electives at the end of Term 2. Any changes to Year 11 subjects from next week will require a subject change form as detailed above.

All students should use their School Diary to note when assessments and homework are due and to prioritise and organise their time wisely. Please encourage your child to make full use of the diary. As students move into their senior school years it is important they start early in their preparation, organisation and focus. Teachers are happy to make themselves available if a student requires extra help. The student should approach the teacher to organise a suitable time.

TAS will once again operate the school’s Extended Day Program for those students who wish to use The Hub at the start and/or end of the school day to complete homework, assessments, or extra study and revision. The Hub is supervised at all times during the extended opening hours. A tutoring schedule will be published once it is finalised. This program will commence in Week 2.


Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies

2021 HSC Results

TAS students achieved what are believed to be the top four ATARs in northern NSW in the 2021 HSC, leading some fine results for the Class of 2021. For more detail about their achievements, including a list of all our Distinguished Achievers, please click on the link below.

05. From the P&F


Welcome to the 2022 school year from the Parents & Friends Association. A particular warm welcome to new families that are starting at TAS this year.

The P&F are looking forward to an active year as we continue to participate in life at TAS. Keep an eye on the TAS Calendar as events begin to lock-in.


Next P&F Meeting

The first P&F meeting of the year is on next Wednesday 9 February from 7pm. We will meet face to face in Lower Maxwell as well as have a Zoom session running for those wishing to attend remotely. COVID-19 rules will apply on campus and Zoom session details are enclosed. All are welcome with the added bonus of snacks and drinks for those able to attend in person.

Future P&F Meetings

For those who like to get a jumpstart on their calendar, P&F meetings will be held on the following dates throughout 2022;

  • Wednesday 16 March @7pm (T1Wk7)
  • Wednesday 18 May @7pm (T2Wk4) (Annual General Meeting)
  • Wednesday 8 June @7pm (T2Wk7)
  • Wednesday 3 August @7pm (T3Wk3)
  • Wednesday 7 September @7pm (T3Wk8)
  • Wednesday 19 October @7pm (T4Wk2)
  • Wednesday 23 November @7pm (T4Wk8)

Connect with P&F

We have several Facebook pages providing useful information on upcoming activities as well as a place to stay in touch – we strongly recommend you join the main P&F page as well as your Year Group pages:

  • TAS P&F FB page – Search “TAS Parents & Friends” on Facebook
  • Year Group FB pages – Search “TAS Year 12 XXXX” on Facebook where XXXX is the graduating year of your child (e.g. “TAS Year 12 2026” is for parents of students currently in Year 8). Ask to join.

Contact P&F Executive

The current P&F Exec team is made up of the following;

  • President:                    Paul Gaddes
  • Vice President:            Craig Pevitt
  • Secretary:                    Melanie Fillios
  • Treasurers:                  Pip Benham & Sam Coupland

If you have anything you would like to raise with the P&F Executive, please send us an email at pandf@as.edu.au


Mr Paul Gaddes
P&F President


06. Wellbeing

A Moment with Mack

A Moment with Mack

Welcome back everyone and welcome to TAS for our new students. I hope you’ve all had a restful holiday and are looking forward to the term ahead.  

For the returning students and parents, I hope that today is a day of catching up with friends you haven’t seen for a while and reconnecting with those in your year groups. It’s an exciting time with new teachers, maybe new electives depending on your year, either way, it’s a new chapter in terms of starting a new year. 

For our new students and parents, a very warm welcome to you all. Starting a new school can be exciting, daunting, full of promise and anticipation. I hope you have a soft landing and please remember that your fellow students and every staff member is willing to help you out as needed.  

If you are a new boarder, this is a big change for you and your parents! With time you become familiar with the school and routines which will help you to feel more settled. It’s quite normal to feel homesick, and please don’t fear these feelings as they show up. This is a great article, for parents and students in normalising homesickness and some ideas of how to respond to these feelings https://www.boardingexpo.com.au/dealing-with-homesickness-part-one/ there is a link to part two at the end of the article.  

I wish you all a smooth start to the year and please use the support structure in place if needed, we have wonderful support available through your Advisor, Year Coordinator, Head of House, Director of Pastoral Care, Director of Boarding and myself as School Counsellor. Best wishes for the term and year ahead!  



Ms Alix Goudge
School Counsellor

07. From the Director of Boarding


Meeting the boarders throughout the afternoon and evening on Monday I felt a sense of anticipation and excitement for the year ahead. I appreciate this can be an emotional day for both parents and boarders, old and new, but am confident that once all the boarders settle into their daily routines, they will embrace the many opportunities available to them here at TAS. I appreciate your continued support regarding any ongoing changes which we are hoping to keep to a minimum as the term progresses.

I have spent time in all boarding houses over the past two days and left each house confident that all house staff, particularly the Heads of House, will do a tremendous job. I am blessed to have such experienced, passionate, and energetic staff to be working with again this year.

Evening prep will commence more formally across all houses from Week 2. The Middle School boarders spent time during prep this week familiarising themselves with their diaries, Canvas, subject folders, prep times and the staff working to assist them. The weekday evening prep routine ensures consistency across the Middle School and Senior School Boarding Houses and allows boarders the opportunity to work in a conducive study environment with invaluable staff support four evenings per week.

With the annual Coast Weekend postponed until a later date this term, there are several activities planned across the six houses this weekend. All houses will enjoy House Dinners on Saturday night with some of the activities planned across the weekend including visits to the town pool, the inflatable in the TAS Pool, a Slip and Slide and informal sporting games. I hope to have the dates of the re-scheduled Coast Weekend confirmed by late next week. I am fully aware of the important role this Weekend away as a House, plays in developing strong relationships across the boarders and staff, particularly those new to each House, in a fun and relaxed setting.

Please remember that you are most welcome to contact me or your Head of House at any time should there be any aspect of your child’s boarding experience you would like to discuss. We are all looking forward to Term 1 and are very keen to assist you in any way we can.

On a final note – to those boarding parents who were unable to be part of last Friday’s Zoom webinar with Deputy Principal Ray Pearson and myself, or would like to hear it again, a recording has been uploaded to the School’s Youtube channel. This recording can only be accessed via the link below, and will be available for the next fortnight.


Mr David Drain
Director of Boarding

08. From the Director of Co-curricular

Summer Sport

As we begin the new year it is exciting to be recommencing sport at TAS. This week the students have heard from Dr Horton and Mr Pearson about the importance of standards and culture. In all our co-curricular offerings there are standards that we expect. In particular, students have the following obligations:

  • On-time and present at each training session and it is expected that if a student is unable to attend a training session or game then they should meet with or e-mail their Coach and MIC, prior to that session, to explain their intended absence.
  • Uniform – students are expected to wear TAS Sports uniform to training sessions and games at all times.
  • Sportsmanship – how we behave sends a strong message to others. I draw particular attention to the language we use, how we encourage our peers and acknowledge the opposition.

Please find the Summer Sports Training Schedule for Term 1 2022

Summer Schedule


Middle/Senior School Swimming Championships – Week 3

At this stage we are looking to continue with the Week 3 Swimming Championships. Next week students will have the opportunity to nominated for events at the TAS Middle/Senior School Swimming Championship. Students are encouraged to compete in multiple events.

Given our capacity to limit numbers at the event, it is most likely that the 2022 Swimming Championships will be a non-spectator event. We will continue to assess our position in the coming weeks.

  • Tuesday 15 February night events 5.45pm-7.30pm
  • Thursday 17 February night events 5.45pm-7.30pm
  • Friday 18 February Warm-up 8.30am first event 8.45am
  • War Cries will be postponed to a later date.

On Friday 18 February, competitors for the first event of the day (Boys U12 50m freestyle) should report to the marshalling area (southeast corner of the gym) by 8:45am. All remaining competitors and House members are to be seated by 8:50am.

Starts will be ‘over the top’. ie the swimmer in the pool at the end of the previous race remains in the water (and holds onto the lane rope) until the next race has begun whereupon the swimmer immediately exits.

There are a huge number of heats to get through so no false starts are allowed. If you ‘false start’ you will still be allowed to swim for a ‘time’ but will not gain any points for your House or age championships in that event.

Dress will be House polo shirts and blue shorts. Day students may travel to and from TAS in the above clothing (plus shoes). All competitors must swim in TAS swimmers.

All competitors will wear a House swim cap. These will be provided to all students to keep. This will make it much easier for spectators to identify which house each competitor is in.

Because of the chlorine in the pool water, competitors are strongly advised to wear goggles.

You may not colour your hair, nor write on your body with a texta pen (except on the House War Cries Competition night). Except for water, no food or drink may be consumed in the pool area. Students may not leave the Sports Centre area without permission from their respective Heads of House.

Times swum in these Championships will be used to determine which students will be selected in TAS teams to compete at NCIS carnival.

Congratulations to Archie McMaster ‘Blaster’ who has enjoyed a stellar cricket season, capped by scoring 126 n.o., on debut, in the TAS First XI. In addition to Archie’s impressive century for TAS, he was awarded Player of the Tournament at the Ballina Cricket Carnival, he is the leading run scorer with the Northern Inland Cricket Team and has scored five hundreds this season.


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-curricular

09. From the Head of Middle School


Almost – it’s close, now

Welcome to all new and returning families in the TAS Middle School for 2022. I trust that your holiday break was a refreshing and enjoyable one. I hope that everyone managed some time with family and friends, despite the complexities that continue to arise with COVID-19. The year has certainly hit the ground running and if the first day is anything to go by, it is set to be a positive and productive year in Middle School. We have begun the year with a number of sessions intended to soften the landing for all students. These sessions have included year group meetings, sports briefings and sessions for wellbeing and survival strategies for the first few weeks of term. I hope that all students have found these sessions informative and useful as they settle into the first few weeks of term.

Advisors and Year Group Coordinators

Please see below a list of advisors and Year Coordinators for 2022. Your child’s advisor remains the central point of contact for you at the school and they will be reaching out to you through the week to introduce themselves.

Year 6
Year Coordinator: Mr Luke Polson (lpolson@as.edu.au)
Advisors: Mr Jamie Brauer (jbrauer@as.edu.au)  and  Mrs Regina Pollard (rpollard@as.edu.au)

Year 7
Year Coordinator: Ms Yolanda Kreuzen (ykreuzen@as.edu.au)
Advisors: Miss Hannah Lo (hlo@as.edu.au), Mr Ben MacDougall (bmacdoug@as.edu.au), Dr Charlotte Mack (cmack@as.edu.au),
Ms Yolanda Kreuzen (ykreuzen@as.edu.au) , Mrs Rachel Piddington (rpidding@as.edu.au)  and Mr Tom Collett (tcollett@as.edu.au)

Year 8
Year Coordinator: Mrs Fiona Taber (ftaber@as.edu.au)
Advisors: Miss Belinda Macri (bmacri@as.edu.au), Mrs Fiona Taber (ftaber@as.edu.au), Mr Jonathon Woodbridge (jwoodbri@as.edu.au), Mr Christian Nexo (cnexo@as.edu.au), Ms Ingrid Steddy (isteddy@as.edu.au), Mrs Jess Collett (jcollet1@as.edu.au)

COVID-19 and Surveillance Testing

My thanks to everyone for the collection of the RAHTs yesterday and for completing them this morning. All day students should have a second test to complete at home on Thursday morning and boarders will be tested here. A reminder please that if your child returns a positive test result, or is currently isolating due to a household contact testing positive, please ensure you email me directly  lpolson@as.edu.au

Personal Belongings

Please ensure that your child brings both a hat and a drink bottle to school (named). To avoid disruption to classes, we are discouraging students from leaving the classroom midway through a lesson to get a drink. Rather, we would prefer to see all students bring a water bottle to school that they can refill during their break times.

Week 2 Assembly

Next Tuesday, Middle School leaders will be inducted as part of the School’s Assembly. This assembly will be live-streamed and a link will be distributed next week.

Year 7 Orientation

The Year 7 Orientation Camp and activities scheduled for this coming weekend have been postponed until later in the term. Further details will be sent out in the coming weeks leading up to the rescheduled camp.


Please ensure that if your child is absent from school for any reason, the school needs to be notified. For Middle School students, absentees are sent to Mrs Robyn Frost at middle@as.edu.au

Collection at the end of the day

Any Middle School students who are being collected at the end of the school day must be collected from Gate 2 (Brown St Gates), not the Junior School turning circle. There is a large amount of traffic and collections to occur with Junior School families and if we could please ask Middle School families to collect from Gate 2, that will ease the process. Many thanks for your cooperation.

Mr Luke Polson
Head of Middle School

10. From the Head of Junior School


What a whirlwind start to the year! Thanks to all our parents and families for coming together so effectively and working with us to make the beginning of the year work so smoothly. The Chapel St Turning Circle will get easier I assure you but it is important to understand the timings as printed again below. If you have any questions, please shout out and we will be able to assist.


As you know, we are very fortunate to welcome Mr Toby Armstrong (Kindergarten), Mr Craig Norrie and Mrs Kirsty Brunsdon. This term we will also have the considerable assistance of our four Gappies Molly Ambrose, Hugh McCormick, Harri Dimdore-Miles and returning Victoria Brain.

Parent Information Evenings

We are very pleased that we can meet in our class groups to introduce the year to you all. Each family has the chance to meet with their classroom teachers to gain an oversight of the classroom structures and routines. It also provides the opportunity to exchange information for the benefit of all and as such, it is an important occasion. Please stay in touch with your teachers and let us know how the year is unfolding for you.

  • Tuesday February 8 – Kindergarten, Year 2 and Year 4
  • Thursday February 10 – Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5

Arrivals and Departures

Thank you for your continuing understanding and support of the arrangements for the safe return of our students to TAS this term. The following arrangements will be in place until further notice.

  • Please note: Teacher supervision begins at the Gate 7 (Chapel Street) Turning Circle and in the playground from 8.10 am. Students should not arrive before this time unless by arrangement.
  • Arrangements for arrivals and departures on buses remains unchanged.

Arrival by car

  • All arrivals should be via the Gate 7 access (Chapel St) carpark and turning circle.
  • Parents wishing to walk their children to the Junior School playground area are asked to park and using the southern footpath, walk students to the gates in the fence near the Sports Centre canteen. To maintain independence, we ask that parents do not walk students beyond this point. Additional teachers will be on duty to assist where required.
  • Students alighting from cars at the turning circle should be ready to do so quickly and safely. Parents are asked to stay in their vehicles where possible.
  • Please follow the signage and ensure that traffic flows carefully and with real caution. Do not park or leave your vehicle in the vicinity of the turning circle.

Departure by car

  • Parents may meet their children at the fence near the Sports Centre/Canteen or the Chapel St turning circle.
  • Transition to Year 2 will finish class and be ready for collection from the JS undercover area at 3.20 pm.
  • Year 3  to Year 5 will finish and be ready for collection from 3.30 pm.
  • All children will be supervised at the Chapel St turning circle and should be ready for collection as soon as staff call out their names.
  • Please follow the signage and ensure that traffic flows carefully and with real caution. Do not park or leave your vehicle in the vicinity of the turning circle. Please display your FAMILY NAME on the passenger sun visor for easy car identification to enable quick and easy student departures.  

General Consent Forms

General Consent forms will be emailed out to all parents this week. If you do not receive one, please contact us to ensure your email details are correctly recorded. This consent for local excursions eliminates the paperwork required for minor excursions that occur in each class from time to time. All major excursions (Lake Keepit, da Vinci in Sydney, Representative sport, etc) will be notified using a specific excursion form and information letter.

Lake Keepit – Week 4

Parents of students from Year 2 to 5 will receive letters about the upcoming excursion to Lake Keepit. Important information is included, especially the need to register your child through the Sport & Rec website and completing the appropriate consent forms for the School. Please complete this as soon as possible and if necessary contact the school for assistance.


I am really pleased to see the take up of the new aspects of our Junior School uniform. While some items are on back order, our students are looking very sharp and I am sure they are feeling very proud of the way they are presenting as well. Please ensure all uniform is neat and tidy as they leave for school, as described in the Junior School Uniform list.

Supervision in Junior School 

A quick reminder please, that the daily supervision in Junior School begins at 8.10 am. If children are arriving earlier for clubs or other teacher-supervised activities, they must remain there with the teacher at all times.

And after school, it is important that students do not wander unsupervised, while they wait for other activities (sport, late collection etc) and we will request that the After School Club service is used to minimise the risks.

And…what are – “The Three Steps”?

Showing empathy, compassion and respect for the needs and feelings of others requires awareness and at the end of the day, practice. As part of our PYP, we emphasise the “The Three Steps” at school and we would like you to discuss this at home and help all our students improve their understanding of resolving difficult situations.

We believe our students can make a difference themselves when dealing with some difficult situations at school, while allowing them to have the support they may need in others. We explain that it is OK to miss step 1 or 2 if the behaviour is dangerous or serious, but it encourages them to take some ownership of the situation confronting them as well.

Rather than simply going to “tell” the teacher, we encourage children to say:

  • Step 1 – “Please stop doing/saying that. I don’t like it”
  • Step 2 – “I’ve asked you to stop. If you do it again, I will go and talk to a teacher
  • Step 3 – “I am going to talk to a teacher”.

We encourage students to talk to the teachers, rather than “tell”. In doing so, students have the opportunity to retain some of the responsibility for “fixing” the situation. Of course, this skill is a difficult one. So, please discuss this strategy with your children at home and perhaps let them explore this process when you have the chance. If we all develop a similar approach to such situations, I am sure it will pay dividends both at home and at school.

Happy Birthday

To start the new year we wish Ruby Archer and Harry Kauffmann a very happy birthday for their special days this week.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

Term 1 2022
Tuesday 8 FebruaryKindergarten, Year 2 & Year 4 Parent Information sessions
Thursday 10 FebruaryYear 1, Year 3 & Year 5 Parent Information sessions
Tuesday 15 FebruaryYear 3 Excursion to Thalgarrah
Wednesday 16 FebruaryYear 5 Assembly – 2.45 Hoskins Centre
Thursday 17 FebruaryJunior School Swimming Carnival
Monday 21 FebruaryYear 5 to Lake Keepit
Tuesday 22 FebruaryYear 4 to Lake Keepit
Wednesday 23 FebruaryYear 3 to Lake Keepit
Thursday 24 FebruaryYear 2 to Lake Keepit
Friday 25 FebruaryAll return from Lake Keepit

Junior School Sport

Sport Options for new students Kindergarten - Year 5

Years 2- 5 (MIC JS Basketball Mr Ken Secker)

Children learn basketball in a structured, inclusive, and fun environment, developing fitness, skills and an understanding of the sport.

Costs – Registration $100 (new players) $65 (returning)
Termly fees $55
Training: Wednesday afternoons from 3:45pm- 5pm at TAS
Games: Monday afternoons at The Den (Armidale Secondary College) 3:45-4:45pm (Collected at The Den)

A TAS minibus will transport players to the games each Monday. Parents must collect their children from The Den at 4:45pm. There will be NO return bus.

For more information email: jsbasketball@as.edu.au

Indoor Hockey:  Years 2-5

This is a mixed comp with games occurring on Friday afternoons at TAS gym between the hours of 4-6pm. Indoor hockey is available to anyone wishing to participate. It is not necessary to have played outdoor hockey to play indoor game. The pace of the game makes it very attractive and keeps the participants focused the whole game.

Costs – $5 per game.

Training: Monday afternoons from 3:45pm- 5pm

Gymnastics: K-3

Held at the Armidale Gymnasium. Sessions are on Mondays from 3:50 – 4:50pm run by qualified Level 1 coaches provided by Armidale Gymnastics Club.

Children will travel by Bus to and from the gym with staff members supervising all sessions and travel. Children may also be collected at 4:45pm from the gym. However, if not collected by this time, they will be taken back to TAS.

Costs – approximately $190 for the season (Terms 4 and 1, 2022)

Sessions: Monday afternoons from 3:50pm- 4:50pm

Ball Skills: Kindergarten – Year 1

This training session is for K-1 only and will be based around the ball skills required for games such as tennis, cricket, basketball, and netball. Children will participate in the Monday afternoon training session at TAS.

No cost for Ball Skills

Training: Monday afternoons from 3:45pm- 5pm

Tennis:  Years K- 5

Students will participate in tennis coaching by Brandon Burey. Brandon ensures students have an enjoyable experience by offering small group sessions in a positive and fun based environment.

Costs – TBC for Term 1

Training: Monday afternoons from 3:45pm- 4:45pm

Extra Sports which can be arranged separately:


Contact James Harwood at

Martial Arts

Contact Anthony Kelly on 0412 293 974
or email info@anthonykelly.net.au

Dance Club

Contact Colette Brazier on 6775 8371
or email kcbrazier@gmail.com

Sports training
Sports training is to be attended each week. Students must make every effort to attend sport. Students who are unable to attend sport must inform their coach or manager prior to the training session or game. Appointments and leave arrangements should be made outside of training and game times.

Training days: 3:45-4:45pm
Ball Skills – Monday
Gymnastics – Monday
Tennis – Monday
Indoor Hockey – Monday. (Friday games)
Basketball – Wednesday (Monday games)

All games must be attended. If your child is unable to attend a match, due to illness or absence, then the coach must be notified before the date.

Uniform and equipment
Please ensure your child has their full sports uniform for training. Children can wear their sports uniform on the day of sports training only. Ensure all necessary equipment is also brought to school.

Collection after sport
Children may be collected from their sports training at the Chapel Street turning circle.
K-2 collection time – 4:50pm
Years 3-4 at 5pm

New Students
If you would like your child to enrol in a TAS sport, please email Mrs Christine Wright cwright@as.edu.au to discuss options available.


Community Notices