2021 Term 3 Week 3   |   04.08.2021

TAS Talks Term 3 Week 3

01. From the Principal


There are so many wonderful traditions at TAS, one of those being the Year 12 lunches with the Principal, a key marker for the students as they move towards the end of their time at the School. These lunches began last week and I am enjoying hosting the students and Mr Jones in the Lodge. I have particularly appreciated the opportunity to hear the students reflections on their time at TAS and what they are looking forward to after school. This year’s cohort is a diverse and talented group and I have no doubt they will go on to achieve great things.

The Junior School musical is an annual highlight to mark the end of the year. While we are again faced with some uncertainty around performances, we are hopeful and the show must certainly go on. In the absence of indoor singing being allowed at school at present, auditions took place this week in a modified outdoor space for Shrek The Musical Jr.

Our Year 5 students have also been working towards their PYP exhibitions, researching, planning and working with their teachers and mentors on issues that are important to them personally. Students from each group spoke with amazing confidence in both Middle and Senior School assemblies this week, updating the student body about their associated fundraising and collection plans. It is always impressive when students challenge themselves and find the courage to speak in front of large audiences, particularly at such a young age.

Finally, remaining with the theme of challenge and supporting causes close to the heart of our community, I would encourage as many of you as possible to register your interest for the TAS 4 hour which will take place on Saturday 14 August raising funds for ‘Anya’s wish’ and ‘Guns out for Tombsy’. It will be a challenge but is definitely a participation event not a race, so there is a place for everyone.

Dr Rachel Horton

Passing Out Parade - Training Schedule

Passing Out Parade
Friday 3 September 2021

Passing out Parade for all cadets shall be held on Adamsfield on Friday 3 September (Week 7) commencing at 2.00pm. The parade and rehearsal are compulsory activities for all cadets.

Uniform is DPCU Ceremonial – Slouch Hat and Black Belt. Uniforms will be ironed by the school laundry staff and stored at school. Undershirts may be worn, provided they are khaki/olive green in colour or not visible on parade.

POP Rehearsal Schedule is available to view and download using the link below.


Week 3
Wednesday 3 AugustSchool Photos
Friday 6 AugustBrent Sanders (via Zoom)
Week 4
Monday 9 AugustTextiles Major Works Exhibition
Friday 13 AugustPSSA Athletics
Saturday 14 AugustTAS 4 Hour Triple Crown Event4.30-9.30pm


02. From the Deputy Principal


It always surprises me how quickly each term passes and how different each one can be. This one has been particularly ‘new’ with masks being worn inside and the whole community navigating the risks of a more infectious COVID strain than last year. However, in comparison, the vast majority of our students are very lucky with the minimal impact it is having so far. With a few exceptions of some students who have had to isolate, we are here at TAS, playing sport and catching up with friends and have been very fortunate.

It is also the time when many students are turning 16 or 18 which are often considered ‘milestone’ birthdays and they are having parties to celebrate these special moments. I’m sure parents are also celebrating, but some may be doing so with a degree of trepidation. It is with this in mind, that I write to remind parents of the resources available to them for advice regarding hosting parties.

Hosting a party

We live in a society that celebrates and views parties as a cultural ‘rite of passage’ and of course, usually these are rightfully joyful events. However, there are also significant risks attached to parties, which are well known and plans should be made by parents to avoid them.

Research indicates that the consumption of alcohol and peer pressure combine to make decision-making processes for adolescents particularly difficult in the midst of a party. Risky sexual activity, drug-taking, fights, and poor choices relating to driving are common mistakes that are made, often out of character by young people.  The consequences of which can be far-reaching and catastrophic. It is because of these consequences that I ask parents seriously to consider the ‘party scene’. Again, the research suggests that the years of adolescence, especially the 14-16 year age group are especially vulnerable. We want to do all we can to allow the young to grow into adulthood being able to make good decisions.

Top Tips

1. You are the parent. You can say ‘No’
2. You can put in place sensible management of parties and you can have parties without alcohol
3. The party scene is a parent scene, not a School scene. It is the responsibility of parents under the law, which now directs how alcohol can be given to underage people
4. Please work together as parents to ensure that our children do not find themselves in situations that they cannot control
5. Have well-communicated expectations regarding access to vehicles
6. If the party is going to involve boarders, please speak to David Drain well ahead of time regarding how that can be managed at our end.

The following resources may also assist you in navigating this potentially tricky space:

NSW Police


Safe Party
website: http://www.safeparty.com.au/party-safe-checklist/

Liquor and Gaming NSW (the penalties)

At this week’s assembly, I spoke with students in Years 10 to 12 about underage drinking on licensed premises and the ramifications if they are caught with a fake ID in these establishments. The ‘ice has been broken’ regarding this space so now might be a great time to have conversations with your child about these issues.


Mrs Seonia Wark
Deputy Principal

03. From the P&F


P&F Meetings

Thank you to all who attended last week’s P&F meeting either in person or via Zoom.

A special thank you to Dr Horton for attending her first TAS P&F meeting and providing all with an update of school activity. This is a valuable section of each P&F meeting and I encourage more parents to attend for the latest news from the top.

A reminder that meeting agendas and minutes can be found on the TAS Parents Portal at https://publications.as.edu.au/pf/

The next meeting is Wednesday 8 September. Hope you can join us.


TAS Golf Day

Reserve Friday 27 August in your calendar for the TAS Golf Day at the Armidale Golf Club.

See details on the banner below. Come and play or just for lunch. It’s certain to be fun!

A registration site will be live soon for you to book tickets.


Contact the P&F Executive

If you have anything you would like to raise with the P&F Executive, please send us an email at pandf@as.edu.au


Mr Paul Gaddes
P&F President

04. Round Square


Yesterday all Year 8 and 9 students who expressed an interest in participating in a regional conference were sent an email explaining the need to postpone them in light of the current COVID restrictions. We are hoping that Term 4 may see some easing of the restrictions, and those students will be our priority list for when we can start that part of the program back up. We will be looking at the involvement and investment students have in Round Square opportunities, as well as their involvement in TAS leadership and service roles, so we encourage them to get out and be active participants in their community.

The King’s College in New Zealand is hosting a Round Square Zoom Postcard at 5pm on 11 August on the theme of ‘Space or Sea? The Great Debate’ for students aged 16-18. Participants will be asked to imagine a future where the earth can no longer sustain the needs of humanity and consider: “Do we explore deep space or delve down into the depth of the oceans? Where would you choose to live and why?” In advance of the call, students are asked to find out if their country has any projects relating to space or deep ocean exploration, and come to the call ready to share. If you are interested in being part of our delegation please email Mr O’Connell TODAY.

Registration is now open for the next RS Virtual Conference, which is brought to us by The Doon School in India, on the theme of ‘Democracy: Fuelling Future Development’. The three-hour conference is for students aged 15-17 and will take place on Tuesday 26 August from 9:30pm to 12:30pm. Alongside icebreakers and fun activities, delegates will hear from a keynote speaker and break into Baraza groups to discuss the importance of democracy in a dynamic real-world society. For their pre-conference task, delegates will be asked to complete a survey on the themes that will be addressed during the conference, and results will be shared as part of the conference program. Registered schools will also be invited to prepare and submit a short video (3 to 4 min) showcasing some cultural activities of their area or school. A compilation of these shall be broadcast via a Youtube premiere after the conference. If you are interested in being part of our delegation please email Mr O’Connell by Tuesday 10 August.

Mr Andrew O’Connell
Round Square Representative

05. Academic

Mr Alasdair Hey

Science Week 14-22 August 2021

With Science Week rapidly approaching, I’d like to let the school community know about a number of activities that we are undertaking in science classes. This year’s theme is Food: Different by Design, to illuminate the role of science in sustaining, not just Australia’s, but the world’s food security.

Science Week falls in week 5 of the TAS calendar and here are some of our Science Week activities.



YearUnit: Inquiry questionNational Science Week Context
Year 6Light: What colour light do plants use for photosynthesis?Efficient plant cultivation in greenhouses can be a 24-hour operation. Design an efficient LED lighting system for a greenhouse.
Year 7Force: How much force is required to mash a potato?We use many simple machines in the kitchen to crush, open and grind. Measure and compare the force required to mash a cooked and uncooked potato.
Year 8Life Underwater: How do we minimise the impact of plastic waste in the oceans?We have seen reported the ‘Great Pacific Plastic Patch’; a raft of plastic waste in the ocean. Manufacture and test a sustainable, biodegradable plastic.
Year 9Future of Food Elective: How do we manufacture cheese and how are the properties of the modified food different to the ingredients?Cheese is an example of modified food. Learn about cheese manufacture and explore cooking as an example of food modification.
Year 10Evolution: What is the science behind selective evolution in the livestock industry?Methods of animal husbandry have changed enormously over human history and have varied between cultures. Students compare ancient and modern methods of livestock selection practices and assess whether this is an example of evolution.
Year 11Senior Biology – peer teaching of year 4 students: What is animal migration?Historical food sources have not always been farmed using the methods we take for granted today. With changing seasons, nomadic humans once followed migrating animal herds to maintain their source of food.
Year 11Senior Chemistry: Chemical Analysis: Was Popeye on the right track? Just how much iron is in spinach?Colorimetry is used by food chemists to analyse the mineral content of food. In this experiment, we analyse the iron content in vegetables.


Science quiz for parents

White light contains all colours of the spectrum. If a plant leaf is green, what can you infer about the colours that it uses or does not use? What colour would a green leaf appear under blue light?









Reminder to Year 7 students

Earlier in the year, parents would have seen the Microbit listed on one of the compulsory stationery items. After delays, the supply has now arrived on Australian shores and the TAS uniform shop has secured enough for our students.

Would parents please ensure that their child has their Microbit with them for all STEM classes by the end of week 5.




Mr Alasdair Hey
Science Coordinator

Year 6 Japanese class – Tatami Design

After studying a Unit of Work on Japanese Houses, the Year 6 students learnt about Tatami design and items found in a Japanese house. For the last lesson of the unit, the students created their own design for the Tatami floor in the Japanese room. For those that don’t know, Tatami is made from rice straw and we are lucky to have twelve mats in the Japanese room. As can be seen in the pictures below, the students had to lift every tatami mat off the raised floor and place the mats in the new design. I believe they have created a better design for the students studying in the Japanese room.


Mr Allan Moore
Languages Coordinator

Year 7 Art

This gorgeous cushion was made by Isabella Henderson in Year 7. She executed the design in Visual Arts using BATIK which is an Indonesian art form using wax resist on fabric, then painting the fabric with dye. Isabella took her Batik home last term and made it into this delightful cushion cover!


Mrs Fiona Xeros
Senior Art Teacher

06. Leadership, Service and Adventure

Surf Lifesaving Activities Day - Friday 13 August 2021









8:45am            Introduction, explanation of day’s activities (PE classrooms)

9:00am            First Aid

11:00am          Morning Tea

11:30am          Resuscitation and Scenarios

1:00pm            Lunch

2:00pm            Swim session

3:30pm            Finish


NB:   Students are to be dressed in their full TAS PE uniform and bring their TAS swimmers, goggles, towel, and laptop, so as to access the SLS online portal.



Morning Tea                TAS Sports Centre

Lunches                        TAS Dining Hall



Mr J Pennington (0419 250 984), Mrs G Chick, Mrs D Tutt, Mr C Cook


07. From the Director of Co-curricular


Term 3 Winter Training Schedule

The Olympics is a wonderful celebration of sportsmanship, diversity, comradery, and athletic ability. Pierre De Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics, highlights the importance of competition and as you read his quote think about the underlying messages and apply them to all that you do.


By all means, celebrate the wins and enjoy the triumphs but more importantly, take part, embrace the struggles, and give it everything you have.

Please find attached the Term 3 Winter Training Schedule. Students are reminded that if you are unable to attend a training session or game due to illness or a significant appointment or commitment, you must communicate this to your coach/manager, prior to the session.

Winter Training Schedule Term 3 2021

Congratulations to Aiden Tighe who has made it into the NSW North-West U14s tennis team to compete in the Northern NSW Champion of Champions tournament that will be held in Inverell on 21 and 22 August.


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-curricular



TAS Triple Crown - The next challenge!

As many of you are aware, the City2Surf is not only the most prominent event of the TAS Triple Crown, it is also a significant fundraiser within our community. Given the current COVID climate, the City2Surf is unlikely to go ahead in 2021. As a result, the ‘TAS 4hr’ will be held on Saturday 14 August at TAS. I am grateful to Dr Horton for her wonderful support of this event.

Once again we will run for the ‘Guns out for Tombsy’ Foundation, in recognition of TAS OA (1985) and former Wallaby Richard Tombs who suffered a serious spinal injury and is still going through rehabilitation. We will also run for the late Anya Zuber (big sister of Alexander, current Year 11) and the late Peta Kerr (little sister of Lettie, current Year 11). The charity is ‘Anya’s Wish’ (funding research into children’s cancer) and I cannot think of anything more appropriate than supporting those in our immediate community.

I encourage every student, parent, staff member, Old Armidalian and TAS friend to join in for what will be a memorable Saturday evening, challenging yourself whilst supporting a most important cause.

We are grateful that the current NSW COVID guidelines allow for this to proceed as a community participation event (at the time of publication).

You can register on the TAS 4 Hour webpage, where you will also find a link to Frequently Asked Questions (also included on this page) for the event. If there is anything else you wish to know, please email me at jpenning@as.edu.au.

Expressions of Interest close on Friday 6 August.

Mr Jim Pennington

Frequently asked Questions


Given the current COVID climate, the City2Surf is unlikely to go ahead in 2021. As well as the signature event for the Triple Crown, the City2Surf is a major fundraiser for charities supported by the TAS community. This alone highlights the important role played by such events, an opportunity we do not wish to lose.

Which Charities are being supported?

As in 2019, TAS will again run for the ‘Guns out for Tombsy’, Foundation in recognition of TAS OA (1985) Richard Tombs who suffered a serious spinal injury and is still going through rehabilitation. We will also run for the late Anya Zuber (big sister of Alexander, current Year 11) and the late Peta Kerr (little sister of Lettie, current Year 11). The charity is ‘Anya’s Wish’ (funding research into children’s cancer) and I cannot think of anything more appropriate than supporting those in our immediate community. I am grateful for the courage demonstrated by Lettie and Alexander in Assembly this week, launching the ‘TAS 4hr’. They are amazing young people.

How will it work?

  • 4:40pm                        Students/Staff/Parents meet in the TAS Gym.
  • 4:50pm                        Welcome to the event by Dr Rachel Horton (Principal)
  • 5:00pm                        5.9km, 13 laps, lane 8
  • 6:00pm                        5.2km, 12 laps, lane 6
  • 7:00pm                        4.1km, 10 laps, lane 3
  • 8:00pm                        4km, 10 laps, lane 1

Why is it 19.2km?

One of the charity’s we are supporting is ‘Anya’s Wish’. Anya Zuber was only 19 years old when she passed away, hence the “19 for 19”.

Where are we running?

The event is being held at TAS, on Wakefield Oval (see attached map).

Is it a race?

No, its always about the “journey”. However, you must complete the entire 19km in order to qualify for the Triple Crown.

Do I have to run the whole way?

No, you can run, walk, old man jog, whatever you like. You must though, finished the program distance within the hour.

What about Junior School?

Yes, we want you! Junior School students will participate for the first two hours. For those in Years 3-5, this event will go towards your Compass Award for 2021.

What about Parents and TAS Community Members?

YESSSSSSS, everyone is both welcome and encouraged to join in.

I really want to join in, but 19km is too far for me!

 Not a challenge! We have another category, the ‘Legendary Supporter’, who will walk exactly half the distance for each hour. It’s about raising funds for ‘Anya’s Wish’ and ‘Guns out for Tombsy’.

  • 5:00pm                        3.2km, 6 laps, lane 8
  • 6:00pm                        2.6km, 6 laps, lane 6
  • 7:00pm                        2.1km, 5 laps, lane 3
  • 8:00pm                        2km, 5 laps, lane 1 

How will you measure each person’s distance?

We will create a team on Strava, which will track every participant (there will be no hiding!)

As the event is at night, how will I see where I going?

Wakefield Oval will be completely floodlit, ensuring everyone’s safety throughout the evening.

What about medical support?

TAS staff are trained in first aid and the school nurse will be in attendance during the run.

I’m going to get very hungry travelling 19km, what about FOOD?

Dinner will be available from 5:30-7pm for all participants, (Not the common BBQ sausages

and steaks). There will be snacks and water/Powerade stations as well.

What about a singlet?

Yes, there are event singlets for every participant. 


There are female and male toilets/change rooms in the TAS gym.

What about COVID?

We will be following the NSW Health Department Guidelines on COVID, with the mandatory check-in, social distancing and the wearing of masks when appropriate.

What is the cost?

The cost will be $85, which includes dinner, snacks


Register Now

08. From the Head of Middle School


COVID Challenge

I Swear…

I only did that to get your attention – now I’ll finish the sentence:…to make students realise that actual swearing is cheap, too easy to do and amazingly lazy when communicating. The people in Middle School are wonderful to work with, sometimes up to some creative and adolescent mischief, often enjoying themselves, always ready for a chat and, to be honest, I’m lucky that they’re around. However, when they think we’re not, some of them swear and they can do it with consummate ease, too. Left ‘uninterrupted’, this issue could fast become a problem and I want to avoid the problem. This issue of indiscriminate swearing has been spoken about in Homeroom groups. Effectively, students been told in no uncertain terms that it’s not all right to swear, even (and especially) when their excuse for having done so is “I wouldn’t have done if I’d known you (being code for adult) were around”. As well you know, it’s an old, very adolescent, tale that when you’re no longer a teenager, decrepitude insidiously sets in and in no time at all, hearing loss is just one of the many manifestations of this state of ‘being’. Not so. No disrespect intended, but if your children come home or back to the boarding house incensed that s/he’s going to be detained for swearing, I not only want your support of the detention but also your endorsement of the action. Normally I dislike detentions, but if they’re the only sanctions that make young people think before swearing, then I’ll activate them. Unless you can arrive at a more appropriate sanction and can tell me about it, I have no choice here but to start giving them.


Laptops (again)

They’re expensive, they’re amazing and they’re omniscient: laptops. Well-used they’re wonderful, accurate, time saving and, generally, reliable. Students need to be encouraged to take great care of them and to use them sensibly. I’m pleased to report that staff have commented on the effects of our general talk to the students about their responsible use. These comments are encouraging. But our people are young and they will, I suspect, need regular reminders about such use and I thank you in anticipation of your support on the home front. The staff have spoken to again by several others about ways in which we can assist students and their families with laptops, and I can confirm that it is our intention to provide you with information that enables all of us to synchronize our collective efforts. Given the opportunity and appropriate advice I believe Middle School will use these devices more responsibly in future.


Now the ‘good oil’

Every cloud has its silver lining: we just need to find it in this COVID-conscious world. For example, we’ve been fortunate to have another Middle School Assembly in Hoskins; images below attest to this fact. It was good, too. This behind scenes ‘work’ that we as adults (both here and at home) do is so valuable: students, during these early adolescent years, need opportunity to address areas of uncertainty about their capacity to perform publicly. In short, they need to have the opportunity to challenge and extend themselves. Our assemblies and more informal Town Meetings provide the kind of forum we need regarding public speaking and performance. I think I spoke for five minutes – Middle and Junior School young people spoke for the other forty-five. This week’s assembly featured PYP and MYP presentations about fund raisers and projects. The Year 5 students did their sub-school proud. Ably assisted and encouraged by Mrs Grania Fawcett, the students spoke about their PYP projects. A group of our own presented their work on fundraising initiative for Anya’s Wish. We had another Visual Arts presentation – Ms Fiona Xeros is a ‘gift’ for us – her assistance to our people was magnificent. Ms Leanne Roobol happily ‘provided’ performers who treated us to talented presentations. Introduced by Mr Huon Barrett, we had a volley of co-curricular and MYP Awards, as well. Our student representatives effectively ran the whole ‘show’, ably featuring the talents of their peers. You’ll note in the photos that we’re continuing to wear masks and I’m pleased to acknowledge that our people are conscious of expectations, respectful of requirements and, in their inimitable fashion, happy to oblige us. Overall, therefore, we continue calmly and respectfully in relation to one another.


Mr Mark Harrison
Head of Middle School


IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

As many of you are aware, we in Middle School have an award system based around the IB learner profile. The learner profile are the attributes and dispositions that we want our students to have. A student who displays all of these traits is a well-rounded learner, who is prepared and ready for the world. 

At the end of the year, there will be 10 overall winners for the Middle School Learner Profile awards, one for each of the learner profile attributes.


This weeks award winners:

Term 3, Week 3

  • Mohammed Almokhtar – Inquier award and Principled award
  • Saleh Alrdadi – Risk taker award
  • Jemima Atkin – Principled award
  • Ted Chick – Reflective award
  • Thomas Crowley – Open Minded award
  • Cormac Downes – Thinker award
  • Mila Downes – Communicator award
  • Lily Grieve – Thinker award
  • Miller Harwood – Balanced award
  • Isabella Henderson – Reflective award
  • Emma Henry – Knowledgeable award
  • Marshall Kellet – Knowledgeable award
  • Kate Leitch – Principled award
  • Ashlee Morgan – Inquirer award
  • Hamish Pengilley – Knowledgeable award
  • Annabelle Pennington – Principled award
  • Marcus Rob – Caring award 
  • Halina Saunders – Communicator award
  • Oliver Saunders – Inquirer award
  • Luke Schmude – Principled award
  • Claudia Sykes – Open Minded award
  • Beatrice Thibault – Knowledgeable award


Mrs Rachel Piddington
MYP Coordinator

09. From the Head of Junior School


PYP Exhibition

Yesterday, in separate Middle and Senior School assemblies, Year 5 students presented their projects and fundraising initiatives to senior students and staff. As challenging as this may have been in itself, they did themselves proud by communicating their fundraising ideas clearly and confidently. With the assistance from the Middle and Senior School SRC’s they have asked for the following information to be publicised.


Priorities for Minorities – (Harriet Coupland, Mila Wright, Libby Ditchfield and Zana Ross) Project: World Vision Education program for girls.

Hot chocolates for $3 and Raffle tickets for $2 or 3 for $5 for Chocolate Hamper

  • 8.20 – 8.40 am on Tuesday 10 August, Wednesday 11 August and Thursday 12 August.
  • TAS Junior School Undercover Area

Per Historia Migration – (Lucas van der Werf, Elsie Teng and Kevin Tighe) Project: UNICEF Afghanistan

Pitch-and-toss game – 50c for 1 & $1 for two tosses chocolate.

  • Correctly answer a question about history or war
  • Toss a coin onto a chocolate bar of your choice
  • Jellybean alternatives available
  • Recess & lunchtimes on 10 – 13 August

#animalmigration4thenation – (Lucy Taylor, Arthur White, Oliver Robb, Jack Maitz and Sophie Brett) Project: WIRES

  • Donations of blankets, towels, possum cages, pillowcases woollen pouches, gauges, tape, Elastoplast, old Large cages, top opening pet carriers, puppy training pads, puppy play pens, rolls of shade cloth at 50%, 80% and 90% knitted 100% wool pouches & 100% cotton liners, 100% cotton flat sheets and 100% cotton pillowcases, towels (they particularly want white towels but any towels will do), plastic tubs with lids, ceramic or metal food bowls
  • All donations to Junior School Reception between 9 – 13 August


The Shock Squad – (Archie Tonkin, Xavier Stephen, Jack Wood and Cameron Carruthers)

Project: CWA NSW – aiding those affected by natural disasters.

  • Civvies Day – Natural disaster theme civvies e.g. red (fire), blue (tsunami and flood), brown (earthquake), orange (volcano).
  • gold coin donation to support people who have been affected by natural disasters.
  • Friday 13 August (Senior School and Middle School will be involved in the fundraiser at a later date)


E.A.R.S (Employment, Aged Migration, Refugees, Scholarship) – (Izzie Glover, Minnie Chick, Rhidima Das and Edwina Newton) Project: Rotary Club.

Armidale Rotary Club

  • 2nd handbook Donations.
  • all kinds of second-hand books
  • 9 – 13 August
  • All donations to Junior School Reception

Junior School Musical – Shrek The Musical Jnr!!

With the auditions now completed, staff will soon be announcing the successful leads in the End of Year Junior School Production. With the ongoing impact of COVID, necessary adjustments may need to be made to our plans at any time. So, please be aware that we will do what we can to achieve the best possible outcome for this production for both our students and the School.

Winter Uniform

Please ensure that your children’s clothing is fully named. We have a growing amount of lost property at the moment, and we would like to keep this to a minimum. Also, we are asking everyone to ensure that the whole uniform (correct jacket, school ties, neck ribbons and hats etc) is brought to school and worn correctly.


School Spirits

Congratulations to the following students that received School Spirit Awards last week:

Fatima Alkadi, James Gillman, Rayyan Shahid, Kieran Ahern, Hasadi Kodagoda Arachchige, Xavier Nozad Kahriz, Mehleen Sandhu, Grace Crowley, Kenan Al Naji, Rupert Newton, Baxter Carruthers, Daniel Bayne, Levi Watts, Macey Rodgers, Oliver Rogers, George Drain, Lucy Taylor, Xavier Stephen and Izzie Glover.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Harriet Coupland, Layla Abu Assab, Liam Hoad and Daniel Ivannikov.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

Week 3


Wednesday 4 August

Kindergarten Assembly – Hoskins Centre 2.45pm (closed to parents)

Winter School Photos – Formal Uniform


Week 4
Wednesday 11 AugustYear 4 Assembly – Hoskins Centre 2.45pm (closed to parents)
Friday 13 AugustActivities Day
PSSA Athletics
Week 5
Wednesday 18 AugustYear 1 Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm (streamed to parents)

Junior School Sport

Winter Sports

Congratulations to all teams on a great start to Term 3. It is wonderful to see good sportsmanship during our games and teammates working together. Don’t forget to listen carefully to your coach and a ‘thank you’ at the end of the game is very much appreciated.

Rory Secker makes his way up the field before scoring in the match against Demon Knights.

PSSA Athletics

Please note: The Armidale Zone Athletics planned for this Friday 6 August has been postponed until Friday 13 August due to wet weather and grounds being closed.

Our PSSA Athletics carnival is next Friday. This is a very long carnival commencing at 8:30am and finishing at 3pm. If your child is only in one early event, we will endeavour to have our TAS minibus collect some children by lunchtime. Please come along to support your child if you are able, however, COVID restrictions apply and you will be required to ‘check in’ at the venue, Harris Park.



The TAS Mighty Ducks v United

This mighty team turns up each week with a passion to grow in skill and commitment to give their all. We have a small team that is regularly playing against a full team that often has subs. So, our little players have to work extra hard each week on the field.  This team is made up of a few experienced players and a number of new players in the game.

Although we were beaten by this team, we had one goal from Levi Watts in the first half. Harry Fawcett and Daniel Bayne were great fullbacks with Harry being the predominant sweeper.  Humjot Sandhu and Lachie Wood were our wings with George Drain being the centre forward.

We would like to thank Clancy Munsie who came to help our team near the end of the second half of the game.


Mrs Lana Hawksford




The TAS Triceratops, playing at their preferred time of 9am, were keen to get their season back on track on Saturday against the North Armidale Red Pandas. The favourable weather conditions, for an early winter Saturday morning, was greeted with much enthusiasm by the players who were active in their warm-up and eager to start the game with their typical up-tempo pace. The Red Pandas gave nothing away in their relaxed warm-up leading to the consensus by the playing group, in the team huddle before kick-off, to focus on ball control and long-range kicks on the unusually hard surface. Once the game was underway both teams worked hard for ascendency with the Triceratops players settling into their customary positional play of James Gillman at the back, Lachie McDowell roving, Daisy Hamond on the ball, Elara Polson on the edges and Wilbur Drain picking opportune moments to inject himself. The speed of play and warm conditions had the Triceratops on the back foot leading into half-time with the break allowing the players to rehydrate and re-access the game plan.

Early in the second half, the Red Pandas gained the ascendency with their sublime support play allowing them to score some quick goals. To their credit, the Triceratops found another level and finished the game strongly with a number of quick goals in the last five minutes of play. The final five minutes of the second half was the best football the team has played all year and gives them much confidence for this weekend’s tough away fixture against Guyra.


Mr David Drain








IB Primary Years Programme (PYP)

Year 4 Happenings

Transdisciplinary Theme: How We Express Ourselves

Central Idea: People use The Arts to express themselves

Year 4 have embraced their new unit of inquiry with great enthusiasm and have all embraced the transdisciplinary learning experiences that this unit of inquiry allows for.

Transdisciplinary Learning Experiences

Area of LearningLearning Experience
EnglishThinking Imaginatively, Creatively and Interpretively

Reading, unpacking and composing rhyming couplets,  sonnets, limericks and free verse.

Exploration of figurative language.


Reading the novel ‘Matilda’ and unpacking the language techniques used by Roald Dahl.

Exploring the impact the illustration have on an audience.


MathematicsPatterns and Algebra


Number patterns

Artworks made with a compass


Visual and Creative ArtsExpressing themselves using various mediums

Exploration of artists throughout history

Drama: role plays and mime


Geography‘Potato Olympics’

Use creative arts to decorate a ‘Potato Olympian’

Research a country participating in the Olympic Games and explore the currency, vegetation, flag, climate etc




Mrs Veronica Waters
IB PYP Coordinator

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