2019 Term 4 Week 5   |   13.11.2019

TAS Talks Term 4 Week 5

01. From the Acting Headmaster


An individual vote of thanks to all those people from the TAS community who assisted with the events of last week would fill this entire issue of TAS Talks so for fear of leaving anyone out I offer my deepest gratitude to all of you who were involved.

It is my great hope this week that all have emerged from the current bush fire threat safely and while that threat remains on the Tablelands we are wishing you all the very best as you face the very real concerns that have to be dealt with on a personal level.

It was an absolute pleasure to welcome the 125 Trekkers upon their return to TAS after lunch on Tuesday. I can only commend all of the students, staff and parents who completed the journey in very trying conditions. It was an event that would have been very dear to Murray Guest’s heart and I am pleased that the decision was made to forge ahead. Very special thanks go to Jim Pennington who was the driving force behind the whole project. The group who participated were involved in something very special indeed and when they have time to reflect on their efforts they can justifiably proud of this achievement.


Another example of the opportunities available to our students was the Art/Sound presentation last night from our Year 11 Creative Arts students. There is some real talent emerging from this group and I look forward to viewing and listening to their major works for the HSC next year. As a side note four of these students had just returned from Trek 125.

As stated above we are in the midst of an unprecedented bush fire season and there has been much discussion here with regard to Activities Week and any adjustments that need to made in our planning for each of the groups who may be out in the field. At the forefront of our thinking is the safety and well-being of students and staff and some decisions have already been made. Year 6 and Year 7 will stay at school. Year 11 RFS and Year 11 Surf Lifesaving may be able to complete their qualifications. Following fires going through the area surrounding Nymboida there will be a modified camp for Cadets if a suitable location can be determined and we are constantly monitoring the changing conditions.

Our core values within the school are embedded in the simple principle of respect and consideration for the individual and this respect can be one of mankind’s most noble sentiments. Please keep Joanne, Annelise and Harry Guest in your thoughts and prayers and my heartfelt thanks once again for your very special support for TAS during the last two weeks.


Alan Jones
Acting Headmaster

Notice Board

Message to the TAS Community from the Guest Family

As a family, we would like to whole-heartedly thank the loving TAS community for their incredible support and prayers after the tragic passing of our dearest Murray. We have been so moved by the cards, flowers, and donations to the Murray Guest Scholarship that are a testament to your generosity and compassion. We would also like to thank everyone who was able to be with us at the Memorial Service on Friday to remember and celebrate Murray’s life. As Murray would always say, this community is truly special.

Yours sincerely,
Joanne, Annelise and Harry

Murray Guest Memorial Service

For those who missed seeing the livestream of the Memorial Service for Murray Guest, the service itself and the hour-long slideshow which preceded it were recorded and can still be viewed via the same link. The link can be found below or via the TAS Facebook page. (The Memorial Service itself starts at the 58 minute mark.)
This is a public link so please feel free to forward it to anyone who may be interested.

Daily Absence

If your child is to be absent from school for any reason outside application for exemption requirements, including arriving late or leaving early, please advise the appropriate Administration Assistant (see below), explaining the reason for absence by phone, email, or write a note before 10.00 am that day. In addition, a written note confirming the circumstances of the absence is required within seven days.

Sickness in excess of four school days requires a doctor’s certificate detailing the nature of sickness and duration of sickness.

Junior School: Phone 6776 5817 or by email

Middle School: Phone 6776 5819 or by email

Senior School: Phone 6776 5800 or by email

More information about absentees and extended leave can be found using the link provided.


Exemption from Attendance

A reminder that a parent or guardian must apply for an exemption from school attendance if they wish to take their child out of school temporarily by completing an Application for Exemption from Attendance form (see link below).

Students must attend school regularly until an exemption has been approved.

Exemption from attendance at school is often sought because of:

  • Elite Arts or Elite Sporting Events (CIS, NCIS etc.)

  • Family travel or holidays

  • Medical or health appointments

  • Employment

  • Disability or behaviour problems requiring part time exemption from school

  • Other circumstances that warrant an exemption eg. Work Experience, Political Rally, etc.

Casual Boarding

Casual boarding can be for a single night or several weeks. It is proving to be increasingly popular. The cost of casual boarding is $75 per night inclusive of linen, dinner and breakfast.

Space is limited and may not always be available at the times required. Please assist us by providing as much notice period as you can and complete an online casual boarding application by using the link below or if any queries, please contact TAS Reception on (02) 6776 5800.

Medical Centre

Year 7 vaccinations were scheduled to happen this Thursday 7 November. This has now been rescheduled to next Thursday 14 November. Thank you for your understanding.

Sister Jenny Murray

02. Calendar of Events

Week 5
Friday 15 NovemberYear 10 Dinner – The Stro  from 7 pm
Staff Drinks with Year 10 at Booloominbah from 5.30 – 6 pm
Saturday 16 NovemberMann River white water practice
Sunday 17 NovemberMann River white water practice
Week 6
Monday 18 NovemberASC Gala Debating Day (Years 7-8)
Tuesday 19 NovemberASC Gala Debating Day (Years 9-10)
Wednesday 20 NovemberYear 6, 2020 Orientation

Transition to Year 5, 2020 Orientation

P&F Meeting (7 pm)


Thursday 21 NovemberFirst Aid Course – Year 10

Twilight Concert ( Memorial Hall) 6pm

Friday 22 NovemberYear 5 Valedictory Dinner ( Hoskins Centre)

03. From the Chaplain


Word Watch, Romans 5:6-8

When considering new words in the Dictionary, traditionalists may lament the likes of text-speak into mainstream lists, but Susan Butler of the Macquarie Dictionary says these people misunderstand the purpose of a dictionary. First, she says, “it is a reference tool to help us spell and understand the meaning of words. Its other function is to be a true record of a language in the society as it is used.” (Source SMH)

She goes on to say, ”The main test is currency – have people actually offered this word to each other and been understood, and expected to be understood?”

David Astle, a crossword compiler for the Herald believes there are loose rules governing which words catch on. ”Either there is a genuine gap the word fills, or there’s a charm or (dare I quote him) a sexiness to the word that we want to retain,” for example he believes ”de-friend” is here to stay. Although it describes a distinct act in cyberspace, it also has the capacity to be generalised into non-Facebook contexts.

If words are a record of our times what does this word say about us? Sure, it suggests that we use social media, and talk about such concepts. However, I think it says more. In our increasingly individualistic and self-centered society, we are prepared to treat so called friends as commodities – happy to consume them one day and discard them the next. Based on performance ratings set by us. I don’t know what may make one de-friend another, but I would say if they’re doing or saying antisocial things that you want to distance yourself from, you no longer want to be associated with them, fair enough.

Thankfully, God isn’t fair. God does not give us what we deserve, he does not simply de-friend us when we behave in a way that is unattractive, even wrong, in fact it is in these very moments, that he gives us chance after chance. He does this through the death of Jesus, he died for those who had de-friended him, in order that they may become his friends again.

What a better place it would be if we understood this better, accepted his offer of friendship, and then were characterised by this grace, not as those who are so quick to cut friends loose.


Rev Richard Newton

04. From the P&F


Thank you for your help

The P&F Executive would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all the help we received from you all to make Mr Murray Guest’s Memorial Service so special.  The baking, help and general goodwill was wonderful and enabled us to put together a huge event at very short notice.  We have an amazing community here at TAS and it was an honour to say ‘Vale Murray Guest’ in the true TAS style.

If you baked for the service please collect your containers from Main School Reception (Big School) as soon as possible.  If we knew you were a Junior School family your container may be in Junior School Reception.  If you can’t find it there, please check main Reception. If the containers are not collected by the end of Speech Day (Thursday 5 December) they will be disposed of.

Also our thanks to everyone who made a meal or two for the TAS staff.  We have received heartfelt feedback from staff about how grateful they have been for these and how yummy they have been too!



Just a reminder that TAS Fest has been cancelled.  However, the films are still going ahead.  Our thanks to everyone that took the time to make a film. Submissions of films closed on Monday and we will be announcing the winners shortly.



The drought and fires are making gardening difficult but we will be having a Drought Sale of the few plants that have managed to survive until now on the morning of Saturday 16 November at the TAS greenhouses from 9-12.  The greenhouses are just to the left in the Chapel Street Carpark.

Payment will be cash or internet banking (no Eftpos).  Roses are $10 and all other plants will be between $2 and $5. Whatever plants not sold will be turned into compost so please come along and make an offer.  Information on available plants will be posted on our Facebook page.



Our famous P&F Christmas Puddings are now available for sale.  Puddings are $25 each and can be paid for on TryBooking.com https://www.trybooking.com/BGIVL

Puddings can be collected from TAS Main Reception once they have been ordered.  We will also have a few for sale at the Plant Drought Sale on the 16th.  Depending on sales we may also have a few available at Speech Day.



Our final P&F meeting for the year will be on Wednesday 20 November at 7pm in the Lower Maxwell Room.  All are welcome and we would love for you to come along for a drink so that we can wish you an early Merry Christmas and thank you in person for all the amazing help you have provided throughout this difficult year.


Mrs Rachael Nicoll


05. Round Square


In the next few days we will be opening up Expressions of Interest for two amazing Round Square conferences in 2020 and some initial information can be found below.

Reverence for the past, aspirations for the future: CheongShim International Academy, South Korea

Thursday 5 March 2020 – Monday 16 March 2020
Open to students aged 13 to 15

Delegates are going to be consumed in Korean culture – both the old and the new. From experiencing the splendour of Seoul’s ancient palaces, to submerging themselves in the world cultural phenomenon of K-Pop, delegates will be able to reflect on rapid social changes and how such changes apply and are manifested in their own countries. Delegates will also be able to experience the realities of being in the world’s only divided country, up close and personal! Delegates will travel to the DMZ – the border dividing the two Koreas – and will have the opportunity to gaze into the world’s most secretive state: North Korea. This experience will set the stage for delegates’ participation in our famous Model United Nations, in which they will each represent a state and try their hands at diplomacy and the exercise of democracy. We sincerely believe that this conference is the opportunity of a lifetime for all delegates, and that it will imbue them with a sense of ‘Reverence for the Past’ and ‘Aspirations for the Future’.


Sustainable Siam – Sustainability & Equity: Prem Tinsulanonda International School, Thailand

Tuesday 21 April 2020 – Thursday 30 April 2020
Open to students aged 10 to 12

Taking action for a sustainable future: Chiang Mai offers a unique natural environment surrounded by the beauty of mountains and forests, it is a place where new and old Thailand meet. Students are invited to take part in a variety of sustainability discussions, activities and service. Prem is a school that values sustainability and is working hard to build a culture of sustainability amongst our students. Onsite there is a sustainable farm, and many outdoor sporting and recreational facilities. In the local area there are also have many organisations that are also working toward sustainable futures for the community. Conference organisers hope to arm students with the ability to take on new challenges, to take action on sustainability issues whilst meeting students from across the globe. There will have lots of fun led by Prem’s own students, you will visit an elephant sanctuary, create natural products on the school’s farm, work with a hill tribe village and visit a forest and help restore it. As well we will have valuable discussions on sustainable action, service and see some live examples of these here at Prem.

Mr Andrew O’Connell
Round Square Representative

06. From the Director of Studies


HSC Exams 

HSC Exams concluded on Monday. We would like to wish all Year 12 students all the best in their chosen pathway and wish them well for life beyond TAS. HSC results will be released to students on 17 December 2019.


Year 11 Reports

Year 11 reports are in the process of being compiled and published for parents and carers. We anticipate that these reports will be posted from the School next week and start arriving with families from the end of next week. Thank you for your patience.


Stage 5, 2020 and Year 11, 2020 Subject Choices

Thanks to all who have submitted their subject choices online over the past few weeks. We will begin working on these in the coming weeks and students will be notified of their subject choices prior to the return of school next year. Again, thank you for your patience as the timetabling and class lists for 2020 are organised.


Library tutoring

Library tutoring will continue for the remainder of this week and next week. A friendly reminder of what is available can be found below. Please also note some changed library opening times that commence from this Friday.
Remainder of this Week
Wednesday 13 November – tutoring available for Middle School students from 4-5pm. No tutoring evening of 13th November.
Thursday 14 November – English tutoring available from 7-9pm.
Friday 15 November- Library closes at 3:30pm.
Week 6 Library arrangements:
The library will open from 8:30am.
Monday/Wednesday afternoon – tutoring still available for Middle School 4-5pm.
Monday/Tuesday evening – Science/Maths tutoring available 7-9pm.
Wednesday/Thursday evening – Maths tutoring available 7-9pm.
Thursday evening – English tutoring 7-9pm.
Friday 22nd November – Library closes at 3:30pm
There will be no extended day hours operating during Activities Week (25-29 November) or during the final week of term. The library hours during this time will be from 8:30am – 3:30pm and no tutoring will be operating during this time.


Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies



For the remainder of this term, Year 9/10 Advanced music are studying the association between art and music. Art and music have a long history of being mutually influential. French composers, Debussy and Ravel were heavily influenced by the impressionist movement of art and Satie, by early modernism. Year 9/10 Advanced Music are going to explore the influence of art on music first hand. Today we visited the Hinton Collection of the New England Regional Gallery where students chose a single work of art in order to prepare a presentation with accompanying music. Extension students have also been encouraged to compose a piece of music inspired by their chosen work of art.
Exploring the role of music in its wider social, geographical and historical context is one of the great ways to extend the study of music outside the classroom.


Dr Inga Brasche

07. Leadership, Service and Adventure


Annual Camp represents the culmination of the year’s Cadet training, and was planned to be conducted over the period 23-29 November at Nymboida. At this stage due to the devastating fires that have impacted the small community of Nymboida and other parts of the region, plans are continually being reassessed. Annual Camp as it was planned and published in TAS Talks last week will now be substantially different as a result.

Further information will be communicated to staff and parents as soon as possible to allow planning and logistics to take place, ensuring the safety and welfare of students and staff is of the highest priority.

Major (AAC) Angus Murray
Commanding Officer TASCU


TREK 125

A report on Trek 125 and selection of photos will be in next week’s TAS Talks.

08. From the Director of Co-curricular


The TAS Spirit Endures

House Captains are in the midst of planning their Cash Cup performances to be presented on Tuesday 3 December. There are 3 elements that will be judged:

  1. A short Film – Theme: the number ‘125’. These have already been submitted and will all be screened on the day
  2. A WHOLE house musical performance, including singing, instrumental performance and dance Theme: “FAITH, HOPE, LOVE”. These will be rehearsed over Weeks 5 and 6 and will be performed on the day. Rehearsals commenced in Advisor time today and will continue with an extended lunch practice tomorrow.
  3. An impromptu Drama Performance that involves at least ONE person from each year group. The House will be responsible for creating the performance on the day, as well as all the set, costumes and props.

This is an opportunity to feast on the creative talents within the school, to work together as a team and to have FUN! I wish all Houses the best in their preparations.


State Selection

Congratulations to Tom Ball and Lennox Neilson (Year 7) who joined an elite but growing number of TAS hockey players to be selected into NSW state hockey teams. Tom and Lennox have been selected in the U13 NSW Stars and U13 NSW Lions indoor hockey teams respectively after outstanding performances at the recent U13 NSW State indoor hockey championships in Orange. Tom, Lennox and Miller Harwood (Year 6) were part of the HNE team that came third in division 1 in what was an outstanding result for a young team.

Tom and Lennox will now represent NSW at the Australian U13 Indoor hockey championships in Wollongong from 18-21 January 2020.

This is a reflection of the strong commitment of TAS hockey players and the TAS hockey community. My thanks go to the Hockey coaches and committee who are continually developing the program to provide such opportunities.

Tom Ball and Lennox Neilson

Back to Backfield

The 2020 Rugby Draw has now been published and players and parents will be pleased to hear that five of the seven GPS games will be held on Backfield. This along with our involvement in the local competition will significantly reduce the amount of travel required next season. It will also provide opportunities for boys to play a combination of Football, Hockey and Rugby.


Mr Will Caldwell
Director of Co-curricular


18-19 AprilHolidaysTASRC
26 April (Sunday)HolidaysAmbrose Treacy College (Opens Only)
Trial Games 
2 MayTerm 2, Week 1TBC
9 MayTerm 2, Week 2TBC
16 MayTerm 2, Week 3Kinross
GPS Games  
23 MayTerm 2, Week 4TAS v Shore
30 MayTerm 2, Week 5TAS v Riverview
13 JuneTerm 2, Week 7Scots v TAS
20 JuneTerm 2, Week 4TAS v SBHS
25 JulyTerm 3, Week 1TAS v Grammar
1 AugustTerm 3, Week 2TAS v Kings
8 AugustTerm 3, Week 3Joeys v TAS

Debating news

The Armidale School’s run in the National Virtual Debating competition came to an end in Week 2 with the Year 9/10 team succumbing to Canberra Girls Grammar in round 8.

It was the second time the two teams had met this year; on the first occasion, TAS successfully defeated last year’s champions in round 3, forcing them into the bottom draw of this double-elimination competition. TAS would soon join them in the bottom draw in round 4 at the hands of Essington International School Darwin, but stayed alive in the competition with subsequent wins against St John’s Lutheran College Kingaroy, Mamre Anglican School Sydney and St Luke’s Bundaberg.

The do or die clash would determine who would go into the major semi-final and sadly, this time the CGGS team were too good against TAS in manner and method (though not necessarily matter) on the topic ‘That governments should install more cameras to monitor public spaces’. It was a really topical issue with Hudson McAllister, Will Jubb joined by first time TAS virtual debaters Alexander Gibson and Georgia Donoghue in an interesting and engaging debate. Well done to this debate’s team, and Hugo Catterall, Frank Perrottet and Henry Moore, who between them kept TAS well-placed in this lengthy national competition, only two wins shy of a grand final berth.

Will Jubb, Georgia Donoghue, Alex Gibson and Hudson McAllister represented TAS in round 8 of the National Virtual Debating competition

It’s not the end of the season for TAS debaters however, with the school to field teams in a gala day being hosted by Armidale Secondary College next week, and NEGS to host the final round of Tri-Schools.

Meanwhile, Lucy Ball and Jack Nivison represented TAS magnificently last week at the public speaking component of the Armidale Dumaresq Lions Youth of the Year competition. The seven contestants were given two impromptu topics (‘Age before beauty’ and ‘Which world leader, past or present, would you like to spend 30 minutes with and why?’) and also presented a five minute prepared speech. Lucy tackled the dearth of constructive engagement with the drought, while Jack reflected on the power of fiction to portray a diversity of truths. It was a close competition with judges taking more than half an hour to come to a decision. While neither Lucy or Jack will go on to the next level, their engaging, intelligent and confident deliveries were a great credit to themselves and their school.


Mr Tim Hughes
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator

Lucy Ball and Jack Nivison

09. From the Creative Arts Coordinator


Good news for our HSC Creative Arts students has continued until the very end – yesterday we were notified that HSC Drama student Stu Kang is being considered for OnSCREEN, a showcase of the best Individual Project film submissions. This is on top of the other nominations the class received earlier in the year (unfortunately no selections this time around) and a great piece of news for a student who has been accepted into Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, Canada for 2020.

Last night the Year 11 Music 1, Music 2 and Visual Arts students put on the much-loved ArtSound exhibition, a showcase that has become a highlight of our academic program. It was another incredible display of the breadth and depth of the artistic talent we enjoy at the school and it was so engaging to hear the students speak with authority about the works they have created and composed. ArtSound is also excellent preparation for those about to commence the HSC courses and I thank Mrs Baumgartner, Ms Roobol and Ms Xeros for all their hard work supporting the students. The art exhibition will remain in the foyer for the next couple of weeks and I encourage you all to stop by and enjoy the many pieces on display.

Perhaps inspired by the work of the Year 11’s, the Stage 5 Advanced Music class have also been studying the association between art and music. Yesterday they visited the Hinton Collection of the New England Regional Gallery, with students selecting a single work of art in order to prepare a presentation with accompanying music and extension students encouraged to also develop a composition. Art and music have a long history of being mutually influential – French composers Debussy and Ravel were heavily influenced by the impressionist movement of art, and Satie by early modernism – and it will be great for that class to discover such an influence first hand.

The Junior School Musical Madagascar is already filling the Hoskins Centre with colour and energy during rehearsals and there is still a little bit of time before performances in Week 7. Tickets are now selling quickly, even with the additional performance this year, so make sure you jump onto the TAS or Hoskins Centre websites to avoid missing out.

Finally, thanks to all the students who submitted their TAS Fest films this week. We will be showcasing all the works online and that page will go live in the next day or two so make sure you look for the email. We are going to keep the Cash Cup House films a secret until Week 8 but there will still be some amazing Junior School and Middle School films to be enjoyed.

Mr Andrew O’Connell
Creative Arts Coordinator

10. From the Acting Head of Middle School


Middle School initiative for Week 5 & 6

In this current climate we have seen some terrible bushfire damage occurring in our wider community and the Middle School would like to assist in a practical and meaningful way those affected by the fires. Mr Angus Murray, our Commanding Officer of Cadets here at TAS, is collecting and delivering jerry cans to the Nymboida community to allow the residents who have lost their property, and in many cases rainwater tanks, to access fresh water during this time of distress and difficulty. As such, the Middle School is purchasing some large jerry cans to be delivered as part of this initiative. Year 6 student Ty Schalk-O’Brien is spearheading Middle School’s contribution to this initiative and asks that Year 6-8 students donate a gold coin to this worthy cause. Thank you to Ty for suggesting such a practical measure, how wonderful to see him acting with such integrity and generosity of spirit. Please give your donation to Ty over the next week.


Congratulations goes to Tom Ball and Lennox Neilson for their selection in the U13 NSW Squad for Indoor Hockey; it is great to see their hard work and talent rewarded in this sport. Well done to you both!

I would also like to thank Gus Seville for his part in our Remembrance Day ceremony on Monday. Gus played the bagpipes with precision and pride as the TAS community met to acknowledge those lost in the wars.

2020 Middle School Leadership

This term sees a re-working of our existing MS Leadership structure; an exciting and welcome change that will see opportunities for our young people to lead and serve by learning important interpersonal and communication skills.

This week the Middle School students will receive information about each of the leadership roles, including role descriptions, and we will be discussing this to allow for an informed and democratic system of election for the Middle School Head Boy and Head Girl roles, and a nomination system for the Academic, Creative Arts, Service and Sport leadership positions. I look forward to moving through this important process with the Middle School and encourage Year 7 students to consider these roles and the opportunities that they will provide. Year 6-8 will be involved in the nomination and voting process.

Have a great week and please let me know if you need anything. You can contact me through Mrs Robyn Frost on 6776 5819 or via email at middle@as.edu.au.


Mrs Gill Downes
Acting Head of Middle School



11. From the Acting Head of Junior School


Madagascar – Working Bee

My thanks to all who were able to attend the working bee last Sunday. A huge amount was achieved through a massive group effort, working on costumes, set and props. With only a few weeks away, rehearsals are in full swing and we are all looking forward to the production in a few weeks’ time.

Internationalism Activities

Last Thursday, Junior School was lucky to be able to host a number of visitors from the University of New England to immerse our students in a number of cultural activities. Students participated in dance, craft and cooking activities and gained an increased understanding of a variety of cultures. Students were involved in cultural activities from Saudi Arabia, France, India, China, Japan and Vietnam. My thanks go to Alexandra Cook from the University of New England International department for their generosity and organisation of these activities.

Speech Day

Please make a note of the new time for our Junior School Speech Day next term. Last term Mr Lloyd introduced our Guest Speaker and presenter Tanya Ha, an award-winning environmental campaigner, television presenter, author, science journalist, speaker and sustainable living advocate.  There is plenty of more information at <https://tanyaha.com/home/about/> and I am sure the occasion will be enjoyable for all. Please lookout for a separate invitation to this event in the coming weeks.


Junior School – Start and Finish Times

A reminder that supervision does not commence in the Junior School until 8:15 am and students are not to be at school prior to this unless they are participating in a morning club. Additionally, please ensure that collection arrangements are known by the school. Students are not to be left unsupervised after school as our playground is not supervised at this time.


Happy Birthday

Wishing Mitchell Evans, our only Birthday student this week, the very best for his upcoming birthday.


Mr Luke Polson
Acting Head of Middle School

Junior School Upcoming Events

Week 5
Wednesday 13 NovemberNo Assembly
Week 6
Wednesday 20 NovemberFinal Assembly – Year 3, 4 & 5 from 2.00pm. Transition, K, 1 & 2 from 2.45pm
Orientation Day
Friday 22 NovemberYear 5 Dinner – Hoskins Centre
Week 7
Wednesday 27 NovemberNo Assembly

Madagascar Jnr Matinee (1.30pm)

Thursday 28  NovemberMadagascar Jnr Matinee (1.30pm)
Friday 29 NovemberMadagascar Jnr (6.00pm)
Saturday 30 NovemberMadagascar Jnr (6.00pm)
Week 8
Wednesday 4 DecemberJunior School Speech Day (9am)

Morning Tea ( Junior School undercover area

IB Primary Years Programme

IB Learner Profile

“The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded young people, who recognise their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful word.” (IBO 2017)


Thursday afternoon saw all Junior School students participate in a wide range of activities, which centred around the theme of internationalism. We were very fortunate to have a range of guests from the UNE who shared their culture with us. The table below outlines the countries that were represented and the activities that students engaged in.

Saudi ArabiaPresentation on the country and Arabic writing
FranceCrepe making/decorating and presentation on the country
IndiaCultural introduction and a practical lesson on Indian Dance
JapanPresentation about food, culture and origami construction
VietnamWhole school involvement in Bamboo Stick Dancing


Special thanks to Mrs O’Connor and  Alexandra Cook who coordinated this very special afternoon to acknowledge and celebrate cultural diversity.


Mrs Veronica Waters
Primary Years Coordinator

Junior School Sports


This week continued to show huge improvements from all of our basketball players. The students were lucky enough to have a coach from Armidale Basketball club join our training session on Wednesday. He focused on shooting and including all team mates. Their hard work paid off on Monday with all teams scoring a lot of goals. Chelsea showed a huge improvement in catching the ball and dribbling down the court. Marcus’ defence practice was evident getting him lots of intercepts from the other team! Jack utilised his team mates well helping him score three baskets. It is wonderful to see many of our basketballers getting in some extra shooting practice at lunch times. Keep up the great work!


Mis Alice Woodhill


Indoor Hockey TAS Hurricanes (Year 2 and 3)

(Reports from Week 1 and 2 of Competition)

On Friday, the TAS Hurricanes played their first game against Ben Venue. We won the game 4-0 and played really well as a team. I would like to congratulate the Year 2 players, Layla and Sahib who had never played a game before but did really well. I was excited to score a goal. I think the team needs to work on not bunching up to get the ball. Thank you to Lachie, our fabulous coach, for supporting us.

Minnie Chick (Year 3)


Indoor Hockey TAS Tornados (Year 4)

On Friday afternoon the Tornados played a game against the NEGS Under 11 team. We played well as a team remembering not to bunch up and we also set up the goals really well. Well done to Sam Ford who was able to score most of our six goals with the support of the entire team. At training we focussed on defence and building up our stick skills. I can’t wait for this Friday’s game and want to thank Miles, our coach, for his support.

Chloe Dennison (Year 4)


Gymnastics – Week 3

All gymnastics students were once again fully engaged in an action-packed training session. The warm-up was great fun with a game of  ‘Captains and Convicts’ involving all participants in some fun stretches.

The students then rotated through the following four activities:

Activity 1- Swing- front support and swings on bars.

Activity 2- Ribbon statics, which was a bit tricky. However, there was plenty of focus and application of motor skills.

Activity 3: Spring and Land- springboard work and partner springing.

Activity 4: Cartwheels. Mrs O was so impressed with the skill displayed by all students and they have been encouraged to practice these skills this week.

The session finished with a group of very happy students completing a circuit and a cool down focussed on fundamental movement skills.

Please remember the following ‘pick up’ options available to you: Gymnastics Centre 4.40 pm, Junior School undercover area 4.50pm and TAS Chapel Street turning circle 4.55 pm.

Mrs Veronica Waters and Mrs Victoria Perrin-Baker


Gymnastics – Week 5

Mr O’Hara was a ‘special guest star’ for the warm-up activity of Shark at Junior School Gymnastics this week, and the students thoroughly enjoyed the dodging and swerving that this activity necessitated!

The small group activities were

  • handstands with Mrs O’Hara
  • forward rolls with Bianca
  • swinging on the high bar with Hunter
  • locomotion activity with hoops, led by Mrs Piper and Madame Perrin

The students were then rewarded for their excellent behaviour with the opportunity to jump into the foam pit for the first time this Term, which they embraced with enthusiasm during the final rotation activity, along with more forward rolls, bar work and bunny hops.

The key focus skill at the end of the session was skipping, both with a rope/hoop, and locomotion skipping. Students are encouraged to keep practising these skills at school and at home.

It is a pleasure to observe the students’ increasing focus and confidence demonstrated during the various activities week by week.


Mrs Victoria Perrin-Baker


Community Notices