2019 Term 3 Week 9   |   18.09.2019

TAS Talks Term 3 Week 9

01. From the Headmaster


Cadet Celebrations

Passing Out Parade last Friday afternoon was, once again, an impressive event and the privilege of having Senator Marise Payne, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women, as our reviewing officer and special guest made it a special event for the School. The Minister, who has of course attended many military parades in her former position as Minister for Defence, commented more than once on the high quality of our parade and I offer congratulations to our Cadet Commander Major Angus Murray, Sergeant Simon Ball and SUO Jack Waters on bringing it together so well. The parade was followed by the annual Cadet Dining-In Night at which the final awards were presented in formal military style, celebrating what have been some impressive efforts through the year, particularly for our senior cadets.
In addition to attending our parade and the dinner, the Minister spent an hour with a room full of inquisitive senior students who asked questions ranging from the experience of being a minister in cabinet to the impact of China’s commercial interests on Australia’s sovereign power. Her generosity and openness in answering every question fully and frankly was hugely appreciated by the group and a special experience for them and I pass on our collective thanks to her.

Weekend Activities

Last weekend the diversity of TAS life was on show as the school schedule rolled from the Passing Out Parade and dinner into grand finals for hockey and football and further end of season celebrations, with the tunes of the Deke Sharon workshops ringing out in Hoskins right through to Sunday evening.
On average, there is as much chance of losing a grand final as winning it and the spoils last weekend were shared around. Special congratulations are due to the 13s boys’ hockey team, the First XI girls’ hockey team and the 14A football team on their premiership wins, but all who reach a grand final have had great success in their season and are to be applauded.

The hype that preceded the Deke Sharon A Cappella weekend was clearly well deserved as the concert on Sunday evening that showcased some of the pieces created was really quite stunning. It was a lesson in what can happen when great talent comes together under inspiring leadership and I know that we have many young singers here who have been revitalised and reinvigorated by their experience. I offer congratulations to our Music and Development Office staff for putting so much into the creation of this event and thanks, especially, to Dr Brasche for her initiative in putting the invitation out to Deke Sharon to extend his Australian visit to include Armidale and TAS.

Equestrian Honours

Congratulations to Year 10 student Bronte Dagg on her selection to captain the NSW Show Horse Team that will compete at the Australian Interschool Championships in Sydney later this month. To be selected for leadership at state level is a significant honour and whilst Bronte has competed at this level previously, the captaincy carries with it considerable responsibility and I am sure that all at TAS will join me in wishing her every success.


As our Year 12 students look ahead to their final week of school and the HSC exams that are looming, Year 11 are sitting their Preliminary HSC end of course exams this week. This is the first taste of the HSC experience for Year 11 as they are examined on the full year of work across all their chosen subjects and it will give them a good indication of where they sit in their academic preparations for their final school year. I wish them well for those exams of course, but also encourage them with the knowledge that the lessons learned from these exams, particularly in terms of what worked well and what did not in their preparation, are the real fruits of the exercise. These results will not impact ATARs and future opportunities directly, but if interpreted well and the lessons from them digested, they will inform the coming year and be of real value.


Murray Guest


02. Calendar of Events

Week 9
Wednesday 18 SeptemberInter-House Touch Football
Thursday 19 SeptemberICAS Maths Competition

HSC English Study Camp

Friday 20 SeptemberPrefect’s Assembly
Saturday 21 SeptemberGPS Athletics (Homebush)
Week 10
Wednesday 25 SeptemberYear 12 Day Students to coast and return
Year 12 Day House Dinner – Wicklow Hotel (6.30pm)
Year 12 Boarders to the coast
Thursday 26 SeptemberYear 12 Boarders return from coast

Light Lunch on Chapel Lawn for Year 12 and Parents (12.30pm)

Year 12 Final Assembly

Year 12 Boarding House Dinners

Classes conclude

Friday 27 SeptemberBoarders buses depart
Year 12 Valedictory Service in Memorial Hall (10.30am)
Year 12 Valedictory Lunch – Dining Hall (11.30am)

Notice Board

Motor Vehicle and Driving Regulations

Students and parents are reminded that no L or P plater drivers (whether they be students at TAS or another school) are permitted to drive a vehicle into the school grounds at any time, including the beginning and end of term when boarders are departing/arriving at school. This is outlined in the School Rules and Regulations that can be found on the website, in both the Parents and Students Portals.

Other driving regulations are outlined below. Thank you for your support.

A day student may drive to school provided he/she and their parents have provided the ‘Permission to Drive to School’ form in duplicate, available from Reception or the school website. Students are to park in Douglas St or Mann St only. The vehicle is not to be used between the commencement of the school day and 3.30 pm (unless permission has been sought for Late Arrival/Early Leave in the case of Year 12 students). The vehicle is not to be brought on to school property.
Students are forbidden to drive other students in their cars without the written permission of parents of the passenger, which should then be submitted to the Deputy Headmaster.

Boarders are not to have the use of a motor vehicle in Armidale unless parents have presented a case for good cause and the Deputy Head of House has approved. A separate Boarders Drivers form is available from Reception and the website.

No L or P plater drivers of any age are permitted to drive a vehicle into the school grounds at any time.

03. From the P&F


125th Birthday - Saturday 16 November

TAS is turning 125 this year and School, supported by the P&F, are looking at celebrating this with ‘TAS Fest’ – Celebrating TAS’ 125th Anniversary with an evening of music, food, short films and fireworks.

The night will be a celebration rather than a fundraiser and will be open to all the TAS Community – past parents, students, Old Armidalians, current parents and staff – also anyone else with an attachment to TAS (past, present or future) will be welcome too.

The night will run from about 5 to 10pm on Adamsfield.  We will have:

  • Casual music performances by TAS students
  • A Junior School Disco in Memorial Hall
  • Yummy Food and drinks stalls
  • ‘TAS Fest’ films screening on a giant screen – large cash prizes for the best films
  • Fabulous fireworks

The aim is for people to have a lovely evening sitting on Adamsfield listening to music, watching short films, having dinner, eating popcorn and slurping on an ice-cream whilst catching up with friends. We will then finish the night with a fireworks display to ‘light the candles’ for the birthday celebration.

More details of the film entry requirements are available.

To help make the night great we will be seeking helpers, including people who hold their RSA to serve drinks – if you’d like to help for even an hour or two please send an email to pandf@as.edu.au


Brandy wanted for Christmas Puddings

The famous TAS P&F Christmas Pudding bake is coming up and prior to that we need heaps and heaps of brandy to soak the fruit in – this is what gives the puddings that spectacular taste!!  If you can donate a bottle of brandy please either drop it in at Main Reception or contact Pudding Co-ordinator Heather Williams on hwilliams@tmsmp.com.au

Pudding baking will be at the start of Term 4 on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October. It’s a fun morning each day.  If you would like to help please contact Heather – all helpers must we covered in shoes and have their hair tied back.


TAS Fest Planning Meeting Tonight

Our next planning meeting is on tonight Wednesday 18 September at 7pm in the Archdall Room in the main School building.  Everyone is welcome and we would love to see you there.


Mrs Rachael Nicoll
P&F President


04. From the Chaplain


On this Day - Philippians 3

The Proclamation Declaring the Establishment of the Commonwealth was a royal proclamation made by Queen Victoria on 17 September 1900 federating the six separate British colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia under the name of the Commonwealth of Australia.

Within in a year we would no longer ‘belong’ to Britain. Of course, this is a strange concept for original inhabitants of this land, long before this declaration they hadn’t belonged to anyone else.

This place was to be the Commonwealth of Australia, the noun “commonwealth”, meaning “public welfare for general good or advantage”. So, we have enjoyed this place with all it’s wealth, beauty and bounty.

But here’s the thing – we have so enjoyed this place we run the risk of ruining it, we have gorged ourselves on this land’s bounty, we have stripped it’s resources, like wearing your favourite t-shirt until it barely resembles it’s former glory. Yet, there is an even greater threat. That we so enjoy this land, we become so focused on this land, that we forget that there is something greater promised by God in the future. A place that will never fade or be run dry. In the passage the author describes our stomachs as the great threat that might result in us becoming enemies of Christ. In other words, we so enjoy what is right in front of us, it becomes our god, our minds are so set on earthly things, we forget that our true and everlasting home is elsewhere.

You might be a citizen of The Commonwealth of Australia, but if your hope is in Christ your true home is in heaven, you are (present tense) a citizen of heaven, like a ‘gappy’ enjoying the bounty of a year of plenty, yet their home is not here.


Mr Richard Newton

05. From the Director of Studies


Year 12 HSC Exams

Year 12 HSC exams will begin in Week 1 of Term 4 on Thursday 17 November.

At the start of the term in the days prior to the start of the exams and over the period of exams teachers are available to students who need some extra support.

Study Tips from A++ students………   https://www.studiosity.com/blog/how-to-study-a-guide-for-hsc-students

  1. Establish a routine
  2. Create a study environment that fosters productively
  3. Set a timetable
  4. Study smarter – be prepared, don’t cram
  5. Look after yourself – drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods
  6. Reward yourself for studying
  7. Have variety in your study program
  8. Avoid interrupting your concentration
  9. Test yourself and test yourself again on what you have studied
  10. If you need help just ask!!

Please note……..The normal school rules and expectations of senior students do not change during the HSC exams. Behaviour that causes disruption to others will not be tolerated.

* Full school uniform is to be worn to every exam and whenever you are in non-boarding areas of the school during the school day.

Students should arrive at the exam venue at least 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time

Mobile phones and electronic organisers / dictionaries are not allowed in the exam room.

Each student must have his/her own equipment. NO BORROWING from other students will be permitted.  There will be limited spare equipment with supervisors

Students are to use their NESA HSC student number and not their names on all papers.

No student should leave the exam prior to the completion of the exam.

Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies

06. Boarding

Week 7 & 8 in White House

The past two weeks in White House has been busy! The Under 13s rugby boys had their dinner at St Alberts College, UNE. They represented TAS extremely well, and had a great dinner with their coaches including Mr Brauer. It was a great way to wrap up a fantastic season of rugby! As well, on Saturday, the Under 14’s Rugby boys defeated a NIAS squad in Walcha.

Following on from this Saturday 7  September was filled with community service! We had three boys brave the icy wind in the morning to support Sister Murray, MsJulie Crozier and the other RSPCA volunteers to set up and look after the beautiful animals looking for their forever homes. Below the RSPCA boys reflected on their experience.

This Saturday continued to be a fantastic day for the White House boys as they ate ice cream, flew drones and created slime at STEM day along with many other amazing science and technology related activities. However, there were a few boys from White House who went above and beyond by helping out at different stalls supporting their teachers and at the barbeque. This service mindset is amazing to see in boys so young and we hope that they continue to support their community in future!

This past weekend, in addition to our Rugby win, our Under 13s Hockey team and Under 14s Soccer team also won this last Saturday, a fantastic weekend to end the sporting season!

Ms Belinda Macri
House Mother


On the RSPCA day a couple of boys and I went and helped with a couple of jobs like getting water bowls, setting up tables and cages. Then we just had a bit of fun with the animals.

Sam Morris


RSPCA was great to pat all the pups and cats, it would be great for everyone who loves animals. For me it was great to see all the different breeds of cats and dogs, I really enjoyed my time volunteering!

Archibald Pengilley


My favourite part about adopt a pet day were the kittens and puppies, particularly Hank the cat and Gypsy the dog. Please try and adopt a pet from the RSPCA if you can, or donate anything you can to help them out!

Tom Leitch




07. From the Director of Co-curricular


Grand Final Success

Congratulations to our Premiership winning teams. The 13s Boys’ Hockey and 14A Football teams both had decisive victories, whilst the First XI Girls Hockey team made history, being the first TAS girls to win a premiership. The result was convincing, however, most impressive was their composure and teamwork. Not rattled by the significance of the day nor intimated by the experience and skill of their opponents, they stuck to their game plan and won the day. In typical TAS fashion, several of the team members then reappeared to perform three hours later in the Deke Sharon concert. This was another impressive showcase of skills and teamwork. I join many others in acknowledging the efforts of the Music staff and the Development Office for facilitating such an amazing opportunity.
Term 4 Sports
Tomorrow, students will be invited to select second sports. The extras available are:
All years: Swimming, Strength and Conditioning, Dance.
Years 9-11: Volleyball
Years 6-8: Touch Football
All students will meet with the MIC and coaches of their sport during Advisor next week. This is an opportunity to establish expectations and confirm training schedules. Full details will be published in next week’s TAS Talks.


Mr Will Caldwell
Director of Co-curricular


It was grand finals weekend and the TAS U13 Boys hockey coached by Mrs Elaine McKellar were dominant in winning their grand final  5-1. The team comprises a great bunch of young hockey players whom all played well beyond their age to not only shut down their opposition but played with some of the most exceptional unselfish team work I have seen. A fitting end to these boys whom did not lose or
draw a single game all season.
Then on Sunday  our First XI girls team created history, winning their grand final to become the Womens 2nd Division 2019 champions. In a great game they dominated arch rivals Guyra whom have been the Number one team all year. Our team stuck to a great game plan from coach Kim Taylor and won easily 4-0. Well done to all – including captain Emily Hempel who, after leading the girls so well on the pitch, had to leave in the final moments of the game to catch an urgent plane to Melbourne. It was an awesome effort from our Firsts girls and topped off a great weekend of hockey.
Mr Michael Ball

On Saturday morning, the U13s girls team competed in the hockey Grand Final against Harlequins. We all played really well, and it was a tough game, but unfortunately, we lost 2-1. We all worked amazingly as a team, not just on the Grand Final day, but throughout the season. We have grown so much as a team, considering a lot of us haven’t played together before or even played at all, and we have all developed a lot of useful skills since the start of the season. We would like to thank everyone involved, including our coach Mrs Brunsdon and the parents who supported us during games. We would also like to thank Mrs Tania Ball for her commitment to TAS hockey as joint MIC and Mrs Sophie Wright for helping us develop some skills and for giving us tips for our games. Everyone should be proud of their effort and last of all we would like to thank the team for their achievements and commitments to this season of hockey.

Ali Nivison and Tilda Cullen

The hockey season of 2019 was extremely enjoyable as well as challenging for our U13s TAS White team. Our whole season led up to one extremely important game, TAS VS City in the grand final. The score of 5-1 certainly didn’t reflect the match with a fast-paced game and every inch of the turf being used. Our team’s skill level grew with every game and camaraderie demonstrated with the experienced players helping the rest of the team improve their performance. Our coach Mrs McKellar strived to teach us as much as she could, training and wisely guiding us in the best way possible. Our goalie Henry sadly tore ligaments in his knee during Term 3, but James Collum bravely stepped up to the position in goals and did us proud in the final two matches. Overall, it was a great season! Our whole team can’t wait for next winter to bring field hockey with it.


Tom Tizzard, Henry Kirton and Lennox Neilson



Monday saw the final chess event for the 2019 calendar with the Chess first IV playing St Mary’s Gunnedah for a chance at being awarded runner up in the NSW Junior Chess League North West competition. Samuel Coady on Board 1 and Rowan Hey on Board 4 were both victorious and even though that means it was a draw; two boards each, on a count back St Mary’s were awarded the win. This event followed closely on the heels of the Inter School Chess Challenge semi finals which were held last Wednesday at Calrossy Anglican School. Unfortunately TAS did not progress to the finals, but good games were played by all, with Samuel Coady being awarded 4.5/7 points. Congratulations to the Chess team of 2019; Samuel Coady, Henry Moore, Lachlan Hey, Rowan Hey and Stewart Williams who have played well all year.

Ms Catherine Boydell

Samuel Coady and Henry Moore playing St Mary’s Gunnedah

08. From the Creative Arts Coordinator


Congratulations to the HSC Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music students on the completion of their performance examinations. It is an incredibly demanding time for them juggling Trials, other submission subjects and their final study before the end of term (to say nothing of the many co-curicular exams that are ongoing) and so I hope they are all feeling proud of their accomplishments. This brings to an end the most demanding term for all the HSC Creative Arts students and we’ve already received some promising news – one of the Drama Group Performances, Great News (William Forsyth, Milli Krishnan, Harrison Lyons, Erin Page, and Belle Perrottet) and two of the Individual Performances, The Libertine (Michael Harrell) and Bronson (Jesse Streeting), have been nominated for OnSTAGE. This means they are being considered for the top showcase of HSC performances and projects in February next year and we hope this is but the start of the recognition of our dedicated and talented students.

Over the weekend TAS hosted the amazing Deke Sharon A Cappella workshops and concert, with participants of all ages coming from across the state to share in his international wisdom and experience. His high-energy style brought high-energy fun to the room and this was evident at Sunday’s concert, with a fabulous range of pieces and a number of TAS musicians featured with solos. Such an opportunity would not be possible without the commitment and hard work of Dr Inga Brasche, Ms Leanne Roobol and Mrs Bekk Baumgartner – the benefit to students and teachers in the area was immeasurable and they have added so much to our wonderful program. But I must also recognise the outstanding support of the Development Office – Donna Jackson, Cressida Mort and Tim Hughes – who were on hand all weekend making sure the event was seamlessly organised, the participants well-fed and the Hoskins Centre looking its very best.

Yesterday we announced the 2020 TAS Production: The Wizard of Oz. We’ll be putting on the stage musical version of this beloved film classic (which celebrates its 80th birthday this year) and once more will be seeing Middle School and Senior School coming together to create another magical experience. Audition materials will be coming out in the next week so students can prepare for auditions in Week 1, Term 4 and to find out more information about the production have a look at the production’s launch video:


Finally, I draw your attention to the launch of the inaugural ’TAS Fest’, a short film and music festival organised by the P&F and the school for one final celebration of the school’s 125th birthday this year. The theme is ‘125’ – it must appear in your short film somewhere – and they can run up to five minutes in length. Thanks to the generosity of the P&F there are many fabulous prizes:

  • $200 for the winning Junior School film (2 mins max.)
  • $300 for the winning Middle School film (5 mins max.)
  • $300 for the winning Senior School film (5 mins max.)
  • $300 for the winning Day/Boarding House film (5 mins max.)

Entries are due by 1 November (Friday of Week 3 next term) so get to planning now and use the holidays to get filming. And if you feel like getting inspired by another launch video (someone has too much time on their hands) check it out:

From the Music Department

Deke Sharon

It was an honour and a joy to host Deke Sharon for three wonderful days of making music together. Deke’s infectious energy and passion brought out the best in all participants and the calibre and joy of the final concert demonstrated the emotional connection of vocal singing. Deke’s motto of creating harmony through harmony was evident to all and participants, some of whom had travelled inter-state, spoke of feeling like they were in a bubble of positivity here at TAS. Teachers from all over NSW gained so much from the seminar sessions which they will take with them back to their schools, and the masterclass allowed burgeoning groups and onlookers insights into performance techniques, harmonic concepts, and audience connection. The workshop was like a salve for the soul and a respite from the drought and pressures of the world. Such is the power of music. Deke has made many friends in Armidale and said he would love to come back so …  watch this space!

To view the photos of the concert visit the TAS Photo Gallery

Dr Inga Brasche



09. From the Head of Middle School


Winding down

As a general rule the final weeks of term are always a bit difficult: students and staff are tired, assessments fall due, winter sport grinds to an inexorable halt (not a bad thing really, as these people have been ‘on the go’ for two very busy terms now) and the holiday break is in sight, but we’ve still another week and a half to manage before it arrives.

On the whole, Middle School students are still managing their commitments remarkably well. Despite the fact that their ‘pace’ is more measured (though only marginally), they’re still smiling, happily meeting commitments throughout the campus and are generally getting on well with one another – and with us, I’m pleased to add. As indicated, the week before last, I had the pleasure of adjudicating the Middle School Public Speaking Finals: our students acquit themselves well and their speaking skills, across the board, compare favorably with those of their senior school counterparts. Full credit goes to the winner, Jasper O’Neil (for Green House). There are times when choosing a winner is hard because every speaker’s interpretation and presentation of topic deserved recognition last week. Every topic was fully researched and I can say confidently that, for the Middle School at least, there’s real balance over the last three years between style and substance.

Our Year 8 Fiji Service Trip students are still running their stationery collection initiatives, and still squeezing in their characteristic manic pace of fundraising and general activity. These latter activities, by the way, are regular and, again, it’s good to see the year groups interacting in such a healthy manner in terms of their support of one another.

At this week’s Town Meeting I’ve spoken yet again about the wisdom of non-contact games during the lunch breaks. I’ve also reinforced the non-negotiable issue of good manners when interacting with others, regardless of age or position in the wider school. For example, it is an expectation that students be respectful in their interactions with staff and that, as part of this process, that stand when an adult walks into their classrooms.


School day ‘starts’

…at 8:30 actually – so any students who are coming to school before that time needs to report into the Library as it is fully staffed from 7:30am. I thank you in anticipation of your support here – the bottom line is that our students’ whereabouts are known at all times during the school day.




Enrolment Interviews and ‘values’

Thus far, the interview process for our potential 2019 intake continues well. Despite the ongoing ‘famine’ weather forecasts and generally challenging times for so many, TAS continues to be a priority for families. Again, in no small measure I believe this is so because of the efforts of our Enrolments Staff who so conscientiously and successfully advertise the School. My interviews invariably require a ‘Report in; Report out’ regime and this office is a hive of activity – always. Again, in no small measure, it is because of the ‘buddies’ assigned to boys and girls who come to TAS for experience days. These ‘buddies’ are your children and also the Year 6, 7 and 8 teachers who so ably look after ‘experience day visitors’. These teachers have had experience students for over a term now – on an almost daily basis of late, as well. In fact, sometimes we’ve had up to four students on given days. This fact augurs well for the health of the future – it also amply reflects and recommends those resourceful people who are Middle School Homeroom staff. As well you know, our students are normal children and their capacity to ‘get up to mischief’ is a proven one. However, when new students arrive, current ones become very passable and presentable models of probity and concern. Almost without exception, at the enrolment interviews we’ve had over time, mention is made of the generosity of spirit of our current students to those others who present for experience days. Clearly little things like shaking hands (and no, this is not a gender specific greeting and we do encourage all students to shake hands) and introducing themselves to others combine with looking people in the eye and asking how ‘things are going’ are not such ‘little things’ after all. Further, the synergy between the boarding school (grateful thanks must go to Jamie Brauer, Belinda Macri, Bekk Baumgartner and Arlene Fletcher and their respective staff, here) and the academic day area is vital to such success and it is only right that it is mentioned here.


Mr Mark Harrison
Head of Middle School

IB Middle Years Programme

Last week we had our MYP Consultancy visit, which involved an experienced IB educator visiting us from Chadwick International School, South Korea. The visit involved a walk around the school, a look through all of our program documentation, as well as many conversations with staff, students and some parents. This was a very rewarding visit, as it allows us to see how we are going with the program implementation, and set some goals for the next academic year. The visit was very positive, and our visitor was very impressed with what was happening in our classrooms, and the excitement amongst our staff to be teaching the MYP.

One of the special things about the MYP is the way that it contextualises learning for students – it gives meaning and reason to everything our students learn. There are six global contexts that students inquire into over their time at Middle School across the different subject areas. The six global contexts are:

Orientation in Space and Time – What is the meaning of ‘where’ and ‘when’?
Students will explore personal histories; homes and journeys; turning points in humankind; discoveries; explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between, and the interconnectedness of, individuals and civilisations, from personal, local and global perspectives.

Globalisation and Sustainability – How is everything connected?
Students will explore the interconnectedness of human-made systems and communities; the relationship between local and global processes; how local experiences mediate the global; the opportunities and tensions provided by world- interconnectedness; the impact of decision-making on humankind and the environment.

Fairness and Development – What are the consequences of our common humanity?
Students will explore rights and responsibilities; the relationship between communities; sharing finite resources with other people and with other living things; access to equal opportunities; peace and conflict resolution.

Scientific and Technical Innovation – How do we understand the world in which we live?
Students will explore the natural world and its laws; the interaction between people and the natural world; how humans use their understanding of scientific principles; the impact of scientific and technological advances on communities and environments; the impact of environments on human activity; how humans adapt environments to their needs.

Personal and Cultural Expression – What is the nature and purpose of creative expression?
Students will explore the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feelings, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

Identities and Relationships – Who am I? Who are we?
Students will explore identity; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; what it means to be human.


Mrs Rachel Piddington
MYP Coordinator

10. From the Head of Junior School


Mr Lloyd on Long Service Leave - Term 4, 2019

This is to inform you all that I will be taking Long Service Leave for the duration of Term 4, 2019. During this time, Mr Luke Polson will be Acting Head of Junior School and I congratulate him on this appointment. Luke has the wonderful support from all the Junior School team, especially Mrs Christine Wright and Mrs Sandra Lasker and I know that the term will go as planned. Luke and Mrs Gaye Piper will be working together teaching Year 5 to ensure continuity in the classroom. We are very fortunate to be able to call on Gaye, complementing the existing staffing on Year 5 that has worked so well for the students already this year. Both teachers are contactable on their TAS email addresses as well as through Junior School Reception on 67765817. Please contact Luke or me if you would like more information at junior@as.edu.au


Junior School Speech Day 2019 – Wednesday 4 December 2019 at 9.00 am

Last week, I wrote that Junior School Speech Day will see a significant change in timing, being held on Wednesday 4 December, from 9.00 – 10.15 am in the Memorial Hall. This will be followed by morning tea and After School Care will also be available until 5.00 pm for those who require it.

Tanya Ha – A rare breed of Environmentalist

It now gives me great pleasure to announce that our Guest Speaker and presenter will be Tanya Ha. Tanya is an award-winning environmental campaigner, television presenter, author, science journalist, speaker and sustainable living advocate. She is also a media commentator on environmental issues, was a National Tour Ambassador for National Science Week 2009 and was a delegate to the Australia 2020 Summit. She is an environmental, science and health communication specialist. She holds a science degree (Chemistry major), a postgraduate certificate in Scientific and Technical Writing, and a Master of Environment. Tanya is also a popular author. Her books include the best-selling eco-guide book Greeniology and the acclaimed Green Stuff for Kids. In 2010 she won the United Nations Association of Australia Media Award for Environmental Reporting. Warm, engaging and more hip than hippie (so I hear) Tanya is a rare breed of environmentalist – one with a sense of humour. There is plenty more information at https://tanyaha.com/home/about/

We thank her for making the time to be with us and look forward to hearing from her and working with her during various workshops.




Fundraisers – Thailand Service Project and Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Junior School joined with Middle and Senior School today (Wednesday) to support the Service Trip to Thailand. For a number of years now, students give their time and holidays to travel to the McKean Leprosy Rehabilitation Centre and the Agape AIDS Orphanage to serve wherever they can to some of those less fortunate than ourselves. At the same time, it provided a great opportunity to highlight the fantastic fundraising efforts of the Junior School staff, who have been stepping it out during Steptember, raising funds for and awareness of Cerebral Palsy.

You will have received a letter from me on Monday evening, outlining these fundraisers. What I did not mention was the incredible camaraderie that has been displayed by our wonderful, Junior School staff…. As the month heads towards completion, our 20 strong team, ‘Pace Yourself People’ has been stepping out, exchanging selfie’s and generally (with the odd sledge…) encouraging each other to stay motivated throughout the month. I look forward to reporting back next term about our various achievements, and we might even be able to find some appropriate photos as well.


Working Bees – Madagascar Jr

I would like to draw your attention to the two working bees that we will be holding next term to prepare for our musical production, Madagascar Jr. Mrs Leasa Cleaver and her production team has organised for October 27 and 10 November to complete the costumes and props required for our performances. Again this year, we will provide a BBQ for those that can attend from 12.00pm and conclude at 2.00 pm. Please put these dates in your diaries and there will be more details in the near future.


School Spirit Awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving School Spirit Awards at last week’s assembly:

Cooper Lacey, Pip Ogilvie, Evelyn Brownlie, Kaitlyn Baker, Hercules Nedianu, Mila Wright, Arthur White, Libby Ditchfield, Josiah Baumgartner, Ted Chick, Mitchell Evans and Braith Westaway. French award recipients were Maya Slade, Oliver Robb and Ted Chick.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to Lachie Brett who is the only Junior School student celebrating his special day this week.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

Holiday borrowing from the library

The coming holidays are the ideal time for children to catch up on reading.

Please note that children are able to borrow their usual 2 books from the library for the holidays without a permission note but if they would like to borrow 3 to 6 books parents need to sign the permission note that is attached to this newsletter and hand it in to the library or email the library at library@as.edu.au


­­————————-Please return signed note to Library ————————–


Permission to borrow library books during the holidays


I give permission for my child …………………………………………………………………………………..

in Year …………………….. to borrow 3 to 6 books from the TAS library during the holiday period and will return these books in good condition in the first week of Term 4, 2019.

Should the books not be returned, or are returned damaged, I agree to the purchase cost of the replacement books being charged to my child’s school account.



Signed ……………………………………………… Date ……………………..

Junior School Upcoming Events

Week 9
Wednesday 18 SeptemberTransition Student Led Reflection
Thursday 19 SeptemberStudent Led Conferences
Week 10
Wednesday 25 SeptemberYear 3 Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)
Thursday 26 SeptemberClasses Conclude
Term 4 – Week 1
Monday 14 OctoberStaff Day
Tuesday 15 OctoberClasses Resume

IB Primary Years Programme

PYP Year 3

Transdisciplinary Theme: How we express ourselves

Central Idea: Indigenous peoples understanding of the world is heard through art and stories.

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their recent inquiry where they have inquired into the following lines of inquiry:

  • The traditional Aboriginal way of life
  • Different cultures express themselves through the creative arts
  • Ways we respond to and interpret artistic expression

A transdisciplinary Approach

This unit of inquiry certainly encompassed the transdisciplinary nature of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) as individual subjects became tools to explore the concept of how cultures express themselves.

The table below outlines how the individual subjects interwove themselves to provide a balanced approach to teaching, learning and assessment for the students in Year 3.

Mrs Veronica Waters
PYP Coordinator


Music Inquiry into how various cultures use music to communicate
DramaActing out and creating short movies demonstrating how we express ourselves in various situations
English Sharing stories from different cultures and responding to questions
History Inquiry into how British colonisation in Australia impacted the  Aboriginal people
GeographyInquiry into geographical skills such as navigating maps when learning about 4 different cultures Maasai, Native American, Maori and Aboriginal Australians
Personal Development Inquiry into ways to communicate with friends. Earning experiences included exploring put ups and put downs, the importance of tone when speaking
Visual ArtsThe central idea was enhanced through the arts and students explored ways to communicate ideas, feelings and experiences of various cultural groups through the arts.


Year 3 constructed a jigsaw to demonstrate how Indigenous Cultures are connected





Junior School Sport


U12s TAS Blue

What a fabulous end to a fabulous season. TAS Blue were super excited (and just a little bit nervous) as they headed into the GRAND FINAL game at Rologas last Saturday. From the moment the first whistle blew we knew it was going to be a very competitive game. The team focussed hard and did not let up for a single second. The wind was working against us in the first half, but we went into the second half with the score at one all – thanks to an amazing long kick from Angus Tydd. The second half proved to be just as competitive as the first. Unfortunately for us, Armidale City Blue landed a lucky goal bringing the score to 2-1 and from there we were just unable to land that equaliser we were hoping for.

Despite the loss, we were all so happy to have made it to the Grand Final. We want to thank Mr Stephen Thompson and Mrs Kelly Ward, our fabulous coaches for all of their guidance this season, and Mrs Tania Hardin – our number one supporter and team manager. We can’t wait to play again together next year.



The U12 Blues Football team after a happy and very successful season.



Mrs Christine Wright
JS Sports Coordinator

Community Notices