2019 Term 3 Week 5   |   21.08.2019

TAS Talks Term 3 Week 5

01. From the Headmaster


Hockey Honours

Congratulations are due to talented hockey player Rohan Lawrence in Year 10 who recently returned from the All Schools National Titles in Newcastle where he played with the NSW U16s Blues team, training with this elite team for two days before the week long competition of seven games. This representative honour for Rohan runs alongside his training with the Hockey NSW Athlete Acceleration Program and it is clear that he is playing at a very high level that requires an extraordinary level of commitment.


Tezakayama Gakuin Visit

As I write our visitors from Tezakayama Gakuin in Osaka are with our Junior School in the Hoskins Centre getting some first hand experience of Australian reptiles. This is just one of the experiences for our long term friends from Japan who travel to Australia just to see us and share in cultural experiences from damper making and whip cracking to calligraphy and origami and I know that the experience is much anticipated and enjoyed by students and teachers alike from both schools. Whilst learning about other countries and cultures in our technologically enabled age can happen in isolation, there is no substitute for personal contact and the generation of new friendships. This is especially true for those families fortunate enough to have our visitors staying with them and I am sure that experience will last in memories for years. I offer my considerable thanks to the staff from both TEZ and TAS for their commitment to this wonderfully positive relationship.


NCIS Athletics

The reports coming in this morning from the North Coast Independent Schools athletics championships yesterday have been very pleasing to hear. This annual carnival held at the Coffs Harbour International Stadium is a chance for students from right across the school to travel and compete together and yesterday we had students from the infants years to Year 11 cheering one another on, providing that great combination of leadership opportunities for seniors and inspiration for our youngest competitors. The NCIS competition offers valued competition for athletes that stretches our best and allows those still developing to be competitive. I know that there were some excellent individual performances, but perhaps even more pleasing than that has been the reports of the great team spirit and sportsmanship across the TAS team and I offer congratulations to all involved.


National Youth Science Forum

Congratulations are due to Year 11 student Lucy Ball on her selection to attend the National Youth Science Forum at the Australian National University in January. Selection for this prestigious and elite academic opportunity is extremely competitive and that reflects how much it is valued by the most engaged and able young science students in the country. Lucy will spend 12 days in January experiencing what life as a university science student is like as she works with scientists and researchers, attends lectures and contributes to workshops. I have no doubt that this will be an inspirational and memorable experience for Lucy and I wish her well as she prepares for it.


Murray Guest

02. Calendar of Events

Week 5
Wednesday 21 AugustAgQuip
Thursday 22 AugustAgQuip
Week 6
Tuesday 27 AugustNAIDOC Assembly (10.30)

Masterstroke – Hoskins Centre (5.15pm)

Final Note – Hoskins Centre (6.30pm)


Saturday 31 AugustRugby vs Downlands ( Toowoomba)

125 Celebration Event – Brisbane

Musica Viva – Armidale Town Hall (6.30pm)


03. From the P&F


125th Birthday Saturday 16 November – SAVE THE DATE

TAS is turning 125 this year and the P&F is looking at celebrating this with a big event in November.  TAS@Dusk will take a siesta for 2019 and be transformed into a birthday celebration.  At this stage we are thinking convivial company, fabulous food and music, and possibly a film festival – a TAS Birthday Party!

If you would like to help us with the planning please feel free to come along to our weekly meetings.  These will be held each Wednesday evening at 7pm in the Archdall Room (opposite the Dining Hall).  We have one tonight Wednesday 21 August.  Please feel free to join us, all are welcome – food and drink are provided to get the creative juices going.


Brandy wanted for Christmas Puddings

The famous TAS P&F Christmas Pudding bake is coming up and prior to that we need heaps and heaps of brandy to soak the fruit in – this is what gives the puddings that spectacular taste!!  If you can donate a bottle of brandy please either drop it in at Main Reception or contact Pudding Co-ordinator Heather Williams on hwilliams@tmsmp.com.au

Pudding baking will be on Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 October (TBC).


Contacting the P&F

The P&F Executive can be contacted by email on pandf@as.edu.au or I can be contacted by phone on 0418 980 662.


Next P&F Meeting

Our next General Meeting is on Wednesday 11 September 7pm.  Everyone is welcome and we would love to see you there.



Mrs Rachael Nicoll
P&F President


04. From the Chaplain


Amazing Grace - Titus 3: 3-7

I’m sure at some point you have joined in with one of the most well known, most sung and arranged hymns of all time, Amazing Grace. And yet, there is something scandalous in it. When I sing it, I think of African American gospel choirs joining in harmonies and rhythmic arrangements, but that image, and more so, the reality of those choirs singing is indeed scandalous.  For this hymn was written by an ex-slave trader, John Newton after his conversion to Christianity.

On 20 August 1619 the first known African Americans in English North America landed at Point Comfort, Virginia. They were then sold or traded into slavery. This is a sad day in history.

A few years ago, I read Newton’s biography. Here was a man who was lazy, arrogant, insolent. He was ambitious for wealth but by no means was he prepared to work hard for it. Rather he was opportunistic, an unimpressive man.

Let me quote from the text of the biography:

“Where some would take the trouble to walk around a prone slave, John Newton would step on the body with as little regard as he would tread on a clod of earth. He grumbled incessantly about the moaning of the sick and the screams of the tormented.”

This was the life of the man who wrote the hymn we have just sung. Does it make you feel dirty, somehow tainted with the stench that was the slave trade, somehow guilty by association?

We are guilty, and not simply by association, we are guilty, guilty of the same selfishness and blindness that John Newton came to recognise in himself. This is precisely what we sing in this hymn, we sing of grace, we sing of undeserved favour poured out, we sing of guilt dealt with.

When we turn our attention to the passage, we find ourselves in the world of the before and afters. Paul says we were once fools, disobedient, ironically – slaves ourselves.

But, we are saved through God’s mercy, He bought us back, through his death on the cross, this is amazing grace.


Mr Richard Newton

05. From the Director of Studies


Year 8 Parent Teacher Interviews

Year 8 Parent Teacher Interviews are scheduled to be held in Week 7 (5 and 6 September).
Information and the parent webcode will be emailed at the end of this week.
Two Parent Presentations will also be held – one on Thursday evening 5 September beginning 6.15pm and a repeat session on Friday 6 September at 11.45am.
Please indicate to Mrs Vickey O’Brien which session you will be attending – vobrien@as.edu.au

End of Course Year 11 exams

Year 11 exams will be held in Week 9 (16 – 20 September)
Helpful tips/habits for a study and revision plan

  1. Get Organized. Making a plan for what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it will make sure you’re always ahead of the curve – literally.
    Don’t multitask. Studies have shown that multitasking is physically impossible.
  2. Divide it up. Studying isn’t fun to begin with, and forcing yourself through a study marathon will only make it worse. Dividing your work into manageable chunks and rewarding yourself when you finish each chunk will make studying (more) fun.
  3. Sleep. Don’t underestimate the importance of those eight hours of zzz’s every night! Getting a good night’s rest will sharpen your focus and improve your working memory.
  4. Set a schedule. Do you work better right after school or after you’ve eaten dinner? Are you more productive in 90-minute blocks or half-hour spurts? Find a schedule that works for you, and stick to it.
  5. Take notes. Taking notes will not only keep you more engaged during class, but will also help you narrow down what you need to study when exam time rolls around. It’s much easier to reread your notes than to reread your entire textbook!
  6. Study. This one might be obvious, but did you know that there’s a right and a wrong way to study? Review your material several days ahead of time, in small chunks, and in different manners (for example, write flashcards one day and take practice tests the next). In other words, don’t cram.


7. Manage your study space. Find a place that will maximize your productivity. Look for places away from the television and other distractions. Whether it’s your local library or just the desk in your bedroom, set aside a study space that you’ll want to spend time in.

8. Find a study group. Sitting down with a group of people who are learning the same things as you is a great way to go over confusing class material or prepare for a big test. You can quiz each other, reteach material and make sure that everyone is on the same page. After all, teaching someone else is the best way to learn.

9. Ask questions. You’re in school to learn, so don’t be afraid to do just that! Asking for help – from a teacher, a tutor or your friends – is a surefire way to make sure you truly understand the material.Sourced from –https://bit.ly/2HgV860


Stage 6 (Year 11 2020) subject choices

Year 10 students received an email last week from Edval inviting them to submit initial preferences for Year 11 Subjects in 2020. Subjects should be listed in order of preference so that Mrs Wark and Mr Guest are able to determine the best lines for 2020. Whilst you will end up choosing 12 or 13 units for Yr 11 it is important that you include at least eight subjects so that we can take into account some of your reserves when we create the lines. Those looking at the Trade program need to choose their subjects here as if they are not doing the Trade program ensuring that they list their VET subjects in order of preference. Any issue with your access to this form should be directed to Mrs O’Brien. Other questions should go directly to your advisor or via email to Mrs Wark.

Please access the Stage 6 Subject Handbook below:

Stage 6 Handbook

Choices must be submitted online by the end of Week 6 – Friday 30 August.

Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies

Library Tutorials


Year 6-84pm-5pm


4pm – 5pm


Year 9-107pm-9pm

(General assistance)


(General assistance)


(General assistance)

Year 9-127pm-9pm

Maths (All levels)


Maths (All levels)


Year 11-127pm-9pm

(General assistance)


(General assistance)


Year 12 HSC Study Day for English - Week 9

On Thursday 19 September (Week 9) our Year 12 English Advanced and Standard students will be attending the HSC English Study Day run by the Peel Valley English Teachers Association in Tamworth. The day will consist of a series of lectures for each of the Modules studied in the HSC English courses. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to consolidate and build on their knowledge as part of their revision for HSC English. There are some very well known names in the speaker line-up which is wonderful for our students; it will be so beneficial to gain other perspectives into the texts set for study.

Bus travel has been organised for this excursion. Specific times and other details will be emailed to parents and students in the next week.


Writing Competitions

The English Department is always looking for ways to encourage our students to practise their imaginative writing and it is exciting to see that there are currently a number of external writing competitions available to our students.

Both the Writing4Fun and Storyathon competitions are currently open for submissions with some great prizes on offer. Information on the writing requirements and submission details for each of these competitions can be found on your English class CANVAS pages; chat to your teacher about this if you are interested in entering.


Mrs Gill Downes
English Coordinator


06. Leadership, Service and Adventure

07. From the Director of Co-curricular



Congratulations to Piyumi Ekanayake and Sam Jones who have been successful in their nomination to attend an Olympic Change-maker Forum to be held in Sydney in September. This opportunity recognises their influence through demonstrating the Olympic Spirit (friendship, sportsmanship and striving for excellence) both on and off the playing field.


Passing Out Parade Practice

Please note the Rehearsal Schedule for Passing Out Parade in this edition of TAS Talks. These rehearsals will take priority over sports training. This may require teams to renegotiate training times in the short term. If you are unsure please contact your coach or MIC of sport.


Mr Will Caldwell
Director of Co-curricular



On Monday 19 August the TAS senior chess team travelled to Tamworth to play Calrossy Anglican School in the final of the NSW Junior Chess League. While the final score read two boards each, Calrossy were awarded the overall winners having won Boards 1 and 3 to TAS boards 2 and 4. The TAS 2019 senior chess team have played very well during the season and should be very proud of their achievements. Samuel Coady board 1, Henry Moore board 2, Lachlan Hey board 3 and Rowan Hey board 4.

Ms Catherine Boydell


08. From the Creative Arts Coordinator


Next Tuesday evening 27 August keep your diaries free as we have both the HSC Visual Arts and HSC Music showcases in the Hoskins Centre. The Masterstroke exhibition opens at 5:15pm, where the Bodies of Work will be on display in the foyer and the amazing artists will be gathered to talk through the diverse and incredible works and explain their inspirations and artistic endeavours. And then following this we have Final Note at 6:30pm in the theatre, where our students of Music 1, Music 2 and Extension Music will be performing some select pieces to wow audiences and again highlight the fantastic breadth of talent we enjoy at TAS. Both events are free and open to the community so please come along but be prompt – we expect those talented students will attract a very large crowd!


This Saturday and Sunday TAS will host the first Armidale Theatresports Championship. This is an amazing opportunity for local students to learn from talented improvisers from Sydney’s Impro Australia and share their skills in a friendly competition in front of a supportive audience. We are sending three teams of keen actors and the competition begins at 1pm on Sunday in the Hoskins Centre, so everyone is welcome to come along and support their friends. I’d also like to acknowledge the tremendous support of both Armidale ADFAS and the Armidale branch of Rotary for making this experience a reality for the students.
Finally, Musica Viva Armidale and New England Conservatorium will be presenting theatre icon John Bell performing the poetry of John Keats in accompaniment with acclaimed pianist Simon Tedeschi at 7pm 31 August at the Armidale Town Hall. There are still some good seats available and I encourage our keen Music, Drama and English students to take advantage of this rare opportunity (or parents leave the kids at home with a pizza and a movie and enjoy it yourselves!).

Deke Sharon at TAS

Deke Sharon is an American singer, arranger, composer, director, producer and teacher of a cappella music and is one of the leaders and promoters of the contemporary a cappella community and a pioneer of the contemporary a cappella style. He has been referred to as “the father of contemporary a cappella” by Entertainment Weekly. Deke is visiting Australia and will take time out from his busy schedule to visit Armidale……. don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity for music educators and students to work one on one with this extraordinarily talented musician and teacher.

Deke has his a cappella fingers in many pies, arranging music (Broadway’s In Transit), music directing movies (Pitch Perfect 1, 2 & 3), and producing television’s The Sing Off (US, Holland, China, South Africa), music directing BBC’s Pitch Battle, directing professional groups (Vocalosity), performing (TotalVocal at Carnegie Hall), coaching (Lifetime’s Pitch Slapped) producing albums (Straight No Chaser) and events (Camp A Cappella), publishing arrangements with Hal Leonard, while teaching and promoting a cappella worldwide.

09. From the Head of Middle School


Unsung champions

Their special quality is that they don’t consider themselves as anything out of the ordinary; they’re occasionally naughty, often smiling, always helpful. They are Mrs Brunsdon’s ‘charges’ and invariably the ones who host experience day students on a more than regular basis. They do this with equanimity, without significant complaint – in fact, they do it happily. Yesterday our Year 6 group boasted 29 eleven and twelve-year-olds: the classroom buzzed with hive-like efficiency, all the workers smiled and their ‘head bee’ managed with her usual fair firmness. Of course, I interview all prospective students but it would be arrogant to claim that I ‘get’ them into this school. As a general rule the Year 6 students ‘get’ the majority of those to come to the Middle School. This week we reach the mid-term mark, our experience visitors continue and these young people, obviously tired, manage to perform in a way that continues to attract others to their school. I enjoy working with our youngest students: they’re happy to please others, prepared to assist others and invariably make these others want to come to TAS. I know these facts because they’re confirmed in those interviews I have each week.


TAS Talks and other matters

You’ll have noticed that this one is slightly different – with thanks largely due to the contributions of other Middle School staff. I hope you enjoy the difference. It’s a good time to provide greater variety as the term is another especially long one. Again, life is busy, students one the whole are gainfully employed, weather is warm one day and freezing the next (very strange, as a matter of fact) and a good number of you are helping the Junior School TEZ visitors with billet offers and we’re grateful to you for that.


Mr Mark Harrison
Head of Middle School




Middle School Boarding

As Middle School boarding is hitting the halfway point of Term 3, it is great to see the girls enjoying their new residence in Dangar House. The boys have embraced this change by sharing Sunday breakfast with the girls in the new outdoor area built on the eastern side of White House. Having the Middle School boarders reside closer together has helped enhance and grow the identity of Middle School boarding at TAS. By having breakfast last Sunday with the girls and boys, it was an extremely pleasant way to spend Sunday morning. There was a sense of community and pride shown between Dangar and White House which put a smile on everyone’s face who were in attendance.
The last few weeks have also been very busy for all the Middle School boarders. I must take my hat off to all the boarders who have taken part in recent co-curricular activities. TAS sport and the City to Surf absolutely exhausted our boarders to a standstill. Two Sundays ago, boys and girls from Dangar and White House were arriving back to a snowy white Armidale at 10pm after a massive weekend of school service. Some boarders had been away since Friday playing rugby, or others had played sport locally all Saturday, then backed it all up on the Sunday by running 14km from the CBD of Sydney to Bondi. This impressed me greatly as all who took part were happy to be involved and never complained once, while waking up early on Monday morning to attend school. True resilience and selflessness displayed by our Middle School boarders during a very big weekend for TAS.
With the last few weeks being very productive and positive, I’m confident that Middle School boarding will continue to give it their all for the remainder of the term. The immediate future is looking exciting.


Mr Jamie Brauer
Head of White House


Year 6

Year 6 completed their Data unit today with an activity that involved taking Minties and Chews wrappers and trying to make the longest unbroken line of paper. The lengths were measured and recorded and a frequency table was created. We plan to discuss the different lengths and why some students failed to make one length without it breaking. The students had to decide on the scale they would use. Of course, eating the lollies was a bonus! For the record, Austin achieved the longest mintie wrapper length with 108cm and Tempe topped that with a whopping 130cm for her Chews paper!


Mrs Kirsty Brunsdon

10. From the Head of Junior School


Tezukayama visit so far…

When speaking to our host parents, it is wonderful to see what a great success the ongoing exchange with Tezukayama Gakuin Elementary School in Osaka, continues to be. The stories we have heard from the weekend have been brilliant, with all sorts of wonderful and whacky activities successfully completed. It is always heartening to see the cultural divide dissolve when kids get together to have fun. So, Monday and Tuesday were flat out with classroom activities in Junior School and a visit to the Aboriginal Keeping Place for painting, boomerang throwing (sort of) and listening to the didge. Tuesday was off campus with everyone getting to ride horses, make damper and crack a whips (sort of) and visit McCrossin’s Mill and Sunhill Farm to feed the goats….all great fun. We will have a fun day at School on Wednesday with our Final Assembly from 2.00 pm in the Hoskins Centre and the TEZ/TAS Farewell BBQ from 5.00pm to which you are all very warmly welcomed.



Book Parade 

Unfortunately, I was away last week and missed many of the activities, including the BOOKWEEK PARADE!!!!  (and the chance to dress up.) Everyone loves a dress up and our students and staff are no exception! We will gather as many photos as we can and get them to you but it looked like great fun, as was the performance of The Twits.


Jump Rope for Heart

I encourage all families to have a look at the following link with the idea of encouraging our students to get involved in Jump Rope for Heart (https://www.jumprope.org.au/parents). We have a growing number of fundraisers and I congratulate all of them for their efforts.  There are posters around Junior School showing prizes that the kids can win according to the amount of money they raise. PLEASE get involved.



This week we welcome to our staff Ingrid Jansons, on placement for her first practicum in Year 2 and Elizabeth Koobatian, from the USA, another Gappie who will be with Junior School this term.


School Spirit 

Congratulations to the following students for receiving School Spirit Awards at last week’s assembly:

Duncan Klabe, Freddie Post, Eva Cook, Rupert Newton, Casper Cook, Arabella Hodges, Lucas van der Werf, Minnie Chick, MJ Blanch, Cormac Downes, Hussain Majrashi, Will Ogilvie and Blake Whitehill.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Ruben Higgins, Lucas Hu and James Taylor who all celebrate their Birthdays this week.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School 


Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

Please be aware that there are only two more weeks left of the PRC.  I would like all completed reading logs to be handed into the library by Monday 26 August 2019.  This will allow us to enter your books and have your reading logs validated before the cut off date of Friday 30 August.  If you have finished now, please bring your reading log with you to your library lesson and give it to Mrs Allan or myself.

Children are allowed to return and borrow new library books throughout the week before and after school and during lunchtime with their teacher’s permission.

I congratulate the eight students who have completed the challenge for this year already.  There are a number of children very close to finishing, so I encourage you all to keep on reading to achieve your goal.

Happy reading everyone!

Mrs Natalie Ramazani
PRC Co-ordinator



Junior School Upcoming Events

Week 5
Wednesday 21 AugustTEZ Farewell Assembly (All welcome) 2pm Hoskins

TEZ BBQ – JS Undercover area from 5.00pm

Thursday 22 AugustTEZ depart (morning)
Friday 23 AugustJump Rope Off
Week 6
Wednesday 28 AugustTransition Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)
Friday 30 AugustFather’s Day – Sausage Sizzle and lunchtime games (12.25pm)
Week 7
Wednesday 4 SeptemberYear 2 Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)
Saturday 7 SeptemberSTEM Academy Open Day (12.3opm)
Week 8
Tuesday 10 SeptemberYear 5 PYP Exhibition Opening
Wednesday 11 SeptemberYear 5 PYP Exhibition Open for Junior School

Year 5 Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)

Week 9
Wednesday 18 SeptemberTransition Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)
Thursday 19 SeptemberStudent Led Conference

Primary Years Programme

Year 5 Exhibition Inquiry

Year 5 have certainly had a busy start to their term as they are preparing to present their inquiries to the wider school community on Tuesday 10 September, 2019 in the annual Junior School Exhibition.

There may be many in our school community who do not fully understand the thinking behind the exhibition and the table below explores the exhibition through a conceptual framework. It is important to remember that the emphasis is on the process, and all the stages are equally important.

Mrs Veronica Waters
PYP Coordinator



What is the exhibition?

The Year 5 PYP exhibition is a culminating experience where the essential elements of the PYP are synthesised and shared with the whole school community. The exhibition is a collaborative rigorous inquiry that begins from personal interests and expands into a real-life issue or problem.

How does the exhibition work?

The class brainstorm ideas connected to the central idea and come up with big ideas and conceptual questions. All students are then grouped according to big ideas they have an interest in. From this point forward the exhibition is completed in small inquiry groups. Each group is allocated a mentor who works closely with the group to ensure the inquiry is authentic, conceptual and leads to purposeful action.

How is it different from a ‘normal’ unit of inquiry?

The exhibition is completed in small groups and allows all students to demonstrate understandings of the IB learner profile, attitudes, transdisciplinary skills and the key concepts. All groups have a mentor to collaborate with.

Why do groups have different lines of inquiry?

Each group comes up with big ideas connected to the central idea. From these big ideas conceptual questions are written. The members of the group then decided which of the ‘Big Questions’ are keepers. The keeper questions are then written as conceptual lines of inquiry.

This is quite a lengthy process, that requires a great deal of thought and guidance from mentors.


How are different perspectives on the central idea taken into account?

The Exhibition Groups are encouraged to conduct surveys to gain a wide range of views on the topics they are inquiring into. They are required to analyse these to present the differing views held by people.

What is the responsibility of the different stakeholders in the exhibition process?

There are many people involved in the exhibition process and their roles vary.


  • meet regularly with groups
  • work with  groups during all stages of the process
  • regularly discuss progress and work ethic
  • support and encourage
  • communicate regularly with groups and class  teacher


  • regularly discuss progress and work ethic with groups (e.g. groups share  journals with teacher)
  • support and encourage you
ASSESSMENT: Students  will be assessed on how well they have demonstrated their understandings of the central idea, lines of inquiry, IB learner profile, attitudes, approaches to learning, and the key concepts.


Junior School Sport


TAS U12s White

On the weekend, TAS White played in Armidale against South Strikers in the most exciting game we have had this season. It was a cold morning, but the sun was shining, and all players were playing at 100 percent. We started the game and the first goal was scored by Souths. We thought a repeat of our last game where we lost was about to happen again. We were passing the ball to each other a lot better than normal and then we started to score some goals. In the second half we kept trying our best and refused to give up. We ended up winning our first game for the season and everyone was very excited. Well done to the people who scored the goals and to all the team for never giving up.


Sonny Blanch


TAS U12s Blue 

On Saturday, TAS Blue played Armidale City blue in a nail-biting match that had everyone on the side lines on the edge of their seats. It was a very close game with TAS leading 2-1 for the majority of the game. When Armidale City scored a great goal in the last five minutes it evened the score to two all. Well done to Sam Ford and Oli Goudge for scoring the two amazing goals and to all the team players who helped them. Thank you to Mrs Ward for coaching us. Hopefully we can win our next game at Walcha, which may give us a shot at the finals.


Euan Billingsley

TAS U10s

With perfect weather conditions on Saturday the TAS under 10 soccer team put on an electrifying performance on Dangarfield as they played Walcha Strikers. The whole team worked very well together to be at a 4-4 draw at halftime. However, in the second half TAS rose to score six goals and only letting in five which made them get a 10-9 win. Salam did particularly well as a defensive mid field and Hugo Broun being the man of the match having scored five goals by himself.


Kelvin Kamau


TAS Tigers U6s

TAS Tigers impressed on Saturday! It was such a wonderful game to watch as all players were able to dribble the ball and passed effectively allowing game flow. Thomas McKern was a stand out with his strong tackling and had many close attempts at scoring goals. He was rewarded when he scored one in the second half. James Taylor was also impressive and worked solidly to pass the ball and tackle. Congratulations to our three young ladies Neave Drain, Pip Ogilvie and Eloise Leary who have made commendable growth in confidence and passed and tackled so strongly. A great game and congratulations to all players.


Mrs Veronica Waters


Community Notices