2019 Term 2 Week 9   |   26.06.2019

TAS Talks Term 2 Week 9

01. From the Acting Headmaster


Inter-House Debating Finals

This week our inter-house debating for 2018 concludes with finals for both the Senior and Middle School competitions. Yesterday Ross House took on Green in the Memorial Hall in front of the full Middle and Senior School with the topic ‘That clique culture has a damaging effect on the wellbeing of students’. The teams included the bulk of our best debaters and they were clearly well prepared and well honed in their skills. In a close, though I am sure not challenged, result, the affirmative team Green took the spoils and it was an entertaining spectacle.

As I commented to the audience today, debating at TAS has seen a huge resurgence in interest and great development in quality over recent years. It is now a serious business, whether at inter-school or inter-house level, and our debaters are now actively pursuing greater skills and preparing diligently and creatively to put on their best performances. The credit for all of this lies with Mr Tim Hughes who took on leadership of debating here some years ago and shared his passion and knowledge along the way.

On Thursday our Middle School students take to the stage as the finalists battle it out on the topic ‘That smokers should be denied access to Medicare’ . I wish all those debating and Mr Harrison as adjudicator the best of luck.


Batyr Visit

This week students in Year 9 through to Year 12 will be participating in workshops and presentations from the Batyr group. The general focus for each of the year groups is on mental wellbeing but each form will be discussing different aspects of this most important issue. Year 9 and 10 will be interacting with trained facilitators who will educate the students on the support networks available to them (including those at TAS) to empower the students to reach out for help when needed. The presenters also bring their own stories of hope courage and resilience.

The Year 11 program is called ‘Look out for your mates’. It is designed to assist students in identifying the signs that indicate a friend may be struggling with mental health and equips the students with the skills to start a safe conversation.

The Year 12 program focuses on managing stress and offers practical tips that students can implement into their daily lives.


Sport Continues

After a successful, enjoyable and full weekend of sport, in particular the rugby teams playing against The King’s School in Sydney on Saturday and then many of our students from all of our winter Sport offerings backing upon Sunday to play in a combined teams Netball  fundraising tournament, I am sure the holidays will be a welcome break.

Finally, and significantly, Ed Bell and Joe Baker are this week playing in Combined GPS rugby sides in Sydney as part of the representative championships. Both boys are being kindly accommodated at The Scots College for the week and I thank Dr Lambert and the Scots staff for this generous gesture.  In hockey selection news Miller Harwood has been selected in the NSW PSSA team and Rohan Lawrence has been selected in the Opens CIS team. These selections are a real credit to each of the students whose performances for their teams have been deemed worthy of representative honours.



Mr Alan Jones
Acting Headmaster

02. Calendar of Events

Week 9
Wednesday 26 JunePhilosothon NE (at TAS)

BATYR ( Year 12)

BAYTR Forum for Parents ( Hoskins Centre) 7pm

Thursday 27 JuneFinal MS Inter-House Debating

Classes conclude

Friday 28 JuneStaff Day

No Classes

Holiday Activities
5-14 JulyForensic Science Camp
Term 3
Monday 22 JulyBoarders return

Staff Day

Tuesday 23 JulyClasses resume


Uniform and Book Shop

Clothing Shop OPEN during holidays Friday 19 July
9 am to 5 pm

Open Monday 22 July
9 am to 5 pm

Tuesday 23 July
Normal hours resume

Mrs Vivienne Tearle

Exemption from Attendance

A reminder that a parent or guardian must apply for an exemption from school attendance if they wish to take their child out of school temporarily by completing an Application for Exemption from Attendance form (see link below).

Students must attend school regularly until an exemption has been approved.

Exemption from attendance at school is often sought because of:

  • Elite Arts or Elite Sporting Events (CIS, NCIS etc.)

  • Family travel or holidays

  • Medical or health appointments

  • Employment

  • Disability or behaviour problems requiring part time exemption from school

  • Other circumstances that warrant an exemption eg. Work Experience, Political Rally, etc.

Exemption from Attendance Form

BATYR Parent Forum

BATYR exists to ‘give a voice to the elephant in the room’ – mental health

This is an opportunity for parents to hear from mental health professionals about a range of issues that affect young people. There will be an opportunity for parents to ask questions during a Q&A session.

Hoskins Centre
Wednesday 26 June at 7 pm


03. From the P&F



With the middle of winter upon us and the holidays beginning at the end of the week, I started reflecting on what the P&F has achieved so far this year. Wow – swimming and athletics carnivals, War Cries, the TAS Rugby Carnival catering, a few home rugby games and many other things.  With all this in mind, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all the help that has been provided to make this all possible. Everyone leads very busy lives and we truly appreciate every little (or large) bit of help that the P&F receives.   It was an honour to be able to donate almost $25,000 at the funding meeting earlier in the term to worthwhile TAS projects and every bit of this money is due to the wonderful help we get from the TAS community.

Given that the first half of the year has been so busy, I suggest we all take a breather for the holidays, enjoy time with family and friends, pray for rain, travel safely if going away and rug up warm (or maybe go to warmer climes) so that we can come back for phase two rested and relaxed and ready to tackle a busy latter half of the year.

As a heads up… The P&F will be hosting a 125th birthday event on Saturday 16 November, so watch this space and I’m sure there will be more on the horizon with all the other 125th birthday celebrations going on.


May your holidays be wonderful.


Please mark these dates in your diaries:

  • Saturday 27 July  – Home Rugby and other sports versus Sydney Boys’ High School
  • Wednesday 31 July – P&F meeting
  • Saturday 3 July – Old Armidalians Reunion Weekend including home rugby games against The Scots College


Mrs Rachael Nicoll
P&F President

04. From the Director of Boarding


Mr David Drain, Head of Boarding

It is with great excitement I report with the news that Middle School girl boarders (Years 6 – 8) will move into Dangar House at the start of Term 3. As mentioned earlier this term in a letter to the families of our girl boarders, it has always been the School’s intention to replicate the same boarding model for girls’ boarding as it is for boys where all Middle School boarders are able to have their own house and space and a greater level of specialised care given their ages. White House is this dedicated space for our Middle School boy boarders, and Dangar House will be the same for our Middle School girl boarders. This move, at the commencement of Term 3, will minimise distractions to the Year 12 students sitting their Trial HSC Exams during Term 3 and give the staff time to bed down polices and routines without the challenges a new year presents. The Year 6 into 7 Boarding Experience visits this term, where a large number of prospective Year 7 boarders stayed overnight in Dangar House with a number of Year 6 TAS students, was well received by the current and prospective students, parents and staff.

Dangar House, which underwent significant refurbishments prior to girl boarders commencing at TAS, is a homely boarding house perfectly configured for the Middle School Years. This move will also allow for the continued growth of Girls Boarding with higher than expected numbers expressing interest for 2020. I am also mindful of the increased popularity of casual boarding which will now be more accessible for parents in both Dangar House and the senior Girls Boarding House (Years 9 – 12). Additional information regarding this move will be communicated by Head of Girls Boarding Mrs Bekk Baumgartner. In the meantime, should you have any questions regarding don’t hesitate to contact either Bekk or myself.


Can I encourage all parents and carers of boarders to discuss with their children the appropriate use of their technology at school during the upcoming holidays. Unfortunately, a large number of boarders continue to disregard their House rules by using additional technology after lights out of an evening. As you all would be aware, all technology is collected by boarding staff from the Years 6 – 11 boarders at different stages each evening. This policy is in place to ensure our boarders are getting sufficient sleep and is backed up by overwhelming evidence stating that exposure to screens (phones/laptops) late at night leads to stimulation and subsequent sleeping issues. The devices in use can also be a distraction for those sleeping nearby. The Acting Headmaster addressed all boarders at last week’s School Assembly outlining the severe ramifications should additional technological devices be found in use after evening tech hand in times. All boarders should return next term with their school issued laptop and one phone which they hand in of an evening. Should additional technology devices be needed can you please discuss with your Head of House prior to the commencement of Term 3.

It is with sadness that we farewell Mrs Karen Hutton as the Tyrrell House Housemother at the end of Term 2. Karen has been an integral part of the successful implementation of Housemothers into senior boys Boarding Houses and during this time has gone well above the expectations of this role. Karen’s caring and sympathetic nature has provided a number of our boarders, particularly those from Tyrrell House, a motherly figure away from home. The importance of this role in a boarding house cannot be underestimated and is appreciated by all staff and students. I, and the TAS boarding community, wish Karen the best of luck in her new role at PLC Armidale.

Finally, I wish all our boarders safe travels home this week and hope you all enjoy some much needed time together during the upcoming school holidays.


Mr David Drain
Director of Boarding

Still having fun at the end of term

Much fun was had by all the girls in the boarding house during the last week of term with the following activities taking place throughout the week.

Middle School boarders enjoyed an excursion to the movies to see Toy Story 4 while Senior girls enjoyed the Secret Life of Pets 2 last Monday and the fun continued on Saturday night with a Pizza Fest and Lip Sync Battle with Year 8 winning first place.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday and I look forward to Term 3.

I hope you enjoy the images below.


Mrs Bekk Baumgartner
Head of Girls’ Boarding


05. Leadership, Service and Adventure

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2019

Last year a grateful parent said of the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic: “What a mighty achievement.  They have a whole new yardstick now (by which) to measure the word ‘challenge’.”

The HCC is a challenge with fundraising at its heart and adventure at its soul – and TAS plans to be part of it again. The HCC is an event that has raised over $4 million dollars for the Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation and other charitable organisations.

TAS students have been involved in this 111 km, overnight paddle for nearly 40 years and can use it to fulfil their obligations for the Triple Crown.

Since the beginning students, parents and friends of TAS have had the opportunity to challenge themselves in the paddle that can take between nine and 20 hours to complete – some have completed it in record time. We recommend that all students complete the HCC in pairs at least once before attempting the challenge on their own. We also strongly advise that students have completed a night paddle prior to the HCC.

There are a number of different competition events to enter as well as local trophies to celebrate the fastest junior/adult paddlers, fastest three kayaks from one school, the biggest fundraiser for adults and juniors as well as a trophy for the paddlers that demonstrated the most grit and determination to get through to the finish. These are awarded to paddlers from the TAS paddlers at a presentation night in Term 4.



To be part of the HCC, you must be over 15 years of age and students in Year 10 and over are invited to participate. Training will be held at Malpas Dam on Sundays of Term 3 (scheduled to be published), from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. One session will be extended to accommodate a night paddle. Although not compulsory, it is strongly recommended that all students attend training. Afternoon tea will be served at the conclusion.

All paddlers require at least one landcrew support person. Your choice of landcrew support is very important and will generally be a parent or guardian. Your landcrew must accompany you to the HCC.

The 2018 TAS costs for the HCC were approximately $379 for an adult paddler and $356 for a student. HCC race entry fees (which are not charged by the school) are $70 per junior paddler (or $140 per adult paddler).  Landcrew food costs are included in the TAS costs. Fundraising minimums (as set down by HCC organisers) are $200 per adult and $100 junior.

An expression of interest form can be completed from 26 June online at: forms.gle/URypCuvrKnPtiJsJ6

We have limited kayaks, so it is wise to express interest early.

Once an expression of interest has been accepted, participants will be notified and you can expect the initial membership and season hire charges to be billed to secure your place.


Mr Alasdair Hey
MIC Hawkesbury


TAS City2Surf 2019

TAS City2Surf 2019, get your GUNSOUTFORTOMBSY

Parents, OAs, friends  – please come and run with Team TAS in 2019 to support Old Armidalian Richard Tombs. We are aiming to have our largest team yet, as we raise funds to help Tombsy and his family. Richard has been a sensational supporter of TAS for many years and now it’s our turn to step forward. With terrific support from our student body, we want to invite the entire TAS community to join us. Remind yourself that the body is still majestic and cannot be stopped. Run like Deek or enjoy a lovely Sunday morning walk, either way it’s for a great cause! A TAS GUNSOUTFORTOMBSY shirt is part of the entry as we show off our support. Please contact Mr Jim Pennington (jpenning@as.edu.au) to sign up and join TEAM TAS.


Mr Jim Pennington
Coordinator of Challenge and Service


06. From the Director of Studies


Library hours

The library will close at 5 pm on Thursday 27 June at 5 pm. There will be no tutoring on Thursday evening.
Specialist tutoring sessions will recommence in the first week of Term 3.
Monday – Maths & Science
Tuesday – English, Maths & Science
Wednesday – Maths
Thursday – English & Maths


Students are now able to access their timetable for Term 3 through Edval. They have been sent a link and code via email.
Stage 5 electives have been allocated. Those students in Year 9 who did not receive their first choice will have priority in Year 10.

HSC Study

The Sydney Morning Herald 2019 HSC Study Guide has some valuable tips for students in Year 12. The link is https://hsc-study-guide-2019.smh.com.au/

5 Steps to Study Success
1.Not all stress is bad
While it’s often given a bad rap, the right amount of stress can motivate you to get stuff done.
The key is to recognise when stress has tipped over from being a motivating force to an overwhelming emotion.

2. 20-minute study rule
No one can study for six hours straight and be effective.
Break up your time into 20-minute chunks for the most effective use of your brain. However, aim at extending these chunks so that you can answer sections of your exam in one go.

3. Say it out loud
The best way to really remember and learn is to talk about what you’re learning out loud, without using notes.

4. Breaks = good. Constant distraction = bad
Taking planned, timed breaks can help you stay on task, but checking your social feeds every few minutes is a sure-fire study fail.
Research shows that it can take up to 20 minutes to refocus on a task once you’ve been distracted.

5. Sleep is your friend
f you get a good night’s sleep before an exam, its a proven way to retain more of what you have studied the day before than if you stay up crazy late.

Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies


Aviation Elective Student Wins Scholarship

It is my pleasure to announce that Henry Mitchell from Year 10 has been awarded a 2019 Recreational Australia Scholarship to the value of $1500. Henry can use this scholarship to continue his flight training.

Henry completed the TAS Aviation Elective (one of our science electives) in 2018 and was placed first in Year 9. He took his first Trial Introductory Flight that year and has been flight training with Aspect Flight Training at Armidale Aerodrome since then.

I encourage any TAS student wishing to learn to fly to come and have a chat with me.


Mr Alasdair Hey
Science Coordinator

07. From the Development Office

08. From the Director of Co-curricular


Inter-house Debating

Both teams traded blows in a high quality Senior debating final yesterday. Despite Ross House espousing the virtues of students coming together to share a common interest, it was Green House who convinced Mr Jones that the exclusivity of the “clique culture” has a damaging effect on the wellbeing of students.

All six speakers spoke with supreme confidence and reflected the rising standard of this competition. It was pleasing and encouraging to see the involvement of students across all year groups participating. I commend all those who participated and thank Mr Hughes and Miss Lo for the continued drive and support that has elevated debating within the school.

The Middle School final takes place tomorrow. Will Ross House exact revenge on Green as they aim to successfully negate the topic ‘That smokers should be denied access to Medicare’? It will be up to Mr Harrison to be the judge!

A Co-Curricular Farewell

Mrs Karen Hutton has served in many areas of the School. From Music and Sport to Boarding and the Year 12 Study Centre. To each of these roles she has brought love and energy. At the end of this week she will be leaving TAS. Below is an old ‘End of Term 2’ reflection that we can all relate to. I would like to dedicate this to Karen for her years of service as Co-Curricular Assistant and wish her every happiness in her next exciting adventure.











I sat there with Karen.
We sat there, we two
And said to each other
“What are we to do?”

With Hockey sticks swinging
Each day of the week.
Netballers attacking;
No place for the meek
Then Football and Shooting
And Rugby pursued.
You would not believe it;
Such mayhem ensued.

Don’t give me exams
On top of it all.
Too late they are here
And Eisteddfod what’s more.

We all held on tight
What else could we do?
We stuck to our guns
And fought our way through.

There are more games to play
And more things to do.
More lessons to learn
And doors to walk through.















Let us go for a run
And a swim and a ride
Rep. honours at stake
And personal pride.
Now jump on your horse
To Coona we go.
But be sure to return
To fight our old foe.

A Fixture at Farrer
More teams we must field
There is school pride at stake
And the Dick Hodgson shield.

Now Twilight is nigh.
We can call it a day.
Just twenty odd musical
Pieces to play.

Rebuttals are traded
They sum it all up.
As our tribes go to war
For the coveted cup.

The final bell sounds.
The work is all done.
Pack your bags go on home
For some holiday fun!

There is no doubt that this Term is stressful. However, it is this stress that allows students to grow, to gain confidence, to build friendships and to find purpose in life. It is now time to rest and recover. I wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday together.


Mr Will Caldwell
Director of Co-curricular

Green House snares Inter-House Debating

Do cliques exclude students and force them to conform to stereotype, or are they really just  interest groups that give young people the self confidence and support to be themselves?

Such were the alternate worlds offered by, respectively, Green and Ross houses in yesterday’s Senior School inter-house debating final as they tackled the topic ‘That clique culture has a damaging effect on the wellbeing of students.’

Held during Assembly, the debate was the culmination of last week’s rounds which exhibited a greater level of participation and spectator support than has been evident in the past. Indeed this was reflected in the teams on the stage yesterday, with students from Years 9-12 speaking in confidence for up to seven minutes in front of their peers.

Along the way there was serious dissertation, some light hearted banter and calls to action that were engaging, thought provoking and humorous.

In the end, Mr Jones awarded the debate to Green – his praise for those debaters and annunciation of the skills that it develops, worthy of reflection and indeed consideration. Congratulations to the Green House team of Henry O’Neil (12), Jesse Streeting (12), Hudson McAllister (10) and Lachlan Hey (10) and equally to their Ross opponents: Disa Smart (12), Harry Mason (12), Will Jubb (9) and Lucy Ball (11).

Tomorrow afternoon at Hoskins it is the turn of Middle School where, again, it is Green and Ross that have made their way to the stage for the final. The topic: ‘That smokers should be denied access to Medicare’ will no doubt be another fine showcase of debating and wrap up what has been the busiest term of the year for the activity. My thanks to Miss Hannah Lo for her time, talent and energy in assisting with the program.


Mr Tim Hughes
Debating and Public Speaking coordinator


High 5 for Ovarian Cancer Netball Carnival

Thirty-five students from Years 10, 11 and 12 competed in a ‘fast 5’ netball competition at Sport UNE over the weekend. TAS entered four mixed teams into a carnival run by the Armidale Blues Netball and Rugby Club to raise money and awareness for ovarian cancer.

The day consisted of five short games with modified rules where the students played teams from around the New England area. One of our teams made it to the semi finals but narrowly missed out on the grand final in a great last match against Sport UNE.

On all accounts it was a fabulous day and the students enjoyed the opportunity to play in a mixed netball event. Two of the students attending the carnival had this to say –

Josh Jones said I know for me the tournament was a serious learning curve, having to get the ball and actually stop moving was a new concept coming from a rugby based background. With some stern tips from the girls I soon figured it out, after giving away a few stepping calls. All in all an awesome day and you couldn’t wipe the smile off anyone’s face.”

Kim Bange also had some great feedback. “I thought the day was good fun and it was awesome to see everyone getting involved for a great cause. To see such high participation and integration amongst different year groups throughout the day was great. The atmosphere gave off great vibes and I would love to participate again.”

The event organisers also had glowing reports of our students sportsmanship and participation on the day –

A huge thank you to the students and teachers from TAS for taking part in the 2019 Armidale Blues High 5 Carnival.

All of the students who took part were a credit to their school.

They competed with the utmost level of sportsmanship and all were encouraging team members from the sideline.

In their dealings with committee members and volunteers they were extremely polite.

A huge thank you to Miss Emma Channon for her organisation in getting the 4 teams entered into the carnival” said Vice President of Armidale Blues Rugby & Netball Club Kate McDonald.

A huge thank you to all those who entered, those who supported and to Armidale Blues for hosting the carnival. We will be back again in 2020 for another great day of netball fun!


Miss Emma Channon


09. From the Head of Middle School


I am hoping that the mid-year vacation is as enjoyable as it is relaxing for you and your children. If you get away I hope it is to some warm place, if you do not, I hope your place is warm enough. Regardless, the weather over the last week has been very cloudy and misty, and the mist has translated into fine sprinkling, after a fashion. I’m a bit hopeful: rain is the thing we need more than anything, I think. Today I saw a shallow puddle in a pot hole. I haven’t seen one of these for a while now. It was actually more exciting than eating chocolate; I think you know I could happily exist on chocolates. None of us should complain about rain, despite the fact it heralds the second longest school holiday for 2019. Three weeks is a good time to unwind and prepare for the activities of the second part of the year.

Over the last term I have been able to see parts of the rugby, football and netball games – though, to be honest, not as many as I would have liked to have seen. Today Trinity Grammar will arrive for sport and I reckon I should be there to cheer our younger players. It is really good to see students enjoying the things they do and it is good for them to know that many of you have been able to see their games, too. I enjoy speaking to you when you’re watching your children enjoying themselves in whatever activity they choose: you are relaxed and everyone appears to be happy.

I’m going to write about them again. Sorry, I have to get this one ‘out there’ and I know that I even promised myself I would not do it… You will receive over the vacation Middle School semester reports. For many, the exams and results will be ‘firsts’. Again, I am thinking that a good number of pupils and parents will be pleased with efforts and also results. However, there will be others for whom some results are disappointing. If this is the case, we need to remind ourselves that exams, at Middle School level especially, are necessary indicators of the success of technique particularly in relation to presenting knowledge to advantage under time conditions. In the event of a result that is not pleasing or reflective of effort, the most important thing to remember is what to do about it before the next battery of testing in Term 4. Middle School is the training ground for the Senior School and it is our collective responsibility to assist students to find the most effective study regime for them as individuals.

Effective study skills generally take time to hone. A disappointing result requires students to be proactive. Provided they have made a genuine attempt, what they need to do is reassess the methods they employed to prepare for exam papers. Some people study best as individuals, others study more effectively when they are in groups. If a student’s knowledge is good and the result is still disappointing, then it is possible that they have struggled with displaying knowledge to personal advantage because of the time factor that is a necessary part of all exams. The completion of practice responses, completed during prep time, should equip these young people with the experience and facility required for a more confident future examination performance.

Furthermore, what they should also do is speak to their teachers a get advice on how best to prepare for a particular subject. I mentioned this in our Town Meeting a few weeks ago. Different disciplines can require different methods and it is best to find out now, as opposed to waiting for another term before seeking advice about study tips. As indicated, it is very important to do something about improving performance, not simply to hope for the best next time exams are written. If we/I can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call us to work out the best way forward.

It’s actually time to stop, isn’t it? As indicated, I want you all to have a really good holiday: enjoy yourselves, your families, in fact, enjoy everything that you do for the next three weeks.

Be safe,


Mr Mark Harrison
Head of Middle School

10. From the Head of Junior School


Out of School Hours Care – Vacation Care (July 1 – 19)

Please take time to make your bookings for the upcoming holidays as we are starting to organise excursions which require an indication of our numbers. Information about the Vacation Care program can be found at – https://publications.as.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/OHSC-Flyer-T2-Final.pdf

And finally this term, I would like to wish you all a very safe and restful holiday. School reports will be posted out along with the Headmaster’s End of Term Newsletter next week. Reading your child’s report with them is a great way to gauge their progress, which in turn provides an opportunity for further development. I encourage you to contact the School if you have any questions in relation to your child’s progress and discuss this with the relevant teacher.

Stay safe and see you all next term.


School Spirit Awards

Congratulations to the following students for receiving School Spirit Awards at last week’s assembly – Neave Drain, Assunta Nedianu, Boyd Rogers, Ethan Downes, Bonnie Blanch, Andrian Zhang, Ruby Ogilvie, Rhidima Das, Hugo Broun, Marcus Robb, Oliver Goudge, Mosie Wright, and Euan Billingsley.


Happy Birthday

This week, during the holidays and the first few days of next term see’s several Junior School students celebrate their birthdays so happy birthday to the following students: Ruby Rice, Peyton Slade, Xander Dell, Pippi Goudge, Edwina Newton, Matilda Polson and Lachie Wood.



Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

Junior School Upcoming Events

Week 9
Wednesday 26 JuneYr 5 Assembly – Hoskins Centre 2.45pm
Thursday 27 JuneClasses Conclude at 3.30 pm
Friday 28 JuneStaff Day – No students
Week 1
Monday 22 JulyStaff Day
Tuesday 23 JulyClasses resume
Wednesday 24 JulyOne day Chess Tournament at ACPS

No Assembly

Week 2
Wednesday 31 JulyKindergarten Assembly – Hoskins Centre 2.45pm
Friday  2 AugustPSSA Athletics

Holiday borrowing from the library

The coming holidays are the ideal time for children to catch up on reading.

Please note that children are able to borrow their usual two (2) books from the library for the holidays without a permission note but if they would like to borrow three to six books parents need to sign the permission note that is attached to this newsletter and hand it in to the library or email the library at library@as.edu.au



­­————————-Please return signed note to Library ————————–


Download Form


Mrs Lou-Anne Allen

Junior School Clubs


We have just finished another great term of pottery. The children did fantastic work on their sculpted cups and bowls. As you know, the goal of our teaching is for the children to have fun while developing imagination, skills at close observation, fine motor skills and the ability to solve problems with creative flair. They certainly achieved these goals.

We would love to have all your children back for Term 3. You have a priority in receiving places for next term, but it would be very helpful if you could let me know asap what you would like to do. If you came in Term 2 and do not wish to come in Term 3, please let me know. The details follow:

Where: The classes are held in Art Room 1 of the Hoskins Centre

Who: Classes are open to students from any school who are aged from K to Year 6

When: The class begins on Tuesday 30 July. Official start time is 4 pm, however if your child can get there by 3:30 that is great - it will give us a bit more working time. We have six lessons running through to 3 September then a party and exhibition on September 10.

Cost: The cost is $ 150. This includes materials, instruction and firing of the work.

Enrolment: via email to weemalapot@yahoo.com.au. or phone on 67725371. Please feel free to ring or email if you have any questions.

KInd regards,
Rick Hatch

Junior School Sport

Winter Sports

As our term draws to a close you would have been contacted by either your coach or Mrs Wright in regard to whether your child can play this Saturday, 29 June. Games have been scheduled for all competitions, so please ensure you are aware if your child’s team is playing or not.

All competitions will then break for two weeks and commence back in the first week of Term 3.

All Football players: BREAKING NEWS – all Junior games have been cancelled for this weekend for TAS players. Due to lack of numbers the association have decided to cancel all our non-competitive games. Under 12 players will play their competitive games early next term. Stay tuned!

Athletics PSSA and NCIS

Next term our Junior School Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in these Athletics competitions in August. The PSSA local competition is on Friday, 2 August and the NCIS competition held in Coffs Harbour is on Tuesday, 20 August. Invitations to compete and more details will be sent out to children early in Week 1 of next term.



What a game!! The TAS Go netball girls steamed ahead to victory on the weekend. Now that we are a few games in and the positions are all known to the girls, they were really able to thrive and show off their skills! Rhidima stood out for her confidence and enthusiasm on the court!

Mrs O’Connor



TAS U8 Blue and White

After having to forfeit the TAS Blue game in Guyra, we combined TAS White and Blue and played against Armidale City Blue, sharing the playing honours between Josh, Edward, Casper from TAS White and Mila and George, Bonnie, Jacqui, Sahib and Andrian from TAS Blue. Josh played strongly and has been our main striker scoring two goals out of three!  Mila managed to take the ball from the other team even when it was very tricky! Casper and Edward were always ready to run and dribble the ball all over the pitch. George amazed us with some pretty strong and long kicks. Both teams combined together well, cooperating with each other and happily sharing the duties around. Finally, the team was very happy to win the game 3 – 2! Congratulations everyone.


Ms Nau


TAS U12 White

On Saturday, the ‘Under 12 White’ played their best game of the season in Guyra. Even though we did not end up winning the game, we cooperated with each other very well and it felt great to make a bit of a comeback in the second half. We would like to thank Charlie Ward from TAS Blue for playing with us and for scoring one of our two goals. All our midfielders had a cracker of a game because they were passing the ball really well and defending the opponents. Ty Schalk also had a great game! In the second half, he played goalie and saved a huge amount of goals and did some impressive dropkicks.  I would like to thank Mr Thompson and our parents for their ongoing support.


Will Ogilvie (Year 5)

Community Notices