2019 Term 2 Week 4   |   22.05.2019

TAS Talks Term 2 Week 4

01. From the Acting Headmaster


Eisteddfod Progress

The Armidale Eisteddfod has moved into its second week and already a large number of our students have had wonderful experiences being a part of it. The excellent Choirs Night produced high quality performances from our various sing groups and some very rewarding results.

  • TAS Year 6 Acapella won the ‘Choir Year 10 and Under’ event (PLC Perpetual Shield)
  • TAS Senior Acapella Highly Commended in the Open Vocal Ensemble
  • TAS Senior Choir won the Open New England Choral Championship (Cecil Hill Memorial Shield)
  • TAS Choir (6 – 12) Equal Second in the 19 Years and Under Choir

There are more events for our Junior School choirs, and we are all looking forward to band night on 4 June. I would like to offer my commendation and thanks to our Music Staff and to our students for their efforts thus far.


Thanks to Cranbrook School

Last weekend we travelled to Cranbrook School to continue a rugby tradition between our schools that has a strong history (I remember travelling with Cranbrook teams to TAS in the 1980s and 1990s) and I offer them thanks for being such wonderful hosts. Rugby is just one part of our winter sporting offering, but our players and coaches do make special commitment in travelling away for a good number of matches and that separates it from sports with local competition. These weekends we are hosting St Joseph’s College who make a welcome return to the ‘home and away’ round of fixtures. These games will be our first matches of the GPS competition.



Our recent assemblies have provided us with the opportunity to hear performances from our HSC music students as they present pieces that they are intending to perform in front of the HSC Examiners, and they have been impressive indeed. There have been reports from the various groups who undertook travel representing the school at Round Square Conferences, as members of the Japan Study Tour and those students (teachers and parents) who participated in the Tour de Rocks. Silver Colours, Gold Colours, Honours and Special Commendations for Summer Sports have also been awarded. From my perspective it is most gratifying that our students are part of such a thriving school community.


Alan Jones
Acting Headmaster

02. Calendar of Events

Week 4
Wednesday 22 MayFoundation Meeting
Thursday 23 MayYear 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews
Friday 24 MayJunior School – Biggest Morning Tea
Year 11 Parent/Teacher Interviews
Saturday 25 MayYear 11 English excursion to Sydney
TAS Rugby vs St Joseph’s at TAS
Week 5
Monday 27 MayYears 6-10 Exams
Saturday 1 JuneTAS Rugby vs SHORE (Sydney)

Student Travel

June Long Weekend charter coach bookings

The deadline is imminent for coach bookings for the Queen’s Birthday holiday.

The school is closed during this break so if you wish to take advantage of the free charter coaches provided by the Student Transport Scheme please contact Mrs Veronica Lucas on vlucas@as.edu.au by Thursday 9 May to indicate your particular requirements.

Travel dates are: Friday 7 June and Monday 10 June.

This weekend continues to be the busiest period for the TrainLink staff responsible for arranging holiday charters for all boarding schools in NSW, therefore this service is unfortunately not available to day students who might want to spend a weekend at their boarder friend's home.

Reminder that School Student Concession Cards are available for students aged 16 years and over If intending to travel on public transport in future. Contact TAS Main Reception - reception@as.edu.au to order yours.

End of term travel

Free rail and charter coach bookings for eligible boarders - see details below:
End of Term 2 and start of Term 3
Students depart – Friday 28 June 2019
Students return – Monday 22 July 2019
Submit bookings to travel@as.edu.au by – Friday 31 May

*Routes serviced by NSWTrainlink on the above dates

Sydney via Upper and Lower Hunter, Tamworth - Coach or Rail
Tenterfield via Glen Innes - Coach
Bourke via Walgett, Narrabri and Gunnedah - Coach
Lightning Ridge via Moree and Inverell - Coach
Dubbo (change for Nyngan/Baradine) via Coonabarabran and Mullaley - Coach
Port Macquarie via Coffs Harbour - Mini Coach and trailer

Please direct all enquiries regarding these services to Mrs Veronica Lucas at travel@as.edu.au

*Reminder: School Drive Subsidy applications should be submitted now if not already. Eligibility criteria and application forms can be found via the link below.



Travel diaries for boarders are due at the end of Term 2. Please submit via email travel@as.edu.au or in hard copy to Reception. If you have not applied, and you believe you could be eligible, please follow the PVC link below and check eligibility criteria.

Day students are also eligible if their home front gate is more than 1.6 km from the free transport pick-up point. You can claim multiple students from a family at the one address. To find out more please contact Mrs Veronica Lucas on travel@as.edu.au

Mrs Veronica Lucas
Reception Manager

PVC - Find out more

Exemption from Attendance

A reminder that a parent or guardian must apply for an exemption from school attendance if they wish to take their child out of school temporarily by completing an Application for Exemption from Attendance form. (see link below)

Students must attend school regularly until an exemption has been approved.

Exemption from attendance at school is often sought because of:

  • Elite Arts or Elite Sporting Events (CIS, NCIS etc.)

  • Family travel or holidays

  • Medical or health appointments

  • Employment

  • Disability or behaviour problems requiring part time exemption from school

  • Other circumstances that warrant an exemption eg. Political Rally, Work experience etc.

Exemption from Attendance Form

Fiji Service Trip 2019

Applications are invited for the Year 8 Service trip to Fiji to be held at the end of Term 3. Information has been given to Year 8 and more can be found on the school website under the ‘Leadership, Service and Adventure’ tab.

Applications will close on 24 May (this Friday). Please direct any questions to Mrs Fiona Taber ftaber@as.edu.au

03. From the P&F



You will have received an email in the last few days calling for assistance at the TAS Costume Room Working Bee this weekend from Mr Andrew O’Connell.

I, and other parents, have seen the state of the costume room under the Centre and it is indeed in desperate need of a team blitz. Definitely far too much chaos for the teachers to stare down on their own, especially on a Sunday!! So, I encourage you to attend, especially if your child has enjoyed being part of any of the fantastic productions that have graced the stage at the Hoskins Centre over the last few years.

I know it’s a busy weekend but the Creative Arts department at TAS does so much for our children and the more people that turn up to help the easier the job is.  It’s also a great way to meet people and I’m sure that even with the dust, odd shoes, weird hats and other dramatic paraphernalia you’ll have a great time.

So, please come and support them to make ready for the next fabulous show, whether it’s for half an hour or the full catastrophe. It’s on Sunday 26 May and starts at 10am.



Come and help us spend the money you’ve helped us raise at the Funding Meeting on Wednesday 12 June at 7pm in the Maxwell Meeting Room.

If you would like to come along and help us determine where the money we have raised in the past year should be allocated we’d love to see you there. Meetings are open to all parents… but to vote you need to be a Voting Member – just fill in that form!

Alternatively, if you wish to put forward a proposal for the use of funds please send these to Mr Jones as soon as possible (and by no later than Wednesday 5 June) so all proposals can be evaluated prior to the meeting.

Funding proposals should be costed, justified and seek to help a significant proportion of school. Any proposal should also be for things that are tangible, something that school wouldn’t normally pay for and on the ‘really nice to have’ list.  If you have any queries about the funding process please contact me on pandf@as.edu.au



Our next rugby home games are against St Joseph’s this Saturday 25 May. We will be running our usual BBQ on Backfield (or in McConville if the weather is really bad).  A coffee cart will be available behind Middle School as usual to ward off the chill.


Mrs Rachael Nicoll
P&F President

04. From the Chaplain


Too Far Jesus #2 You can do it…? Mark 17:20

Just before coming to Armidale a friend of mine was teaching me how to surf. He was from the school of thought that said that if you learn on one of those big, long, floaty boards you develop bad habits. So, he took me out on a short, fast, sinky board. If and when we would get out the back having battled the white wash for considerable time and suffered many set backs – he would then give me the advice, “as you feel the wave suck you, paddle hard get on the face of the wave and stand up in one clean movement”. Now I am sure he was trying not to patronise me through over instruction – but good on you mate – it may be easy for you having surfed since you were a little fella, and you now spend every holiday surfing the best breaks in the world and every other moment preparing for those trips – but this is new to me. It’s just not that easy, or did I just lack faith in myself. After all there are plenty of people who would say you just have to believe in yourself, but we are talking about me, I have self belief.

Now when we come to Jesus talking about faith he seems to be a bit like my mate Simon. He says, OK guys you need faith, and if its big enough you can move mountains, good on you Jesus – sure that’s easy to say for the creator of the world, but for the rest of us it’s a big ask – frankly Jesus you’re going too far, again.

Or is He?

He’s not saying that I can move a mountain, but God can. There is no hint of as long “as I believe in myself” here, as long as I have faith. Rather, my faith is in the one who can act. The point is, prayer is a demonstration of our faith, and it is powerful, we should come to God with confidence that he will answer our prayers and is powerful to do so.


Mr Richard Newton

05. From the Director of Studies


Stage 5 Electives

In the coming days students in years 9 and 10 will be sent details to make their elective choices for Semester 2. 
Please ask your child about these and discuss their choices with them.
One of the major advantages of the TAS Stage 5 electives program is that students are able to sample different courses during years 9 and 10 to help determine what to study for their HSC. Keeping this in mind during the selection process is high recommended.

Year 11 Parent Teacher Interviews

Year 11 Parent Interviews will be held tomorrow, Thursday 23 May (3.30pm – 6pm) and Friday 24 May (2pm – 5.30pm). These will be held in the Memorial Hall. Parents have been sent the link and personal code to login and book times with your child’s teacher. Please contact Mrs Vickey O’Brien if you do not receive this email. Two Parent Information Presentations will be held the first on Thursday 23 May beginning at 6.16pm and a repeat session on Friday 24 May at 11.45am. These will be held in Big School (just outside Reception).
If you have any questions regarding Parent Teacher Interviews – phone 6776 5806 or email – vobrien@as.edu.au

Exams for Years 6 – 10

Exams for students in years 6 – 10 will be held in weeks 5 and 6 (27 May – 6 June). An exam timetable has been sent to students and parents.
On exam day – Eat a good meal before the exam
– Check you have all the required equipment – pen, calculator etc
– Be sure you arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam
– Read the question – ask yourself “So what does this question actually ask me to do” – look for key words like: Explain, Describe, Define, Identify etc
– Attempt every question
– Watch the time – try to stick to the suggested time allocation for each section of the exam

Library Extended Day and Academic Support

The Library continues to be open before and after school for students in years 6 – 12 who want a safe and quiet space to complete homework and revise their days classes. The Library is supervised and the staff on duty are available for general guidance with homework and assessments.
Specialist tutoring is also available in the evenings from Monday – Thursday from 7pm – 9pm – see table below.


Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies



Year 6-84pm-5pm


4pm – 5pm



(General assistance)


(General assistance)

Year 9-127pm-9pm

Maths (All levels)


Maths (All levels)

English (All levels)

Year 11-127pm-9pm

(General assistance)


(General assistance)


Japan Study Tour 2019

Land of the Rising Sun, Land of Culture, Land of Experiences, Japan a trip like no other.

This trip will be remembered by all. The experiences that were given to us will not be forgotten, from catching a bullet train across the country to being welcomed with open arms by Japanese host families and experiencing first hand Japanese culture at its finest. Flying into Tokyo we started our journey exploring what this large city had to offer full of neon lights and oddities unique to Japan. After our time in Tokyo we criss-crossed the country, traveling over mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks and catching the end of the cherry blossom season with all of its amazing colours. In country Japan, we met people who were happy to show us their towns, we saw temples hidden in the sides of mountains and ate some amazing food. We met our host families welcoming in Otoyo where we got to truly dive into a traditional Japanese experience. We had sombering experiences in Hiroshima where we saw what war could do and we also presented our 1000 paper cranes at the statue in the Peace Park. We also went and looked at the schooling system in Japan through an international student’s eyes at Meitoku.

This trip gave everyone who went on the trip a new insight into a completely different way of life and gave us some very memorable experiences. We saw a completely different religion, schooling system, culture and most importantly, great food. We improved our Japanese language skills especially at our homestay and we went to places in Japan that tourists don’t even go to. We saw a city with deer who ran free and even bowed if you gave them food. We travelled on a bullet train multiple times and stood on the platform as a bullet train going past at 320km nearly knocked us of our feet and shared so many experiences together that won’t be forgotten any time soon. This trip challenges our view of society, and throws you into new environments. As you can see this trip is full of many different experiences from all across Japan. Thank you to Mr Moore and Ms Lo for organising such an amazing trip and a memory that will last a lifetime.


Hugo Catterall, Frank Perrottet and Lachlan Hey




Year 8 Maths Day

Last Friday over 60 schools from across our region competed in the New England Maths Association Year 8 Maths Day held at UNE. TAS entered two teams of four. It is rare that Year 8 students get the opportunity to spend a whole day doing Maths – and believe it or not, this is a treat for some. The students enjoyed the challenge of solving problems, identifying patterns, constructing models and working as a team.

The competitive nature of the event is not really promoted. Students are not so much trying to beat each other but to beat themselves; to develop their skills, extend their understanding and exercise their brains. Both TAS teams were in the top 25 per cent with our number 1 team placing 6th. They are keen to bring what they have learned back into class and to share the fun!


Mr Will Caldwell

06. Boarding

White House Community Service

Six Middle School boy boarders spent a majority of last Sunday representing TAS and supporting the community at the Million Paws Walk event run by the local RSPCA. These boys rose early on Sunday morning to walk down to Curtis Park where they helped set up the tables, barbeque area, and water for the variety of incoming dogs. Some also completed the walk to creeklands dog park twice to put out the signs and collect them at the end marking the way for those participating. The boys were extremely proud to be representing TAS and went to great lengths to look after our Medical Centre dog Beau, whose breed, people were invited to guess in a guessing competition. They worked very hard ‘spruiking’ the competition encouraging people to take part and donate a few dollars to the RSPCA.

The RSPCA volunteers were astounded at how well they worked and were extremely impressed with the maturity of our young boys, by the end of the day singing their praises. Congratulations to those boys involved!


Ms Belinda Macri
Deputy Head of White House

07. From the Development Office

08. From the Director of Co-curricular


Choir Night

Once again it was a privilege to attend the Armidale Eisteddfod Choir Night. It was a night of entertainment where the audience are more than spectators; time stands still as we escape the chaos of our lives, to share the passion and joy of young (and old) voices. It is wonderful to see the growth in Choirs at TAS and the Eisteddfod is just one of the many opportunities to hear them sing. I thank all the students and staff for their dedication and sharing their gifts with us.


Summer Sporting Colours and Medallions

Congratulations to year 11 and 12 students who were recognised with Colours in Assembly yesterday, for their achievements in Summer Sport. Medallions will be awarded next Tuesday for similar accomplishments by students in years 6-10.

The Sports Council will reconvene in September to deliberate and discuss nominations for Winter / Full Year Sports, Creative Arts and Public Speaking Awards. This is a rigorous process and I thank those involved for sharing their experience and expertise.


A Prelude to the Long Weekend

The Annual TAS v Farrer Fixture is scheduled for the afternoon of Thursday 6 June, at Farrer. Students will compete in Basketball, Chess, Debating, Football, Mountain Biking, Rugby, Shooting, Table Tennis and Tennis. Games will commence at 1pm. Most will finish by 5pm whilst the First and Second XV rugby will play under lights. A full draw will be published in next week’s TAS Talks.


Managing Head Injuries

Our knowledge and understanding of Head Injuries continues to grow. We are much more aware of both what constitutes a potential head injury and its potential to cause concussion or a more severe injury to the brain. Potential head injury or concussion must be considered possible whenever a person receives an injury to the head, either from a direct blow or indirectly.


Concussion Management

The 6 steps to concussion management applied to all sports at TAS are:

Recognise and Remove

Any player with signs or symptoms of a potential head injury or concussion must be removed from training and playing and not return to sport or physical activity on the same day.


Any player with signs or symptoms of a potential head injury or concussion must see a medical doctor as soon as possible. This doctor should have experience in the management of concussion.


Players diagnosed with concussion must rest until all signs and symptoms of concussion have disappeared.


The concussed player must first recover from all concussion signs and symptoms at rest and return to activities of normal daily living before starting hard physical exercise.


Follow the graduated return to play (GRTP) protocol after being able to participate in activities of normal daily life, progressing to contact training after receiving a medical certificate from a medical doctor.

The alternative management plan is to abolish contact sport; to remove the risk altogether.  However, life is full of risks. Sport teaches us to manage risks and to weigh up the physical, psychological, social and emotional benefits against them; to balance comfort and protection with the opportunity to grow.


Mr Will Caldwell
Director of Co-curricular

NSW Junior Country Rugby Championships

The NSW Junior Country Rugby Championships were held last weekend in Lismore. The New England U15s team had a very strong TAS presence with eight boys in the team. All players did well with Ben Rowe, Stirling Munsie and Patrick Baldock being rewarded for outstanding play with selection into the NSW Country 15s. Ben was also voted as Player of the Championships.


NCIS Cross Country 2019

TAS recorded its best ever set of results at this year’s NCIS Cross Country, from a fantastic team of young runners. The school’s overall position of second place is a testament to the fine athletes here at TAS. The early races set the platform for a wonderful day. Samuel Jones won the 17 years in great style, with John Moore hammering out the 6km course to record a terrific third place, Patrick Brennan in 11th and Clancy Roberts a pleasing 12th having enjoyed the pacing of Remy Taylor. In the 16 years Toby Hall showed the benefit of some solid training with a great third place whilst Albertus Hattingh held tough for seventh. The 16 years girls took things even higher, with the outstanding first and second placings respectively for Eliza Ward and Isabella Gooch and the amazing April Draney in fourth place. In the 15 years Mac Orr led from the front, refusing to give up the top spot and drove home for first place with Hudson Eichorn holding strong in the last 1km to come in seventh and Oliver Griffith a robust 12th. Rosa Coady in third place brought home a trifecta of TAS girls going onto CIS with Isabel Newton in sixth, Karen Baker seventh and a very impressive 14th for Chloe Garcia. In the 14 years Will Nash ran a strong race to cross the line in fourth with Maxwell Guppy driving hard all the way to a CIS qualifying seventh and Darby Lehman a positive 16th. The 13 years saw Isabella Crawford in fifth, Matilda Cullen seventh, Eryn Benham 11th and Nina Taylor 17th in what was a majestic performance. For the boys, Andrew Brennan secured fifth, James White 12th, Thomas Dundon 17th, James Barton 18th and Harry Pennington 21st. In the 12 years Georgia White ran into a CIS shirt with a 7th place, whilst Will Ledingham joined her, placing a resolute 4th. The 12 years Primary saw Theo Munsie in a strong 10th place and Flinders Ward 18th, while for the 11 years Miller Harwood showed his versatility with a 3rd place with the fast finishing Ollie Goudge in 11th.


Mr  James Pennington


Shooters on target at Grafton

TAS shooters were right on target on Saturday at the Grafton Rifle Club’s annual invitation shoot, involving competitors from TAS, NEGS, Grafton and Kyogle-Casino Rifle Club. Competitors gained points in two ‘deliberate’ format matches – 10 shots from 300m and 15 shots from 500m. Thomas Deshon came first in the Juniors and was second overall on the day, with Jack Waters placing 2nd in the Juniors and Luke Rorke 3rd. Thanks to the efforts of TAS shooters, Armidale also retained the ‘Wollomombi Stump’, a competition between Armidale and Grafton. (Photos courtesy Casino Kyogle Rifle Club.)


A big week for debating

TAS hosted PLC and NEGS for the first round of the Middle School Tri Schools Shield last Wednesday in an afternoon that saw experienced debaters practicing their craft and others being ‘blooded’ for the first time.

As host school TAS provided two teams in every year group to debate each school. The topics were all connected in some way to policies or ideas linked to the Federal Election, giving students the opportunity to engage in bigger issues – from the minimum age of voting, the diverting of water inland, sustainable energy and quotas for women in parliament. In the end each school won two debates and every speaker worthy of credit for their confidence and participation. We look forward to PLC hosting the next round, in Term 3.

In other debating news our Year 11 team were narrowly defeated in their second round debate in the National Virtual Debating competition against last year’s champions, Canberra Girls’ Grammar. The team (Jack Nivison, Lachlan Reiss-Wears, Rick Nutt and Lucy Ball) were the Negative on the topic ‘That refugees should not be granted citizenship of their host country’ and built a successful case that such a position would have denied hundreds of refugees such as Richard Pratt, Anh Do and Frank Lowy the opportunity to contribute to society – and who would dare question their ‘right to citizenship’ now? However Girls Grammar’s superior technical skills and ability to speak to time handed them the debate by just a single point. Having won on forfeit in Round 1 it was the first time two of the team had debated in this format (and the first time the team had debated together), so it was a fantastic result and it is pleasing that they have another opportunity in this double elimination competition.

The Year 12 team have their second debate, against Scotch College Melbourne, next week.

Meanwhile in preparation for TAS hosting the Northern NSW Philosothon next month students were introduced to the Socratic method to ponder a big issue at Speakers Club on Tuesday morning. It was great to see the various perspectives on the topic ‘Is it right to steal intellectual property’ flow as students encouraged each other with different scenarios.


Mr Tim Hughes
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator

09. From the Creative Arts Coordinator


This Sunday we have the great Costume Room Working Bee to tidy up our valuable stores underneath the Hoskins Centre and return that space to much-needed order. We’re inviting anyone with some spare time to join us from 10am as we give that space an overhaul and sort through our enormous costume stock.

My congratulations to the huge number of students, staff and members of the school community involved in the mammoth spectacle that was the Choirs Night of the Eisteddfod last night, both as part of TAS choirs or the many other community groups. We saw an amazing debut of the TAS Senior Acapella group, the enormous TAS Community Choir delivered an incredible rendition of Paul Jarman’s ‘Long White Sails’, the TAS Chapel Choir sounded angelic as always, the TAS Secondary Choir performed with such confidence, and finally the TAS Choir won the New England Choral Championship to the incredible delight of all involved. It is an exhaustive one but the joy and spirit that everyone performed with has proved to be the true hallmark of TAS. And to the many other amazing individual and group achievements in these early stages of the Eisteddfod I commend you for your hard work and passion for performance – and best of luck to all those still to perform in Music and Drama!

This Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm we have the epic rock stylings of Steve Thorneycroft, Steve Tafra, Sarah Thorneycroft, Dave Van Tongeren and Warwick Dunham in Edge of Sky. It promises to be a spectacular display of musical wizardry with the awesome sound of epic 70s and 80s rock. Stunning new arrangements will bring to life the fabulous sounds of great bands like Sky, ELP, Pink Floyd and more. Jump online to grab a ticket as this legendary show is not to be missed.

Every year ‘Listen Up Music’ hosts a nationwide songwriting competition inviting musicians across Australia to write and submit an original song in response to a mental health theme. This year’s theme is ‘Songs that heal’. The Listen Up Music judges will shortlist 10 songs from each region to perform at a Regional Semi-Final. The top three performances from each Semi-Final will then go on to perform at the Grand Final in Sydney, with one winner taking out The Songwriting Prize for 2019. As it closes in just four weeks I encourage you to get in contact with Ms Roobol ASAP if you are interested in entering this songwriting competition.


Mr Andrew O’Connell
Creative Arts Coordinator

10. From the Head of Middle School



Yesterday our Middle School students won the Acappella and last night our seniors won their section, too. This is a wonderful start of one of the busiest seasons of the year: Eisteddfod frenetic time. I went last night as I couldn’t get a spare minute during the day and this is a pity, because, if I understood the message correctly our Middle School group received the highest score given, being 99 percent. Congratulations Middle School and Dr Brasche, of course. Whilst on the Middle School ‘wagon’ our people have been celebrated elsewhere: we received an email from Mrs Rachael Nicholl indicating the amazing hours our Year 6, 7 and 8 students ‘put in’ at the Rugby Carnival and another acknowledging the wonderful efforts of our boarders at the Million Paws Walk event two weekends ago.

You see, people – sometimes wheels are wobbly, granted, but sometimes we run like a well-oiled machine. And…thank goodness for that.



We’re ‘touching’ half term mark – already. We’ve only five weeks remaining and there’s another, longer break on the horizon. But there’s much to be done before we reach it. As well you know, there’s a battery of exams. You also know that our Middle School students received their major Study Schedules. What you need to know is that these things are little more than unappealing adornments, in the first instance, and, ultimately, millstones unless or until they are opened and used! Boarders are easy to help as boarding and teaching staff are in the habit of referring everyone to their use on a regular basis. Parents of day students need to be aware that the schedules are ‘out’ and I ask that you speak to your children about them and ask also how ‘best’ they are being ‘managed’ over the next fortnight, being the school’s exam period. I stressed again, at our last Town Meeting Assembly, the wisdom of seeking clarification of any issue that causes concern.

In this amazingly (on a good day; frighteningly, on a stressful one) competitive world, we can ill afford a situation where boys and girls ‘run blind’ into an exam room. In a sense, no study renders an exam of little use, not to mention a waste of time. Surely, some of the major functions of an exam result are to indicate to staff and students the effectiveness of a study program as well as (being) a highlighter of areas of ‘difficulty’. Simply, we need to know how students are faring academically: all students should be given the opportunity to know what they need to do in order to fare better in the future. Success does not exclusively refer to a mark or a grade, either – this is product – only. Process, I believe, is as important and, in some situations, it can be seen to be more important. As well as pinpointing areas of expertise, of weakness, of the effectiveness of a study regime, an exam performance gives everyone a reasonably accurate measure of how our Middle School people perform under time conditions. Regardless of our line of work, we adults all have time frames to work within and deadlines to meet. A School exam experience is one that allows students to find out for themselves not only how they are managing their work, but also begins to equip them with the skills necessary to perform as well as they are able to in the future – at times when exam results can expand or limit future tertiary or job prospects.

We need your assistance here. If, in the lead up to the exam week, your children express concern, feel uncomfortable or make comments on issues that we should be aware of, please let us know. Similarly, as implied by my comments about process, this advice applies to the post exam reactions and experience(s).


Mr Mark Harrison
Head of Middle School


11. From the Head of Junior School


Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

All our Parents and Friends are  warmly invited to join us at this year’s Junior School – Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, from 10.15 am on Friday 24 May in the Undercover area in Junior School.

This has been one of our longest-running fundraisers and through the years, we have had great success supporting the Cancer Council. We would love to continue this.

This Friday, every Junior School student is asked to bring a small plate of morning tea to share with others and a gold coin donation.

We will be inviting Middle and Senior School staff and students to join us on Friday, in an attempt to raise as much as we can for this worthy cause.

Please remember we are a Nut Aware School – NO NUTS in any food please.


Roll on the Eisteddfod

I have been really impressed with our choirs as they performed on Tuesday and today in the Choral sections of the Eisteddfod. Their singing was a real credit to them and they looked very confident relaxed as they performed. It was a real credit to both the students themselves and the teachers that worked hard to achieve such a high standard. We feel the benefits of learning to perform in choirs (and be an active member of an audience) far outweigh the occasional awkwardness felt by a few. They all looked and sounded wonderful.


Tezukayama Gakuin Visit in August

Arrangements for the TEZ visit to TAS are now taking shape. Thanks to those who have contacted the school so far – we are keen to hear from parents who are able to host a student or two during their staff with us. We are down on numbers at the moment so we would really appreciate your support. If you have any questions about billeting, please contact us at School.


School Spirit

Congratulations to the following students for receiving School Spirit Awards at last week’s assembly:

Oliver Maxwell, Isabelle Law, Rudra Tandon,  Azoz Alshammari, George Drain, Micael O’dell, Chloe Dennison, Andi Li, Will Ogilvie, Lachie Brett, Blake Whitehill, Mila Downes.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday this week to Tobias Holland, Jacqui DuBois and Mila Nexo


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School



Premier's Reading Challenge (PRC)

We have registered 46 students to complete the 2019 PRC, which is fantastic!

I encourage all students participating to bring in their reading logs to the library during their weekly library lessons, so we can register the books you have already read.  If you need any help finding books which are in the challenge, please ask Mrs Allan or myself and we will be able to guide you in the right direction.

Students are encouraged to come to the library during their lunch break to return books and borrow more with their teacher’s permission – you don’t have to wait until your weekly library lesson to swap your books.

Mrs Allan and I will shortly host a reading of the book Alpacas with Maracas, which is this year’s National Simultaneous Storytime book.  The exciting news is that all challenge participants who attend the reading from Kindergarten to Year 5 will be allowed to enter this book on their reading challenge list (just for this year)!

Also, a reminder about the ‘series rule’ in the PRC; please be aware of it as it does catch out students – this is the rule:

In an approved series, any two (2) books from the series can be read as part of official PRC reading. Up to five (5) other books from the same series can be read as personal choice books.

Happy reading everyone!


Natalie Ramazani
PRC Co-ordinator

Junior School Upcoming Events

Week 4
Thursday 23 MaySpeech and Drama Eisteddfod
Friday 24 MayDrama Club to Eisteddfod
Week 5
Wednesday 29 MayYear 4 Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)
Week 6
Wednesday 5 JuneYear 3 Assembly – Hoskins Centre (2.45pm)

FanTAStics to Eisteddfod

IB Primary Years Programme

The Spirit of Inquiry

Many of our Junior School classes have commenced a new unit of inquiry this week. As part of the learner profile, students are supported in becoming ‘inquirers’. Inquiry aims to nurture curiosity and promotes enthusiasm for learning, which will last a life time. Throughout  initial lessons of the new units students will be encouraged to think, challenge and extend their ideas. This is an exciting time as there will many provocations taking place and students will be encouraged to share existing knowledge and ask their ‘burning questions’. These questions will allow students to move from their current understandings to new and deeper understandings. Part of this process could involve:

  • exploring, wondering and questioning
  • experimenting and playing with possibilities
  • making connections between previous learning and current learning
  • making predictions
  • collecting data and representing findings
  • establishing and testing theories (IBO, 2018)

Mrs Veronica Waters
PYP Coordinator


Year GroupTransdisciplinary ThemeCentral Idea
TransitionHow the world worksSenses are used to explore our environment
KindergartenHow the world worksForces around us affect how objects move
Year 1How we express ourselvesStories are vessels for timeless cultural and personal expression
Year 2How we express ourselvesPeople express themselves and entertain through performance
Year 3How the world worksHumans use their knowledge of materials to suit their needs
Year 4How we organise ourselvesEnergy is a resource that can be generated and transferred
Year 5How the world worksUnderstanding of scientific knowledge is constantly evolving and  has an impact on people’s lives

Junior School Sport

Football - U12 TAS Blue

Last weekend, the under 12 TAS BLUE played against the Guyra Spirits in Guyra. It was a wonderful day to play football as the sun was shining and there was no wind. With the support of the entire team, Oliver Goudge scored two goals and Angus Tydd scored one goal. TAS BLUE are keen players and we would have hated to forfeit our game. If it wasn’t for Sam Ford and Joe Fenwicke stepping up from the under 10 team that could have happened, so a huge thank you to them both. Joe was in goals for second half and saved many goals and Tom was a strong supporter playing in both front and mid field. Everyone appreciated Angus taking the kit home at the end of training and look forward to Lachie Hunter’s turn at captaincy this week. TAS was losing 4 to 1 in the first half and it was pleasing that in the second half we managed to pull back a little with the final result being 5-3 to Guyra. Everyone agreed that it was a fun game and that they had learned lots during the game, which is the main thing.

Written by Mitchel Evans (Year 5)


U12 TAS White

Blake, always busy in attack on Saturday on Adamsfield..

Hugo and Blake made a great combination in attack up front…


Football Round 4 (25 May)

TAS T-RexHarris Park9am
TAS TigersHarris Park10am
TAS TornadoesNE Sportsground9am
TAS WhiteRologas 1710am
TAS BlueRologas 1710am
TASRologas 1410am
TAS BlueDangarfield9am
TAS WhiteDoody Park11.10am
TAS BlueAdamsfield11.10am

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