2019 Term 1 Week 8   |   20.03.2019

TAS Talks Term 1 Week 8

01. From the Headmaster


After months of preparations and rehearsals, the much anticipated season of ‘Oliver’, our major musical production for our 125th anniversary year, opened last night in a special final dress rehearsal for our boarders and it is clear that it ‘wowed’ its first audience. This whole of Middle and Senior School production is the biggest staged at TAS for many years and it has brought together scores of actors, musicians, technical and stage crew and set builders from right across the School, making it a real community event. The success of last night is a tribute to producer and director Andrew O’Connell who has led a very big team to the opening night and I am sure that it was a great relief to see the show finally on stage. As Andrew reports in TAS Talks this week, it is still possible to purchase tickets at trybooking.com/BAMXV and I encourage you to make sure you don’t miss the opportunity.


Sporting Matters

After the impressive performances of our girls at the NSW Schoolgirl Head of the River last weekend, our three boys’ crews will head to Sydney this weekend to compete in the First, Second and Third IVs at the GPS Head of the River. Competing in front of thousands of spectators in prestigious historic events such as these will be a memorable experience and I wish each of our crews every success in their efforts.

In the same vein I offer the best of luck to our First XI who take on The King’s School First XI today in Sydney. Playing the GPS premiers is both a privilege and a challenge and I am sure all will be behind our team today.


Inverell ‘Toughen Up’

Congratulations to the more than 100 TAS students who took up the challenge of the annual Inverell ‘Toughen Up’ last weekend. This iconic event seems to have captured the imagination of TAS students and the fact that so many would choose to spend their weekend sweating and panting and covered in mud while they flipped tractor tyres, climbed cargo nets, crawled through mud pits, carried sand bags, all for the fun of it, is impressive. Our Coordinator of Challenge and Service, Jim Pennington, has reported on the event in this edition of TAS Talks with some outstanding photos and I recommend that to you.


Headmaster’s Country Tour

As I write our first touring team of Jo Neilson, David Drain, Tim Hughes, Pip Warrick and myself are heading to Inverell and then on to Glen Innes on the first stage of our annual visit to centres around the NSW North West to meet with prospective students for 2020 and to meet socially with our current families and former students. This chance to meet away from the School and school events is special and I am particularly grateful to Gundy Rhoades and Kelly and Chris Hoppe who will host us this week in Inverell and Glen Innes.

Responsible Water Use at TAS

Last week, Armidale Regional Council announced they would be implementing level 1 water restrictions now that Malpas Dam levels have dropped to below 60 percent. These are the first water restrictions to be implemented for a number of decades and they reflect our collective awareness of the environmental impact this drought is having on our community. TAS is, of course, implementing these restrictions, and they are supported by recent initiatives at the School to make us more water efficient.

Over recent years we have progressively invested in an extensive underground irrigation system for the main campus, fed by water pumped from Croft Dam. This dam retains street and roof runoff water from the site and also upstream and was deepened several years ago to increase its capacity. When necessary, this supply is supplemented from our underground bore, located near the Cricket Oval. This irrigation system is not just for the main playing fields, but includes each of the more recently landscaped areas, such as Junior School, White and Abbott Houses, the Hoskins forecourt and around Girls Boarding. The installation of remotely-controlled underground piping networks (as recently also installed at Doody Park, fed from its dam) allows pumping to be done at night and in the early morning, without the danger of people running into above-ground piping. The roof water feed to the tank behind Hoskins now also includes all of the roof runoff from Girls Boarding. All of the toilets in Hoskins and Girls Boarding are supplied by water pumped from this tank.

Our main formal gardens, such as the Chapel garden, have a Heritage listing and, being traditional ‘English-style’ gardens, will need watering to keep them alive. This watering, however will conform to the water restrictions where the city’s water mains are the source and Adrian our gardener has kindly volunteered to significantly adjust his working hours to achieve this. In the Lawrance Quadrangle we have access to water in the old school cistern located beneath the Sandilands Studio, which is quite deep and makes a reasonable amount of water. We installed a pump for it a number of years ago, which allows us to water the main Quad gardens. Regardless of the source though, Chet Davies, our Works Manager, has adjusted pumping hours, restricting watering across the campus where possible and making sure it is not happening in the heat of the day.

Beyond these school operations, we are conscious of our responsibility to educate our students on responsible use of water as a habit for life. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage has compiled a list of simple things you can do to use less water and I offer them as suggested good practice:

  • Keep drinking water in the fridge to avoid running water down the sink.
  • Take shorter showers and turn off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving.
  • Use the washing machine and dishwasher only when full, using the economy cycle.
  • Turn taps off firmly and replace washers as soon as they start leaking.
  • Use the toilet half-flush.
  • Detect and notify someone if you see a water leak.


Murray Guest


02. Notice Board

Uniform and Clothing Shop

The TAS Winter Uniform is available from Wednesday 27 March.

The Uniform Shop will be open from 9am to 12.30pm Saturday 30 March.

No appointments necessary.

Mrs Vivienne Tearle

Student Services

Free rail and charter coach bookings for eligible boarders - see details below:
End of Term 1 and start of Term 2
Students depart – Friday 12 April 2019
Students return – Monday 29 April 2019
Submit bookings to travel@as.edu.au by – Friday 15 March

*Routes serviced by NSWTrainlink on the above dates

Sydney via Upper and Lower Hunter, Tamworth - Coach or Rail
Tenterfield via Glen Innes - Coach
Bourke via Walgett, Narrabri and Gunnedah - Coach
Lightning Ridge via Moree and Inverell - Coach
Dubbo (change for Nyngan/Baradine) via Coonabarabran and Mullaley - Coach
Port Macquarie via Coffs Harbour - Mini Coach and trailer

Please direct all enquiries regarding these services to Mrs Meg Sadler at travel@as.edu.au

*Reminder: School Drive Subsidy applications should be submitted now if not already. Eligibility criteria and application forms can be found via the link below.



Daily Absence
If your child is to be absent from school for any reason, including arriving late or leaving early, please advise the appropriate Administration Assistant (see below), explaining the reason for absence by phone, email, or written note before 10.00am that day. In addition a written note confirming the circumstances of the absence is required within seven (7) days. Sickness in excess of four school days requires a doctor's certificate detailing the nature of sickness and duration of sickness.
Junior School: Phone 6776 5817 or email junior@as.edu.au
Middle School: Phone 6776 5819 or email middle@as.edu.au
Senior School: Phone 6776 5800 or email absentees@as.edu.au
More information about absentees and extended leave can be found using the link provided.

Changes to transfer points for Day Students' Buses

Delays in bus schedules have been experienced due to increased traffic at Armidale Secondary College (the former Duval High School) and PLC. This has caused all buses that have been transferring at Martins Gully to run over 10 minutes late daily. This involves Arding, Invergowrie, Kellys Plains and Marble Hill.

Mrs Meg Sadler

Thailand Service Trip

29 September - 8 October
During the past nine years, the Thailand service trip has offered help and hope to those less fortunate, and a sense of purpose and meaning to those who have found it a privilege to attend.

Our students often find the trip a transformative experience that energises them with a new sense of compassion, gratitude and perspective.

Information Evening
When: Wednesday 20 March at 7.30pm
Where: Rev’s Room - top floor of Fisher Wing, southern end
Contact: Mr Richard Newton (TAS)
Ms Jennifer Leahy (PLC)

Photo Orders

These orders have been distributed as follows:
Years 9-12 collect from Main Reception - Mrs Lucas
Years 6-8 collect from Middle School Reception - Mrs Frost
Years T-5 collect from Junior School Reception - Ms Lasker

2018 photos reminder
There remains named photo packs waiting for collection at Main Reception from the winter groups shoot last year!
All relevant students and parents have been sent more than one email message to collect but they remain unclaimed.

03. Calendar of Events

Week 8
Wednesday 20 MarchHeadmaster’s Country Tour – Inverell Function  Find out more...
Thailand Information Evening (7.30pm)
Thursday 21 MarchHeadmaster’s Country Tour – Glen Innes Function  Find out more...
Oliver! the Musical (7pm) BOOK TICKETS HERE
Friday 22 MarchHeadmaster’s Country Tour – (Glen Innes)
Rowers depart for GPS Head of the River
Oliver! the Musical (7pm)  BOOK TICKETS HERE
Saturday 23 MarchGPS Head of the River
Oliver! Matinee (1pm) Evening Performance (7pm)  BOOK TICKETS HERE
Week 9
Tuesday 26 MarchCloisters Run
Wednesday 27 MarchHeadmaster’s Country Tour – (Scone)
Headmaster’s Country Tour – Scone Function  Find out more...
Athletics Championships
Thursday 28 MarchHeadmaster’s Country Tour – (Tamworth)
Headmaster’s Country Tour – Tamworth Function  Find out more...
Oliver! (7pm)
Friday 29 MarchOliver! Matinee (1pm) Evening Performance (7pm)  BOOK TICKETS HERE
Saturday 30 MarchOliver! Evening Performance Only (7pm)  BOOK TICKETS HERE
Athletics Championships

Come and Celebrate at one of our 125th Anniversary Events

This year is the School’s 125th Anniversary and our approach to the celebration is less about being ostentatious and more about being understanding of the conditions our families are facing. Throughout the course of the year there are a number of planned events in Armidale that we encourage all our families to attend, to start the celebrations off however, we are heading to the regions and our boarding families there.

We would love to see all our boarding families, alumni and friends of TAS at any of the events listed below that coincide with our annual Headmaster’s Country Tour program. Join us for a celebration drink and catch up.

Please rsvp HERE or contact Mrs Emily Griffiths on 6776 5823 or egriffit@as.edu.au.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


Cressida Mort
Director of Development


04. From the Chaplain


Famous Last Words #3

2 Samuel 23

Great leaders obviously get that reputation from things they have achieved in their lives. On one’s deathbed we see what they hope for when they are gone.

Washington, George (1732-1799) “It is well, I die hard, but I am not afraid to go.”

Villa, Francisco `Pancho’ (1878-1923) “Don’t let it end like this. Tell them I said something.”

Narvaez, Ramon Maria (1800-1868) “I do not have to forgive my enemies, I have had them all shot.”

The great King of Israel, King David, had unimpeded clarity as he approached death. He knew where his leadership had come from, he knew what made a successful leader, and it is a picture of great beauty, great beauty that he hopes can characterise Israel long after he has gone.

This is not always the word used when we describe leadership.

We can use words like self serving, power hungry, dominant, tyrannical – and that might be unfair for most of our leaders and in fact is the opposite of what we hope for, even what we vote for in our leaders.

Jim Collins, the Stanford University business analyst, and author of the book Good-to-Great, says, that the research has shown that one the two key characteristics of leaders that have moved businesses from good to great is humility.



What does the great King David say, as he departed this world?

Leadership can be like a clear and cloudless sunrise. It’s a picture of life and hope, this sort of morning fills us with optimism. It is refreshing and productive – it brings grass forth from the earth.  This sort of leadership brings growth in its people, productivity, purpose, a sense of real value.

Where does this sort of leadership spring from? It is not from the books on how to become a great leader, it is not from a highly developed sense of self. It springs from humility that acknowledges that God himself leads, he is the rock, and when we rest on him, when we lead with justice this is liberating for the people.

Interestingly, this is not how David always led. He had his moments, he acted in self serving ways that destroyed lives and undermined the nation. But none the less he could see, that only happens, when there is an absence of fearful respect of God.

When we can lead with an eye on God being our first witness and judge, we will lead with other’s interests at heart.

Whenever you take up leadership roles in at TAS, I hope you can lead in righteousness that comes from humility, that will make this good school greater than you found it.


Mr Richard Newton

05. From the P&F


Athletics Carnivals Next Week

Our sport carnival cake stalls raise a significant amount of money for the P&F and this money is used to make TAS better for our children so if you could support this worthy cause by baking or buying some yummy food and helping on the stall it would be appreciated.  The dates are:

  • Middle School/Senior School – Cake Stall – Wednesday 27 March
  • Junior School – Cake Stall – Friday 29 March

Anything will be gratefully received and can be dropped off to the P&F tent behind the gym on Wakefield prior to the start of your athletic carnival. Remember this cake stall is mainly for the kids to buy things to munch on (so don’t forget some pocket money) and a little bit for the adults.

Suggested baked/food items include cupcakes, biscuits, cake and slices (cut into single serve portions), jelly cups, savoury goodies, gluten-free and dairy-free items (with labelling and a list of ingredients). However, please remember all items should be nut free.  If you bring in a container that you would like returned, please clearly mark it with your name and collect it after the carnival.

Stall times are:

8.30– 9.30am Set upYear 10
9.30 – 10.30amYear 7
10.30 – 11.30amYear 9
11.30am – 12.30pmYear 8
12.30 – 1.30pmYear 12
1.30 – 2.30pmYear 11
2.30 onwards and pack upYear 6


JUNIOR SCHOOL (Friday 29 March)
8am – 9am Set upAnyone who wishes to help
9am – 10amYear 5
10am – 11amKindergarten
11am – 12pmYear 1
12pm – 1pmYear 2
1pm – 2pmYear 3
2pm onwards and pack upYear 4


Breakfast BBQ Saturday 30 March - Senior Athletics Carnival

For 2019 the Middle/Senior Athletics Carnival will be spread over two days – all day Wednesday 27 March and the morning of Saturday 30 March.

To feed hungry tummies the P&F will be hosting a breakfast Bacon & Egg Roll BBQ on Saturday 30 March  (the cake stall will not be operating on the Saturday).  The BBQ will be under the P&F tent behind the gym on Wakefield from 8.30am – 12 noon.  B&E rolls will be $5 and soft drinks and water will be available so that you don’t starve during the morning.  We will also have a coffee van to make sure you get your morning caffeine fix!

If you’d like to help please contact Rachael Nicoll on pandf@as.edu.au

P&F Email Address

The P&F now has an email address – if you would like to contact us please use pandf@as.edu.au – this will also be the main address we will send emails from in future.

TAS Rugby Carnival – We need your help!

The TAS Rugby Carnival is coming up at the start of the April holidays on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April. This is the biggest event of the year for TAS and the P&F and showcases TAS far and wide – we have well over 1000 kids, coaches and managers to feed each day – plus their families, from as far as Perth, Dalby and Canberra … phew!!!

We need your help to make the weekend fabulous… you don’t have to have a child playing or be interested in rugby… but if we could have a few hours of your time it would be wonderful… If you can help or bake or both for this event it would be much appreciated.  The Rugby Carnival does clash with Tour de Rocks this year so we would love if you can help. Helpers and Community Service volunteers can sign up using the following link http://signup.com/go/UosTCih

More information will be sent out through TAS Talks, emails and Facebook in the next few weeks.  We will also be having planning meetings so if you would like to be a part of the core team please give me a call on 0418 980 662 or email pandf@as.edu.au or come to our P&F meeting next week.


Mrs Rachael Nicoll
P&F President

06. From the Director of Studies


Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews

Year 12 Parent Teacher Interviews will be held at the end of term – Wednesday 10 April (3.30pm – 6pm) and Thursday 11 April (2pm – 5.30pm)

Two Parent Information presentations will also be held on Wednesday 10 April beginning at 6.15pm and Thursday 11 April beginning at 11.45am. Please indicate which parent session you will be attending by contacting Vickey O’Brien – vobrien@as.edu.au
Information regarding parent teacher interviews with the link and personal webcode will be sent to parents next week.


Library Extended Day and Academic Support

A reminder that the Library continues to be open before and after school for students in Years 6 – 12 who want a safe and quiet space to complete homework and revise their days classes. The Library is supervised and the staff on duty are available for general guidance with homework and assessments.

Specialist tutoring is also available in the evenings from Monday – Thursday from 7pm – 9pm – see table below. Day students accessing specific tutoring sessions will be charged $15 per afternoon. Tutors will keep rolls and the charges associated with these sessions will be added to TAS accounts each month. It is best, though not compulsory, for us to know if you want your child booked into these tutoring sessions.  Families can do this by contacting Vickey O’Brien (vobrien@as.edu.au or 6776 5806) for more details.  Boarders attending these sessions must sign out of the house in the normal manner and return by the required time. There is no additional cost for boarders as out of hours’ support is already part of the Schedule of Fees for 2019. Day students are able to access dinner in the Dining Hall from 5:30pm and will do so by swiping their Student Card at the door. The cost associated with dinner (approx. $6 per meal) will be added to their TAS account.

Mrs Seonia Wark
Director of Studies

Year 6-84pm-5pm


4pm – 5pm



(General assistance)


(General assistance)

Year 9-127pm-9pm

Maths (All levels)


Maths (All levels)


Science and Engineering Challenge

On Wednesday 6 March, students from Year 10 attended the University of Newcastle Science and Engineering Challenge at the University of New England. Students encountered a series of unique challenges designed to stimulate their thinking on problems with an engineering focus: bridge building, distribution networks, power regulation, vehicle suspension, building support, biomechanics and communication.

TAS students did particularly well, and although narrowly beaten, placed second at the venue.  Our thanks to Armidale Central Rotary Club who provides financial support to the event.

My thanks to Dr Charlotte Mack for her organisation of the activity for our students.

Science Practical Assessment Tasks

Practical tasks are an essential component of learning in science. Weeks 7-10 of term 1 is a busy time as student practical skills are assessed. A practical assessment task is designed to allow students to demonstrate  experimental skills that are fundamental to the practice of science.


Applications Now Open – 2020 NYSF Year 12 Program

The National Youth Science Forum 2020 is for students in Year 11 with a passion for science. If you see yourself working in a science-related field and would like to know more about science related study and career paths then this could be an event for you.

Run in January each year, participants:

  • visit science and technology related laboratories and facilities
  • go on site tours
  • listen to lectures
  • take part in workshops
  • go to social events
  • participate in group activities that improve communication and presentation skills.

The standard fee to attend the program in 2020 is $3,150. Part of this cost may be covered by an endorsing Rotary Club. In addition, forty equity scholarships are available.

See: https://www.nysf.edu.au/programs/year-12-program/


Mr Alasdair Hey
Science Coordinator


Letter from King's College

Below is a copy of an email from Greg Eddy Head of Kings College University of Queensland discussing the change from single sex residential to co-ed residential in 2020.

“I write with important news from King’s College within The University of Queensland. Following 107 years as a College for men only, King’s will become co-residential in 2020.

It marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for King’s College which has a proud history of sporting, cultural and academic achievements as well as rich traditions developed over the past century.

With nearly 90 per cent of all secondary students attending co-educational private and public high schools in Queensland, this move enables a greater number of young men and women to experience the opportunities offered at King’s College.

The endorsement of a recommendation for co-residency came at a meeting of College Council yesterday and follows several months of discussion and debate. Ultimately, Council took the view that being a co-residential College enabled King’s to better reflect contemporary Australian life.

King’s College will continue to be the premier residential college at UQ, offering superior facilities in the form of an on-site swimming pool, gymnasium, academic tutoring and a range of other facilities and services.

Women will be housed on separate floors and wings from men, and female employees and leaders will be on-site to ensure female residents have access to support and resources for women.

We’re confident that we are ready and able to welcome young women to the community of King’s and all that it has to offer its members.   We seek your support as we make the transition to a more contemporary residential college in 2020 and we would be grateful if you would share this information will all relevant staff and your school community.

Yours sincerely
Gregory C Eddy
Master & Chief Executive

07. Leadership, Service and Adventure

Coffs Harbour Ocean Swim

The Coffs Harbour Ocean Swim (2km) is the first leg of the TAS Triple Crown. This year it is on Sunday 7 April. TAS will once again be taking a large contingent to Coffs, departing at 5:30am Sunday morning. Parents are welcome to join our team this year. Should you wish to swim, please contact Jim Pennington jpenning@as.edu.au.


Inverell Toughen Up 2019

One hundred and eight enthusiastic, brave and thrill seeking students took on the 2019 Inverell Toughen Up. Although all in attendance were already super tough, they felt that a little of a challenge was in order for the weekend. An event which comprises (amongst other activities), mud pits, prowler push, tractor tyre flip, cargo nets, sand bag carries, a 5km run and the sensational slip and slide has to be an attraction. The team of Joe Kermode, Hamish Pearce, Rohan Lawrence and Sam Coombes were the first TAS unit across the line, closely followed by Emerson Browning, Nicholas Ward, Clayton Southwell and Joseph Smyth. What was really impressive were the three female Year 7 teams and the four Year 8 male teams who simply smashed the course, finished and 20minutes later were looking for more! It was also pleasing to see that almost 75 per centof the TAS participants were repeat customers, they just cannot get enough of a challenge. Thanks go out to Mr Keenan, Mr Shortt and Dan Bailey for their assistance throughout the day (sorry about the mud gents)!

Mr James Pennington 


The Kokoda Trail or known to the diggers as the Kokoda Track, is more than a just bushwalk, it’s a trekking adventure you’ll never forget! The 96 kilometre (as the crow flies) Kokoda Track still bears its battle scars in the shape of scattered ammunition, guns, helmets and stirring campfire stories. Trekking the original Kokoda War Track is an honour that allows one to not only step well outside of their comfort zone, but to also appreciate the unimaginable extremes in which our soldiers pushed themselves to during World War Two. There are steep rugged mountains, treacherous ridges, jungle terrain, unforgiving rivers and rainforests with giant trees that will tower over you and look down, mocking you, at every opportunity. Walk the Kokoda Track in 2019 on a PNG Adventure that embraces the local culture, and experience nature at it’s wildest!

If you are interested in this unique adventure, please contact Jim Pennington (jpenning@as.edu.au) for more information.

Mr James Pennington

08. From the Director of Co-curricular


NSW Schoolgirl Head of the River

On Saturday the TAS Girls rowed a Coxed Four at NSW Schoolgirl Head of the River – the first time TAS has entered a crew in this event. The crew of Molly Dooner, Lily Neilson, Tayla Frahm and Kim Bange, coxed by Hattie Oates, achieved a 19 second PB, completing the 2000m course in a time of 8.16. Ramona Nedianu, competing in the Schoolgirl Single Scull over the same distance, achieved a 60 second PB, in a time of 10.26.

These improvements come on the back of months of hard work; developing both individually and as a crew. It is not only their development on the water but their ability to work together and respect each others differences – to recognise that each individual faces different challenges and every journey is unique – that marks their growth. The fact that they pulled together to finish the season on a high reflects their resilience and determination.

The AAGPS regatta will be held this Saturday 23 March at the Sydney International Regatta Centre with TAS crews competing in the First, Second and Third IVs.

Middle & Senior School Athletics Championships 2019


Please find attached the schedule of events for the Athletics Carnival. All events are held on Wakefield except for the Cloisters Run which is held in the main quadrangle.


Tuesday 19 – Thursday 21 March (lunchtimes) : High Jump qualifying and 800m

(Students should attend the qualifying event for high jump to be eligible to compete in the final.)

Monday 25 March: 3000m – 3:45pm.

Tuesday 26 March: Cloisters Run – 1:15pm.

Wednesday 27 March: Full Day 8.45am – 3:30pm

Saturday 30 March: Half Day 8:30am-12:30pm


The TAS Athletics Championships is a mass-participation ‘event’. All students are strongly encouraged to participate in all events on all days. Attendance is compulsory on 27 and 30 March. Participation in the 100m (where a roll will be taken) and two field events is the minimum expected on the main day.

Age groups are based on how old a student turns this year eg. a student turning 15 this year is in the 15yrs age group.

Team selections

These Championships will be used as a guide to select our athletics teams for the GPS, NCIS and PSSA carnivals.


Students are to wear their House polo shirt, or House athletics singlet, navy TAS shorts and running shoes/spikes to all events. If socks are worn they must be white. If tracksuits are needed they must be TAS tracksuits. When not competing students should wear a TAS cap.

BBQ lunch

On 30 March lunch will be provided for all students (including day students) and their parents from 12:00pm at Wakefield.


Results will be published outside the weights room after each event. Students are encouraged to check results and notify the recording room if there are any errors.

Wet Weather Plan

In the case of continuous rain leading into the carnival or extreme conditions on the day, events will be rescheduled.


TAS Rugby Carnival

On 13-14 April (first weekend of school holidays), 53 visiting primary rugby teams from as far as Perth, Dalby and Canberra will descend on TAS for the annual TAS Rugby Carnival. All members of the TAS community are encouraged to get involved in what is an amazing team effort. I guarantee that you will walk away feeling uplifted. If you are willing and able to help could you please contact Rachael Nicoll at nicollfamily1@gmail.com


Mr Will Caldwell
Director of Co-curricular

Football at TAS

Fantastic!  You’re playing football this winter season, I do hope you have a wonderful time playing this great game.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the season.

It is now time to register. You will find a link to the web page that each player must use to register.

Please find the correct page, either Senior or Junior.

Please note:
1. You will not pay anything at this point, we will pay for all registrations and you will receive a bill attached to your school account at the end of the season.
2. Please ensure you claim you Active Kids Voucher – this will save you $100, when you have done this, email me you receipt, please call this email Active Kids, and we will deduct this from the football levy at the end of the season.


Senior: https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/welcomeregplus.aspx?entityid=75422&id=76036

Junior: https://registration.playfootball.com.au/common/pages/reg/welcomeregplus.aspx?entityid=75422&id=76034


Mr Richard Newton
MIC Football 

Campus City Canter

With more than 100 students away last Saturday with the Inverell Toughen Up, TAS numbers for the Campus to City Canter were markedly down.
That however didn’t deter a few solid competitors with Hugo Catterall having a solid outing. Our Captain of Athletics Disa Smart continued her amazing run of performances in the Canter, with yet another top 10 finish and crossed the line with her dad, Michael. The video review is still out to determine the family winner!


Mr James Pennington

Disa Smart and her father Michael

09. From the Coordinator of Creative Arts



Here we are, we’ve finally arrived at the opening of Oliver! this ThursdayAfter months of planning, auditions, rehearsals, Camp, working bees and many more more rehearsals, we’re finally ready for audiences to enjoy the hard work, talent and passion of all involved. The musicians sound incredible, the technical and stage crew are a well-oiled machine, and the cast cannot wait to finally strut their stuff on the stage.

It is definitely not too late to grab a ticket (though Closing Night is all but sold out) so head to trybooking.com/BAMXV to make a booking. Performances are every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night 7pm, with the matinee on Saturday of Week 1 and Friday of Week 2 at 1pm.


Mr Andrew O’Connell
Creative Arts Coordinator

Last chance for Oliver tickets!

10. From the Head of Middle School


Not quite there yet

Clearly someone I’ve recently spoken to is counting the days: not quite four weeks of actual classes left before the term break. Well, life continues busily here and there’s something (more) I want you to do for me: tell your version of your children’s settling, the challenges (indeed difficulties, in some cases) they have encountered and, most importantly those aspects of school life that they are enjoying in their relatively short time with us this semester. This isn’t for new students only – there are those in Year 8, for example, who may benefit from having their voice heard. They are our senior students I admit, but in terms of the school’s wider context, they are very young and could ‘do’ with extra assistance.

To be fair, some of you are calling, responding via email or calling in and these contacts are good. With luck, by the end of term, fast approaching now, I’ll have had the opportunity to speak to you, too. I’d prefer to speak as this affords me the further opportunity to get to know you a little better.



The Athletics Carnival is to be held next Wednesday and Saturday and, like the Swimming Carnival in Week 3, again I encourage you, wherever possible, to travel to Armidale to see your children’s events. The day promises to be as well attended as the Swimming Carnival day and I know for a fact that Middle School people love to have their families at such major calendar events. We enjoy having you here as well. Armidale weather is predictable in its unpredictability I know, but, suffice it to say that, at this time of year it is generally pleasant (mind you, it is raining heavily as I write). What I know is that you’ll enjoy the events of the day: always entertaining; real competition; amazing House spirit and there is always something to do and many people to talk to. I’m looking forward to catching up with you.


Parent and Teacher Interviews

I’m happy so many of you have organised to attend interviews at the end of last week with Year 6 and 7 teachers. As the term is nearing its end, I’m not sure whether the following comment distinguishes me as ‘Old’ or ‘New’ school, but that doesn’t matter really because it’s what I feel, and I’ve always felt this way in relation to interviews about academic performance: the ten minute sessions concern your children and the manner in which they’ve conducted themselves in class over the school’s longest term. Wherever possible, I encourage students to attend these sessions wherever possible. It’s important that students know an interview concerns both their welfare and academic wellbeing. In a productive way, it’s appropriate they are given some time to address issues that arise and since these (issues) concern them directly, having them present to make comment and answer questions is an integral part of the learning process.

‘Lines’ of Communication

Now that the dust has settled considerably, I’m finding it relatively easy to speak to students on a one-to-one basis and generally I’m enjoying the experience, not so much in my office as a matter of fact, but outside at the appropriately named round table or in the grounds. They’re generally relaxed enough now to speak honestly, too. With the majority, these talks are as informal as they are brief. Sometimes they’re discussions about food, boarding, schoolwork, skateboards and home. They all love the latter topic. I’m even getting to know the names of some students wider family members, too. So, all in all, life here is becoming ‘normal’ for all, challenging for most and increasingly easy for some. In short, they’re continuing to settle well and, apart from the food wrappers and paper planes (from the upstairs rooms) quite a few leave around the grounds, I’m happy with their progress here.


Now, I want to revisit an earlier point: being a mere mortal, I don’t always ‘get it right’ so, if there’s something you’re aware of that could assist me to address concerns you have about your child’s wellbeing, then I want you to call me rather than wait for me to call you. Mr Jamie Brauer, Mrs Bekk Baumgartner and I talk at least once every day, so our awareness of boarders’ needs is, in my view, excellent, and our management of them is good. But day students have needs as well and I urge you to avail yourselves of the opportunity to speak to me if and when you want or need to do so. The lines are always open.

In fact, it’s essential that we communicate because, as indicated in past TAS Talks segments, it’s so much easier to manage issues than it is to address problems. The people we deal with are too young to be burdened by many problems anyway and the more we adults talk, the less likely is the situation where they may arise. Problems have the capacity to impinge on the enjoyment of skateboarding, sitting under trees (sometimes with a good book, though more often, good company), careering around ovals and other life-necessities of early adolescents. It’s supposed to be a world where kids can be anything they want – why don’t we just encourage them to be kind.

I wish you well and look forward to catching up before term ends, in ‘not quite three weeks’.


Mr Mark Harrison
Head of Middle School





11. From the Head of Junior School


New England Festival

Our thanks to all the TAS parents, teachers and friends who joined together for the New England Festival Parade last Saturday. Clearly those that attended enjoyed themselves and I am grateful that so many were from Junior School. We appreciate your help for these occasions and we feel that our participation in community events such as the Armidale Show, the Parade and Eisteddfod is a valuable experience.

Junior School students flying the flag at this year’s New England Festival Parade


Sharing our Planet and the Spirit of Environmentalism

Last week, we were reminded in various Units of Inquiry, that out planet needs our help. Last year, Year 1 lead the way with their Return and Earn initiative which got off to a fantastic start. Having met with senior school SRC students this week, Junior School is reviewing what was such a promising project last year and looking for ways to continue the drive. There have been a small number of successes this far; with the TAS Rugby Carnival looming however, another great opportunity presents itself and this will be the focus of our attention in the short term. We will be putting together a team of helpers to coordinate the collection and return of bottles and cans. If you think you might be able to help, please contact Reception and we will forward further information when it comes to hand.


Winter Sport

You will see in our Sport Section that the Winter Sport program for Football will begin on the last weekend of this term. Our winter teams are being finalised (so please ensure your child’s preference has been received) along with coaches and training days. Suggestions are that winter training will commence on 1 April to ensure our teams are ready for that weekend. More information will be forthcoming but please note this in your diaries.


Athletics Championships – Friday 29 March

I hope you have seen the date for our Athletics from various sources, including the request from the P&F for support for the canteen. This is one of the big days in our calendar and it is great to have as many parents there as possible, especially those who know the right end of a stop watch! We hope to see you there.


Parent/Teacher Interviews – Monday and Tuesday, 8 & 9 April, 2019

Please note the new dates for the Junior School Parent Teacher interviews for Kindergarten to Year 5, avoiding a clash with the Memorial Hall with others. These interviews are an ideal opportunity for you to speak with your child’s classroom teacher about their progress so far this year and goals for the future. All the information for booking your interviews will be emailed to you soon, so please note these dates to avoid disappointment.


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday wishes to Joe Fenwicke, Katie Hynes and Josiah Baumgartner.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Middle School


Junior School Upcoming Events

Week 9
Wednesday 27 MarchYear 5 Assembly (Memorial Hall)
Thursday 28 MarchLife Education Van
Friday 29 MarchJunior School Athletics Championships
Week 10
Monday 1 AprilLife Education Van
Tuesday 2 AprilLife Education Van
Wednesday 3 AprilTransition Assembly – Memorial Hall
Saturday 6 AprilArmidale Football Association – Round 1 Competition
Week 11
Monday 8 AprilParent Teacher Interviews (timings tba)
Tuesday 9 AprilParent Teacher Interviews (timings tba)
Thursday 11 AprilClasses Conclude
Friday 12 AprilStaff Day – Student free day
Term 2
Week 1
Monday 29 AprilStaff Day – Student Free Day
Tuesday 30 AprilClasses Commence

Scholastic Brochures

Thank you to all parents who have been ordering from the Scholastic brochures. The response has been fantastic, and has earned us a number of rewards to purchase new books and resources.

Orders from the latest brochure (no. 2) should be placed through the Scholastic LOOP order website by next Monday 25 March.  Please follow the instructions on the order page in the brochure, or follow the prompts on the website.  Should you wish to pay by cheque, please place your cheque and order form in an envelope in the red letter box at the Junior School office.  Should you need any assistance, please contact me on nramazan@as.edu.au.

Mrs Ramazani


Mrs Natalie Ramazani
Library Assistant

Junior School Sport

Activities Day – Athletics Events – Monday, 18 March

We had a fantastic day on Monday completing some events for our carnival and some practise events. Children were involved in shotput, long jump, relays, sprints and novelties during the morning session.


Athletics Carnival – Friday, 29 March

Our Junior School Athletics carnival is on next Friday, 29 March.  Children will need to arrive at school by 8:30am to get ready for the day. House shirts are to be worn on the day. Please ensure your child has a drink bottle and hat for the day.

A BBQ lunch will be supplied, and a cake stall will also be set up for the children. Please send along a small amount of money if you wish your child to have something from the cake stall.

Please see Mr Ian Lloyd or Mr Luke Polson on the day if you are able to help out with timekeeping.

The Athletics Programme is available here: ATHLETICS PROGRAM

Sports Training for the remainder of the Term

  • Week 9 – Training continues for all teams
  • Week 10 – Football training commences
    Tennis and Gymnastics children to finish this week
  • Week 11 – no sports training this week


Mrs Christine Wright
Junior School Sports Coordinator



Community Notices