Start of Term Newsletter Term 4 2023

TERM 4, 2023

From the Principal

As we approach the final term of 2023, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to those new students and families joining us at TAS.

Term 4 is an exciting term, culminating with Activities Week, Speech Days and end of year celebrations. However, there is much to come in the meantime, starting with the Middle School Open afternoon and the 19 for Nineteen challenge, a walk for Anya’s Wish at the end of Week 1. Many of our students and staff will be involved with these activities and I look forward to seeing a number of parents there too.

This term Mr David Toakley and Mrs Kirsty Brundson are taking Long Service Leave. Ms Fiona Taber will be Acting Head of HSIE for the term and we welcome Mrs Gaye Piper, who is already well known in the TAS community, to Middle School to teach Year 6 for the term. We are also delighted to welcome back Mrs Jess Collett from maternity leave.

While it is always sad to see staff and their families leave TAS, it is wonderful to be able to see them progress in their careers and move onto new and exciting opportunities. At this time, we congratulate Mr Doug Fawcett who has been appointed Head of Boarding at Pembroke School, a coeducational independent school in Adelaide, starting in 2024. We will farewell the Fawcett family, including Mrs Grania Fawcett, Harry and Emi at the end of the year.

As our outgoing Year 12 students head into the HSC, with their first exam next Wednesday, we know they are well prepared, but also wish them the very best of luck throughout the exam period and beyond. The leadership baton has now been passed to Year 11 and we welcome a new group of student leaders who are stepping up this term. I would like to congratulate all new House and Co-curricular leaders and our 2024 Prefects:

  • Senior Prefects Henry Kirton and Bethan Palfreyman
  • Deputy Senior Prefects Andrew Brennan and Matilda Cullen
  • Prefects Charlotte Armstrong, Thomas Burnett, Alexandra Nivison and Abbott White

I often speak about how busy a place TAS is for our students and of course that means that is incredibly busy for our staff too. The ability to have some clear and reasonable expectations around communications is therefore important. As a school, we have recently updated our policies outlining there. The policy relating to parent communications can be found HERE. It outlines a number of things, including expectations around timings of communication and response times. It is also worth noting that our teaching staff spend the majority of their day in class teaching, so emergency communication should go to one of the school receptions for a fast response.

As we continue to add items to the new parent portal, please do not hesitate to let our Website Manager, Mrs Donna Jackson ( know if you feel something is missing or would be a useful addition.


Dr Rachel Horton

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From the Deputy Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome back for the final term of 2023. With plenty scheduled within the next nine weeks, I have every confidence that all students regardless of interests will have something special to look forward to. 

Term 4 will see students return to wearing their Summer uniform. With a continued focus on ensuring high standards, staff have been asked to ensure all students are presenting and wearing the uniform to a very high standard, as per our Rules and Regulations guide on the parent portal.

Boys are to wear khaki shorts and shirt, khaki socks, polished black shoes, school tie and navy blazer (Years 6-10) or striped senior blazer (Years 11 and 12). A school jumper may be worn with this uniform. Hair is to be neat and tidy, natural colour and be of an acceptable length (Number 3 blade +) and there must be no artificial colouring. Extremes in length (i.e. long fringes, mullets, shaved sections above ears etc.) along with facial hair is not permitted. 

Girls are to wear school dress (knee length), short white socks, polished black shoes and navy blazer (Years 6-10) or striped blazer (Years 11 and 12). The navy girls’ jumper may be worn with this dress depending on the weather.  Hair is to be a natural colour and be both clean and well-kept. It must be worn off the face and neatly tied back if shoulder length or longer. Ribbons should be navy or white from the Uniform Shop. Extremes in length (i.e. shaved sections) are not permitted.

The winter sports jackets are not to be worn as part of the uniform in Terms 1 and 4. 

In addition, students are reminded that chewing gum is prohibited on campus.

We have a number of compulsory school events in Term 4 where all students listed are expected to attend.

  • 26-27 October – Bivouac (Years 6-11)
  • 9-14 November – End of Year Exams (Years 9-10)
  • 26 November – 1 December – Activities Week (Years 6-11)
  • 6 December – Cash Cup (Years 6-11)
  • 7 December – Junior School Speech Day (Junior School)
  • 8 December – Speech Day (Years 6-11)

Please note that in addition to this, academic deadlines and exam periods must be met/attended.  

This is an important term for our Year 11s as they undertake their official and unofficial leadership responsibilities as seniors of the School. The role they play in setting the tone and building momentum for 2024 cannot be underestimated, and I have every confidence we are in good hands with this exceptional group of young men and women. 

We will commence the term on Tuesday 11 October with an Assembly in Period 1 for all students in the Middle and Senior School and students are reminded to wear their formal uniform.   

I look forward to seeing all students next Tuesday and wish everyone the best for the term ahead.


Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal
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From the Director of Teaching and Learning

A warm welcome to all families as we begin Term 4. The busyness of the academic program begins with the first HSC examination next Wednesday 11 October. Year 12 students are reminded to carefully check the HSC Examination Timetable and ensure they arrive at Memorial Hall 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. A range of information will be sent to families in a separate email today regarding uniforms, attendance, equipment, examination etiquette, and administrative procedures as students move through the HSC period. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all about the HSC.

Our Year 11 students will begin Term 4 with a ‘Welcome to the HSC’ day next Thursday 12 October. Students will not be attending classes that day but rather taking part in a series of workshops and information sessions to help introduce them to the year ahead. Students are to wear their summer uniform, and a schedule will be emailed to them on Tuesday morning to outline the program. Our Year 11 students will also be receiving back most of their End of Course Examination results in the first two weeks of term; this feedback plays a vital role in academic improvement and goal setting for the next 12 months. Please refer to the email sent to all Year 11 families on September 27 about stationery and educational equipment required for the first day back of term. Next week marks the start of Year 12 content so it is important that students have new exercise books, folders and stationery to start HSC coursework in an organised and structured manner.

Year 10 students are reminded that the 2024 Year 11 Subject Selection process is coming to a close. All students are required to make their selections via Edval by 5 pm next Friday 13 October. The portal for this process will open early next week.

Year 8 and 9 students will soon receive the 2024 Stage 5 Academic Handbook (online) and they will be asked to select a series of elective subjects from this handbook that they are interested in studying in 2024. This will then determine the elective subject offerings for both Semester 1 and 2 next year. Once this list has been finalised, students will make their preferred selections later in the term. More information will be distributed to families in Week 1 of Term 4.

A reminder that Year 9 and 10 students will be sitting their End of Year Examinations in Weeks 5 and 6 of Term 4, and now is the time to begin finalising existing course notes in preparation for a structured revision and study program. The first four weeks of term will be vital in consolidating learning in preparation for these assessments, the aim of which is for our students to demonstrate their learning from across the semester and year.

Finally, I wish Year 8 students the best as they begin to receive feedback and results from their recent Term 3 examinations. I hope this process helps students to reflect on successes as well as areas for improvement as they move forward. I encourage families to engage in discussion with their Year 8 child about these results and feedback; we are all stakeholders in our students’ learning and this process is a most helpful one in gaining insight into areas of growth and potential improvement.


Mrs Gill Downes
Director of Teaching and Learning


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From the Director of Boarding

Dear Boarding Parents and Caregivers,

2024 Senior Boarding House Leaders and Prefects

I congratulate the following 2024 Senior Boarding House Leaders and Prefects, which were announced at the School Assembly on Thursday, 21 September. The respective Heads of House and I are looking forward to working closely with these leaders from next term to ensure a smooth transition into these important roles and to assist the Boarding House Leaders with the implementation of several ideas they raised in their house speeches.

Abbbot House

Captains: Will Ledingham and Alexandra Nivison

Vice Captain: Abbott White

Croft House

Captains: Charles Hamilton and Bella Fernance

Vice Captain: Brock Galvin

Tyrrell House

Captains: Ned Farrell and Isabella Crawford

Vice Captain: Jack Chappell

Girls Boarding House

Captain: Prudence Black

Vice-Captains: Lanni Ryan and Tess Roman

Senior Prefect

Henry Kirton


Thomas Burnett, Alexandra Nivison and Abbott White

Term 4 Return

Monday 9 October is an Academic Staff Day, and as a result, some Heads of House won’t be available until 3.30 pm.  Boarding houses will be open and staffed from 1.00 p.m.


Simple standards such as the correct socks and polished shoes for the boys and adhering to the School’s jewellery policy, skirt length and polished shoes for the girls need to be adhered to, as a minimum, at all times. The only hats to be worn with the school uniform (including sport uniform) are TAS hats or caps, and when competing in sports, the full TAS sports uniform must be worn.

All boarders must return to TAS with appropriate clothing for our weekly Boarders Chapel and an appropriate haircut. Should there be any confusion regarding the uniform expectations, please check the school website or discuss it with your Head of House.

Term 4 sees the commencement of the summer sports season and a change to the weekend commitments of many sports. Boarders should return to school with adequate summer sports attire and discuss their summer sports commitments with their respective coaches or team managers upon their return.

Mobile Phones

While I appreciate the importance of mobile phones to communicate with family and friends, boarders only need one phone, with minimal data, to do this. Should additional technological devices, other than the one mobile phone and school-issued laptop, be needed at school, please communicate this directly with your Head of House before the commencement of Term 4. All technological devices are to be handed to the staff on duty of an evening and stored in boarding house offices. The exceptions to this rule are the Years 11 and 12 boarders, with the Year 11s allowed their laptops overnight from Week 8 Term 3.

Boarders Cars

This privilege has always been for Year 12 students only and will remain a Year 12 privilege for the foreseeable future. Current Year 11 Boarders will be allowed their vehicles at TAS, parked at their own risk and with a number of strict conditions attached, once their Year 12 privileges commence during Term 4.

Term 4 Boarders Chapel

In consultation with Dr Horton, Mrs Benham and the Boarding Heads of House, Boarders Chapel will be trialled at the new time of 7:50 am – 8.20 am on Thursdays during Term 4. All Boarders will now follow their normal prep routines of a Wednesday evening, and I request all parents to contact their Head/s of House directly, well in advance, should your son and/or daughter need to be excused from evening prep Monday to Thursday.

Term 4 Changes to Years 9 & 10 Evening Prep

From the commencement of Term 4, the following changes to Years 9 and 10 Evening Prep will be trialled.

  • Year 10 will complete evening prep in-house from 6.30pm Roll Call through until 8.30pm.
  • Following the 6.30pm Roll Call, Year 9 will now either remain in their respective Houses or use the Cricket Oval (Croft), Adamsfield (Tyrrell), Wakefield (Abbott) or Dangarfield (Moyes) for recreation. Year 9 will complete Evening Prep upstairs in the Learning Hub from 7.00pm – 8.30pm.
  • The Learning Hub will be staffed by the evening tutors and one staff member from Abbott, Croft, Girls Boarding and Tyrrell Houses from 7.00pm – 8.30pm.
  • The downstairs spaces and private rooms in the Learning Hub will continue to be left available for the Years 10 – 12 boarders from 7.00pm – 8.30 pm Monday – to Thursday.


Mr David Drain
Director of Boarding


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From the Director of Pastoral Care

It was my great pleasure to announce the incoming Day House Leaders for 2024 at the Year 12 Farewell Assembly last term. Congratulations to the following students who were elected leaders:

Broughton House

Captains: Tom Dundon and Emily Benham
Vice Captains: Jack McCook and Camryn Rodgers

Green House

Captains: Andrew Brennan and Abigail Thompson
Vice Captain: Alannah Wiseman

Ross House

Captains: William Glover and Georgia White
Vice Captains: Tom Ball and Isabella Lucas

I look forward to working alongside these students over the coming months as they prepare for Inter-House competitions, starting with preparations for the highly anticipated Cash Cup, which will take place at the end of this term.


Mr Adam (AJ) Whalley
Director of Pastoral Care

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From the Director of Co-Curricular

Term 3 produced many highlights and openings for students to engage and excel outside of the classroom. Some of the highlights included The Middle School Performance (Fight With All Your Might The Zombies of Tonight by Matthew Whittet) an Activity Day, TAS Sleep Out, multiple sporting grand final victories including the Opens Men’s B Grade Hockey team, 14s Girls Rugby and TAS 2, 3, 4 and 5 Netball teams. I commend all students who have participated in the TAS co-curricular program, and I thank the staff and external coaches for their continued support and involvement in a program that provides a rich and diverse experience for our students.

Term 4 promises to be an action-packed nine weeks of co-curricular activities. CHICAGO: TEEN EDITION auditions and rehearsals will commence; the Triple Crown continues with the next event ‘19 for Nineteen Challenge’ for Anya’s Wish in support of the Children’s Cancer Institute, summer sport commences, music ensembles continue, and the Activities Program will be in full swing with a Bivouac (Week 3) and Activities Week (Week 8).

Whilst most activities in Week 8 (Year 6/7, Surf Life Saving, RFS and Service) will take place from Monday to Friday, Cadet Camp will depart on Sunday afternoon 26 November to ensure all cadets are transported to their venues ready to commence activities on Monday morning. More information will follow from each of the Activities Co-ordinators in the coming weeks.

Once again, there are many opportunities for students to challenge themselves, and no doubt some of these experiences will be difficult, but that is where the reward lies – through challenge, we grow!

I encourage all our students to be optimistic and open to the challenges and experiences that Term 4 offers.

Students are reminded that co-curricular activities are compulsory, and sports uniform should be worn to each training session (unless otherwise advised by their MIC) and games. It is a student’s responsibility to communicate any intended absence from sport. This should be done either in person or via e-mail prior to the training session or game, with a valid reason.

Please find links for:

  1. Term 4 2023 Co-Curricular Schedule
  2. Term 4 2023 Extra Curricular Schedule

Term 4 Scheduled Events

Week 1

Sunday 15 October Triple Crown 3 – ‘19 for Nineteen Challenge’

Week 3

Thursday 26 and Friday 27 Bivouac

Week 5

Thursday 9 November Twilight Concert

Friday 10 November Triple Crown 4 – TAS 4 hour event, ‘Walk a mile in another man’s wheels’.

Week 7

Saturday 25 November Loreto Normanhurst Rowing Regatta

Week 8

Sunday 26 November – Friday 1 December Activities Week – Cadets (Please note the Sunday departure)

Monday 27 November – Friday 1 December Activities Week – Year 6 and 7 Camp, Year 11 SLS/RFS/Service

Week 9

Wednesday 6 December Cash Cup

Friday 8 December Speech Day


Friday 8 – Tuesday 12 December Rowing Camp at TAS/Malpas Dam (All Rowers)

Tuesday 9 – Sunday 14 January Rowing Camp Taree (Seniors Only)


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-curricular

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From the Head of Middle School

I would like to offer a warm welcome back to everyone as we commence the final term of the year. This term we welcome a number of new families to Middle School and I hope that you all settle into TAS well. There will be an assembly on Tuesday morning Period 1. Please ensure all students are wearing their formal school uniform for the first day back.

Our Year 8 students and staff have returned safe and well from the annual service trip to St Christopher’s Home in Suva, Fiji. Our students were fully immersed in the life of the home and in the Fijian culture throughout their time and we are all very proud of what they achieved. The group completed a number of service projects during the time away and the group will share more details of the trip and photos during an upcoming assembly. I’d like to thank Ms Fiona Taber for all of her efforts and time coordinating this year’s trip as well as Mrs Jo and Mr Matt Benham, Miss Emma Channon and Mr Craig Norrie who also travelled with this year’s group.

The final term of the year is always a busy one. A number of calendar items this term include:

  • October 10 – Classes resume

  • October 14 – Middle School Open Day

  • October 15 – Triple Crown Event #2 – 19 for Ninteen walk Anya’s Wish

  • October 26 and 27 – Bivouac

  • November 9 – Year 7 Vaccinations

  • November 10 – Triple Crown Event #3 – TAS 4 Hour

  • November 27 – December 1 – Activities Week

  • December 7 – Middle School Final Assembly

  • December 8 – Speech Day

From 11 October, the Summer uniform is to be worn. Please read through Mr Pearson’s section of the newsletter if you are unsure of what the uniform requirements are. Please ensure your child has a school hat. Middle School staff will be ensuring that students are wearing these at break times to protect them from the sun. These can be purchased from the uniform shop if you require another.

Finally, I would also like to draw your attention to the Middle School Open Day that will be held on Saturday 14 October from 12.30 pm.  This event is for all current and prospective families to enjoy a day of adventure, fun, creative arts and STEM activities.  It will also be an opportunity for all new and current families to meet Principal Dr Horton and myself, enjoy lunch or afternoon tea and learn more about your child’s educational opportunities during the middle years at TAS.

I wish everyone well for the term ahead.


Mr Luke Polson
Head of Middle School

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From the Head of Junior School


We trust that all in our Junior School community have enjoyed some time to rest, recover and reconnect over the current school holiday period, and that all are eagerly anticipating the commencement of Term 4 on Tuesday 10 October. With the return of warmer weather please note that all Junior School students should be wearing their correct summer uniform from the first day of term, unless they are participating in physical education classes during the day or School sport after school, in which case sports uniform can be worn throughout the day. For those less familiar with the School’s uniform requirements please refer to the information provided by Mr Pearson earlier in this publication.

The safety and wellbeing of all students is our fundamental concern. We provide active supervision of students from 8.10am and ask that your child(ren) not arrive at school before this time to ensure their safety. Additionally, our staff supervise all students until 3.45pm before attending a range of meetings. We are consequently unable to supervise any child not participating in a structured after school activity after this time and provide Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) until 6.00pm for this purpose. Bookings for this service are made through the Xplor online platform. Please contact our OSHC team via should you require further information about the OSHC program or need clarification as to how to either enrol or book in your child(ren).

The summer sports season commences in earnest from the start of Week 2, with all Junior School sports (basketball, cricket, gymnastics, indoor hockey and tennis) continuing to either have practices or fixtures after school on Monday. Students participating in basketball will train on Wednesday afternoons, those playing cricket will compete on Saturday mornings and our indoor hockey teams have their fixtures scheduled on Friday afternoons. Further details about the sports and extra-curricular programs were emailed to parents by Mr Barrett late last term. Please direct any questions or concerns relating to the Junior School sport program to Mrs Christine Wright, JS Sports Coordinator, at Rehearsals for the Junior School production of Finding Nemo continue to take place after school each Tuesday afternoon as per the schedule provided by Mr Norrie.

Many of our students enjoy spending time in the sand pit and the adjoining play kitchen before school and during recess and lunch time. As such, much of the equipment used in this space is in high demand. Should you have any old cookware (e.g. pots, pans, baking trays, muffin trays, etc) or plastic cooking implements (e.g. spatula, ladle, etc) that you are no longer using please consider donating this to the school. We can guarantee you that any such donations will be well-used! Please drop off any donations with Mrs Lasker in the Junior School reception.


Mr Scott Chittenden
Head of Junior School
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