Start of Term Newsletter Term 4 2022

TERM 4, 2022

From the Principal

Dear Parents

As we approach the final term of 2022, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to those new students and families joining us at TAS.

We also have two new staff members to welcome to the School:
Mr Tim Williams joins us as Head of Tyrrell House. We thank Mr Johnathon Woodbridge immensely for acting in the role this year and are grateful that he will be continuing his affiliation with Tyrrell in support of the boys and Mr Williams.

We welcome Mr Adam Preocanin to TAS as a teacher of Science in Term 4 while Mr Stephen Thompson takes Long Service Leave and as a teacher of PDHPE next year. Mr Preocanin is an experienced teacher from England and, most recently St Paul’s Catholic College, Kempsey. He also brings a wealth of sporting experience with him, both in terms of playing and coaching.

At this time I would also like to inform you that Mr Ian Lloyd will be retiring at the end of the year. Mr Lloyd has been at TAS for an incredible 41 years and leaves behind him a considerable legacy, most recently in the thriving, vibrant and caring Junior School. He will be greatly missed by students, staff and families alike and we will ensure that there are opportunities to celebrate his contribution to TAS and farewell him appropriately at the end of the year.

While from October 14 isolation for individuals who test positive to COVID-19 will no longer be mandatory in Australia, we continue to ask members of our community to be vigilant for symptoms and to stay at home if they do have symptoms. Students or staff who test positive must not come to school.

Term 4 is an exciting term, culminating with Activities Week, Speech Days and end of year celebrations. However, there is much to come in the meantime, starting with the Middle School Open afternoon and the 19 for 19 challenge, a walk for Anya’s Wish to support the Children’s Cancer Institute, at the end of Week 1. Many of our students will be involved with these activities and I look forward to seeing a number of parents there too.

As our outgoing Year 12 students head into the HSC, with their first exam next Wednesday, we know they are well prepared, but also wish them the very best of luck throughout the exam period and beyond. In their absence, we welcome a new group of student leaders from Year 11 who are stepping up this term. Senior Prefects will be decided a little later this term, and I would like to congratulate all House and Co-curricular leaders, but I would particularly like to congratulate the 2023 Prefects:

Sam Atkin
Felicity Barton
Toby Inglis
Meg Kealey
Fred Kearney
Callan Lawrence
Eve Muirhead
Jasper O’Neil
Sofia Paris
Johnathon Phelps


Dr Rachel Horton

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From the Deputy Principal

Dear Families,

Welcome back for the final term of 2022. With plenty scheduled within the next nine weeks, I have every confidence that all students regardless of interests will have something special to look forward to.

Term 4 will see students return to wearing their Summer uniform. With a continued focus on ensuring high standards, staff have been asked to ensure all students are presenting and wearing the uniform to a very high standard. As per our Rules and Regulations guide on the student and parent portal:

Boys are to wear khaki shorts and shirt, khaki socks, polished black shoes, school tie and navy blazer (years 6-10) or striped senior blazer (years 11 and 12). A school jumper may be worn with this uniform. Hair is to be neat and tidy, natural colour and be of an acceptable length (Number 3 blade +) and there must be no artificial colouring. Extremes in length (i.e. long fringes, mullets, shaved sections above ears etc.) along with facial hair is not permitted.

Girls are to wear school dress (knee length), short white socks, polished black shoes and navy blazer (years 6-10) or striped blazer (years 11 and 12). The navy girls’ jumper may be worn with this dress depending on the weather.  Hair is to be a natural colour and be both clean and well kept. It must be worn off the face and neatly tied back if shoulder length or longer. Ribbons should be navy or white from the Uniform Shop. Extremes in length (i.e. shaved sections) are not permitted.

The winter sports jackets are not to be worn as part of the uniform in Terms 1 and 4.

In addition, students are reminded that chewing gum is not permitted on campus.

I look forward to working with our Year 11s this term as they undertake their official and unofficial leadership responsibilities as seniors of the School. The role they play in setting the tone and building momentum for 2023 cannot be underestimated and I have every confidence we are in good hands with this exceptional group of young men and women.

We will commence the term on Tuesday with an Assembly Period 1 for all students in the Middle and Senior School and students are reminded to wear their blazers.

I look forward to seeing all students next Tuesday and wish everyone the best for the term ahead.

Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal

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From the Acting Director of Studies

Term 4 has arrived and with this comes a range of exciting academic events, each requiring the need for application and diligence from all students across our year groups. Please feel encouraged to reach out if you have any questions about your child’s academic program in the months ahead. Your child’s Advisor should be your first point of contact.

Timetable for Term 4

There have been some essential changes made to the daily timetable for Term 4. As such, all students need to check their timetables online through Edval prior to returning to school on Tuesday. The changes are to rooming, as well as some staff changes in line with recent and upcoming departures and additions to our teaching staff. Additionally, the timetabling of some specific lessons will have changed so it is vital that Edval remains the single place to regularly check timetables. It is anticipated that the altered timetable will be available to students by this coming Friday.



Formal Assessments: Years 6 – 10

Term 4 sees our students from Year 6 – 10 begin to prepare for their end-of-course examinations and bring to completion ongoing projects within practical subjects. This is a time which requires focus and discipline, as well as an active effort to achieve a work/leisure balance during a busy time of year.

  • Year 9 and 10 examinations for core subjects – English, HSIE, Mathematics and Science – will occur on Monday and Tuesday of Week 4 (31 October – 1 November). All other Year 9 and 10 subjects, including electives, will run their final assessments outside of this period in Weeks 1, 3, 5, 6 or 7.
  • Year 6 – 8 examinations for core subjects will occur on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of Week 4 (2 – 4 November). All other Middle School subjects will run their final assessments outside of this period in Weeks 2, 3, 5 or 6.

Specific details on the timing and weighing of tasks can be found in each specific year group’s Academic Assessment Schedules found on the Parent Portal HERE; alternatively, students can find these on their Student Portal (via Canvas).

In preparation for these examinations and formal assessments, students need to be using their class time and prep time to complete all set revision tasks and to set up revision practices such as note-taking, palm cards, practising writing tasks and memorisation strategies to ensure they are comfortable with both their knowledge of the content and their ability to write about their understanding. Now is the time to be consolidating and focusing on ending each course well as we head into Term 4.

Year 12 HSC Examinations

With the first HSC Examination starting next week, it is vital that all Year 12 students closely check specific examination starting times for each of their subjects. Please note the start time for the first examination on Wednesday is different to the start time for Thursday morning’s examination, so it is very important that students know when they need to arrive. For the first HSC examination on Wednesday of Week 1, students should arrive 45 minutes before the examination to allow for a full run-through of procedures and processes with the examination staff prior to the first paper starting. The full HSC timetable can be found HERE.

The HSC Examinations will be taking place in the School’s Gymnasium and will be facilitated by our external examination team – the same staff who worked on the Trial HSC with Year 12 this year. All students are to assemble under the trees near Wakefield (like they did for their Trial Examination) 30 minutes before the advertised start time of each examination to allow time to mark the roll and begin these examinations on time.

A reminder that the items brought into the examination must meet NESA guidelines which can be found HERE. A short list of these items includes BLACK pens, a clear water bottle, and all stationery inside a clear plastic sleeve – what you need with vary for each exam, but a pencil, highlighter and eraser is a solid list of basic stationery required for most examinations. Please ensure your NESA approved calculator has working batteries prior to the examinations.

Year 11

This is an exciting time for our Year 11 students as they begin their HSC Courses in the coming month. Officially, Year 12 coursework does not start until Week 5 of the term which means any student considering removing a subject from their program of study cannot do so until 7 November, giving families plenty of time to discuss and consider this important decision. Any student who is considering removing 2 units from their pattern of study need to meet with Mr Taylor and Mrs Downes to ensure this is the right decision for them. Parents will also be involved in these important conversations. Those Year 11 students wishing to add an extension subject to their Year 12 program of study need to discuss this with the relevant staff of these subjects to see if they are a suitable candidate for this course; please ask if you require help.

Year 10

As you would be aware, the 2023 Year 11 lines have now been published on both the Student and Parent Portals as well as being emailed out to all stakeholders. Students need to ensure these choices are finalised through Edval by Friday of Week 1 (14 October). If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs Downes to discuss these concerns.

Year 8 and 9

Stage 5 Electives are also ready for Year 8 and 9 students to make their final selections via Edval for their 2023 program of study. At this point, it is only Semester 1 subjects being selected and students need to choose THREE electives from EACH Semester 1 line in order of the preference in which they would like to be considered for these courses. Could carers please ensure they are part of this conversation to help students choose appropriately? Subject selections should occur based on interest, and areas of skill and with the aim of expanding knowledge in different areas. These selections need to be made by Monday of Week 2 (17 October).


Mrs Gill Downes
Acting Director of Studies


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From the Director of Boarding


Dear Boarding Parents and Caregivers,

2023 Senior Boarding House Leaders 

I congratulate the following 2023 Senior Boarding House Leaders and which were announced at the School Assembly on Wednesday 21 September. The Senior and Deputy Senior Prefects will be announced during Term 4. The respective Heads of House and I are looking forward to working closely with these leaders from next term to ensure a smooth transition into these important roles and to assist the Boarding House Leaders with the implementation of a number of ideas they raised in their house speeches.




Abbbot House

Captains: Louis Ross & Phoebe Ellis

Vice-Captain: Sam Atkin

Croft House

Captains: Ardie Curtis & Mischa Milostic

Vice-Captain: Talisen Ruming

Tyrrell House

Captains: Ben Poole & Olivia Cannington

Vice-Captain: Ned Goodwin

Girls’ Boarding House

Captain: Eliza Crawford

Vice-Captain: Noushi Byrne

Term 4 Return

Monday 10 October is an Academic Staff Day with a large number of staff completing a First Aid Course until 4.00pm. As a result, some Heads of House won’t be available until after that time.  Boarding houses will be open and staffed from 1.30pm.

Staff Changes

The TAS boarding community welcomes Mr Tim Williams as the new Head of Tyrrell House from the commencement of Term 4. Mr Williams will replace Mr Woodbridge who did an outstanding job as the Acting Head of Tyrrell House during Terms 2 and 3.

Mr Williams comes to TAS from St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill where he was the Acting Head of History. He has extensive experience in boarding in both Australia and England. Mr Williams also brings strong academic experience and has a Masters in Ancient History. Additionally, he brings a wealth of co-curricular experience and has himself played over 200 games for the Eastwood Rugby Club in Sydney.

Mr Williams is also an Old Armidalian and has enjoyed being back in Armidale since moving into his near by TAS residence with his wife Anneliese.


Simple standards such as the correct socks and polished shoes for the boys and adhering to the school’s jewellery policy, skirt length and polished shoes for the girls need to be adhered to, as a minimum, at all times. The only hats to be worn with the school uniform are TAS hats and when competing in sport the full TAS sports uniform must be worn.

All boarders must return to TAS with appropriate clothing for our weekly Boarders’ Chapel and an appropriate haircut. Should there be any confusion regarding the uniform expectations please check the school website or discuss with your Head of House.

Term 4 sees the commencement of the summer sport season and a change to the weekend commitments of many sports. Boarders should return to school with adequate summer sport attire and discuss their summer sport commitments with their respective coaches or team managers upon their return.

Mobile Phones

While I appreciate the importance of mobile phones to communicate with family and friends, boarders only need one phone, with minimal data, to do this. Should additional technological devices, other than the one mobile phone and school issued laptop, be needed at school please communicate this directly with your Head of House before the commencement of Term 4. All technological devices are to be handed to the staff on duty of an evening and stored in boarding house offices. The exceptions to this rule are the Year 12 boarders.


This privilege has always been for Year 12 students only and will remain a Year 12 privilege for the foreseeable future. Current Year 11 Boarders will be allowed their vehicles at TAS, parked at their own risk and with a number of strict conditions attached, once their Year 12 privileges commence.


Mr David Drain
Director of Boarding

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From the Director of Pastoral Care

I would like to congratulate the following students on their appointment as Day House leaders for 2023:

Captains – Pierre Morcellet and Alexandra Donoghue
Vice Captain – Will Morelli

Captains – William Nash and Isabella Banister
Vice Captains – Emma Pearce and Tom Sheedy

Captains – Bailey Barrett and Lucy Crowley
Vice Captains – Peter Evans and Ruby Mills

I look forward to working alongside these students this term as they prepare their Houses for the upcoming inter-house competitions.

Mr A J Whalley
Director of Pastoral Care
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From the Director of Co-Curricular

Term 3 produced many highlights and opportunities for students to engage and excel outside of the classroom. The Middle School Performance (Stephen Weir’s History’s Worst Decisions and the People Who Made Them), an Activities Day, TAS Sleep Out, multiple sporting grand final victories including the Opens and 16s Football team, TAS 2 and 7 Netball teams and the 13s Hockey team. I congratulate all students who have participated in the TAS co-curricular program and I thank the staff and external coaches for their continued support and involvement in a program that provides a rich and diverse experience for our students.

Term 4 promises to be an action packed nine weeks of co-curricular activities. The cast and crew for Legally Blonde has been announced and will commence their rehearsals, The Triple Crown continues with the next event ‘19km Anya’s Wish’ at Kenwood Park, New England Sings perform, summer sport commences, a range of NCIS sports days and the Activities Program will be in full swing with a Bivouac and Activities Week.

Once again there are many opportunities for students to challenge themselves and no doubt some of these experiences will be difficult but that is where the reward lies – achieving something you thought you were not capable of doing!


“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill


I encourage all our students to be optimistic and open to the challenges and experiences that Term 4 has to offer.

Students are reminded that sport is compulsory, and sports uniform should be worn to each training session (unless otherwise advised by their MIC) and games. It is a student’s responsibility to communicate any intended absence from sport. This should be done either in person or via e-mail prior to the training session or game, with a valid reason. In accordance with Public Health Orders, students will not be able to attend co-curricular activities if displaying any symptoms of illness, and/or if directed to isolate under public health orders.

Please find links for:

  1. Summer Sports Training Schedule
  2. Summer Sports Staffing

Term 4 Scheduled Events

Week 1

Sunday 16 October Triple Crown 2 – 19km Anya’s Wish, Kenwood Park

Week 2

Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 October New England Sings

Week 3

Wednesday 25 October NCIS Volleyball

Thursday 26 October NCIS Tennis

Week 4

Tuesday 1 November NCIS SS Basketball

Week 5

Tuesday 8 November NCIS JS Basketball

Friday 11 November Triple Crown 3 – TAS 4 hour event

Week 6

Thursday 17 & Friday 19 November Bivouac

Week 7

Week 8

Monday 28 November – Friday 2 December Activities Week

Week 9

Friday 9 December Speech Day


Saturday 10 – Tuesday 13 December Rowing Camp @ TAS/Malpas Dam

Tuesday 10 – Sunday 15 January Rowing Camp Taree (Seniors Only)


Mr Huon Barrett
Director of Co-curricular


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From the Head of Middle School

I would like to offer a warm welcome back to everyone as we commence the final term of the year and I hope that the break continues to be a refreshing one for all.

Our Year 8 students and staff have returned safe and well from the annual service trip to St Christopher’s Home in Suva, Fiji. Our students were fully immersed in the life of the home and in the Fijian culture throughout their time and we are all very proud of what they achieved. The group completed a number of service projects during the time away and the group will share more details of the trip and photos during an upcoming assembly. I’d like to thank Ms Fiona Taber for all of her efforts and time coordinating this year’s trip as well as Mrs Jo and Mr Matt Benham, Miss Emma Channon and Mr Craig Norrie who also travelled with this year’s group.

We commence Term 4 with an updated timetable for all students.. Please ensure that you have checked this carefully prior to term starting. It is now currently live in Edval Online. The final term of the year is always a busy one.

A number of calendar items this term include:

  • October 11 – Classes resume

  • October 15 – Middle School Open Day

  • October 16 – Triple Crown Event 2 – 19 for 9 for Anya’s Wish

  • October 27 – Year 7 Vaccinations (HPV 2nd Dose)

  • November 2 – November 4 – Middle School Exams

  • November 11 – Triple Crown Event 3 – TAS 4 Hour

  • November 17 & November 18 – Bivouac

  • November 28 – December 2 – Activities Week

  • December 9 – Speech Day

We will commence Term 4 with the wearing of the Summer uniform. Please ensure your child has a school cap. Middle School staff will be ensuring that students are wearing these at break times to protect them from the sun. These can be purchased from the Uniform Shop if you require another. Commencing Term 4, Middle School boarding students will only be able to access the canteen between 1:30 pm and 1:50 pm and after school (after they have eaten at the Dining Hall) and day students from 1 pm – 1:50 pm. We will ensure that staff can supervise this time slot and allow students to make their purchases. Restricting canteen use to this time ensures that all students are either eating their packed morning tea at Recess or eating the school-provided morning tea (which is provided to all students; not just boarders). This time will also ensure that students are able to access the Dining Hall for lunch, prior to going to the canteen.

Finally, I would also like to draw your attention to the Middle School Open Day  – Where Adventure meets Education that will be held on Saturday 15 October from 1 pm – 4 pm.  This event is for all current and prospective families to enjoy a day of adventure, fun, creative arts and STEM activities.  It will also be an opportunity for all new and current families to meet the Principal Dr Horton and myself, enjoy lunch or afternoon tea and learn more about your child’s educational opportunities during the middle years at TAS. To find out about the fun activities we have planned and to register click HERE.

I wish everyone well for the term ahead.


Mr Luke Polson
Head of Middle School

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From the Head of Junior School

New England Sings – 22 & 23 October (Week 2)

After much planning for Years 3, 4 & 5, the New England Sings Concert will be upon us in no time on the weekend of the 22 – 23 October. Remembering there is both a rehearsal and concert on the weekend, please ensure that you have your attendance recorded by responding to the previous email and your  request for transport is lodged with Mrs Lasker via or 6776 5817

SHREK – Working Bee

Please note that the SHREK Jr Working Bee will be held on Sunday 13 November in the Hoskins Theatre. While much of the preparations will have been completed by this date, the set and some props will need completion so that the final rehearsals can take place in situ. Even if you only have a little time, please let us know if you can donate a little of your time. Every little bit will help. Details of tasks needing completion will be communicated to you all shortly.


Bike Safety/Triathlon Day – Friday 25 November

So that everyone can prepare,  the Bike Safety/Triathlon Day will be held on the Friday of Week 7, Friday 25 November. All bikes will need to be fit for purpose so please check your child’s bike carefully ahead of time to avoid flat tyres and mechanical failures which can be very disappointing if they do occur on the day.


Chapel St Turning Circle – car safety

It is important that we remain vigilant to ensure the safety of all users of the Chapel St carpark and turning circle. The system in place is working well but there have been a number of reported near misses which are concerning. Especially as cars enter the ‘turning circle’ please remain alert to the fact that we are supervising very young children who do not fully comprehend the dangers that exist here. Please ensure your car remains on the road and does not encroach upon the footpath. While we are reviewing safety in this area throughout the term, we ask that you continue to take extreme caution for the sake of all concerned.


Middle School Open Day

I would also like to draw your attention to the Middle School Open Day that will be held on Saturday 15 October from 1 pm – 4 pm.  This event is for all current and prospective families to enjoy a day of adventure, fun, creative arts and STEM activities. Why not come along and join Dr Horton and Head of Middle School Mr Polson; enjoy lunch or afternoon tea and learn more about your child’s educational opportunities during the middle years at TAS while they experience some fun and educational activities. To find out about the fun activities we have planned and to register click HERE.


Finally….thank you.

As you know, this will be my final term at TAS as I retire at the end of this year. As you can imagine, it is difficult to describe the mix of emotions that I am feeling at the moment. Sally and I would like to thank you all for your thoughts and your generous support throughout our time at the school, especially over the last 11 years in Junior School. It has been quite a journey. I will be on leave this term, returning Monday 31 October (Week 4) and will leave you all in the capable hands of the Junior School staff and Mrs Sandra Lasker and I look forward to seeing you all again then.


Mr Ian Lloyd
Head of Junior School

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