Start of Term Newsletter Term 2 2024

TERM 2, 2024

From the Principal

I hope that everyone has enjoyed time with their children home over the 2 week break. My sincere thanks to those who contacted me over the break following news that I will be leaving TAS at the end of Term 3. Curly and I will depart from a wonderful school, to consider and pursue new opportunities and challenges, initially in Brisbane. There will certainly be time for more words over the next two terms, but in the meantime, it is very much business as usual working with Ray and the broader Executive as we move into the main body of the school year.

My thanks go to those parents, friends, staff and volunteer students involved with the hugely successful TAS Rugby Carnival at the end of last term. It is an incredible event and was greatly enjoyed by so many visiting children and their families. This could not happen without an army of volunteers to make everything happen and ensure a world class experience, thank you.

For the start of Term 2, I have a number of staffing updates to share:

  • Mr Christian Nexo returns from Long Service Leave. We thank Mrs Emily Dobson for her work in his absence. Mrs Dobson will now revert solely to her role as Careers Advisor at TAS.
  • Mrs Susan Polson resigned from her role as a Junior School teacher at the end of last term to pursue opportunities outside of teaching. In her absence, her teaching partner Mr James Haggerty will become a fulltime Junior School teacher.
  • Mr Jason Saymaan, known to students of Abbott House, will start as a teacher of PDHPE
  • Mr Adam Preocanin will take the role as Year 7 Coordinator from Mr Jamie Brauer who will remain as Head of Middle School for the remainder of the year.

Beyond these updates, we are also in the stages of finalising a mid-year appointment for a Director of Co-curricular. In the absence of a staff member in this role for Term 2, as parents, please continue to direct your sport enquiries via the MIC of the relevant sport, or to Mr AJ Whalley who will oversee this area.

This week, students from TAS will take part in the early Dangarsleigh ANZAC Day Service and form the Guard of Honour and lead the parade in Armidale on ANZAC Day with the TAS cadet band and a number of our students also marching this year. I would also like to invite all families who are able to attend our annual ANZAC Service starting at 7.30am on the first official day of Term 2, Tuesday 30 April.


Dr Rachel Horton

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From the Deputy Principal

Dear Families,

I trust that you all had a lovely break and quality time with family and friends. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to Dr Horton for her support and wonderful leadership over the past three years. While I am very disappointed that she will be departing TAS later this year, I am confident Dr Horton will find great success in her next chapter.  I am looking forward to continuing to work closely with her over the next six months.

Please see below some important information for Term 2.


Anzac Service

Students will commence Term 2 with the TAS Anzac Service to be held on Adamsfield at 7:30 am on Tuesday 30 April. Students are asked to be in Formal Uniform.

Dining Hall

All day students using the Dining Hall are asked to bring their School ID card so that they can be scanned in. This includes Casual Boarding students.

Rules and Regulations

With a continued focus on ensuring high standards, please find below important reminders on our expectations:

Respect for the Learning Environment

I have requested that all of our teachers place significant focus on the conduct of our students in the classroom. Disrupting the learning of others is not a minor indiscretion and will be a clear focus moving forward. Our staged process in addressing poor classroom behaviour is clarified below with the hope that the first intervention of a conversation will see the behaviour change to meet expectations:

  • Conversation from classroom teacher to identify and intervene with poor behaviour.

  • Formal Detention issued by Year Level Coordinator to facilitate a period of reflection.

  • Withdrawal from classes coordinated by the Head of Sub-School.

  • External suspension with re-entry meeting with the Deputy Principal.

All students have the right to learn without interruption from others, students can expect the support of our process to ensure that they are able to achieve their best.


Boys’ hair is to be neat and tidy and of an acceptable length (not over the collar, ears or eyes), with no artificial colouring. Extremes in length (fringes, shaved sections) are not permitted. Facial hair is also not permitted.

Girls’ hair should be of a natural colour, clean, well-kept and drawn away from the face. Shoulder length hair must be tied back. Hair ribbons are optional, but if worn, must be either plain white (Years 11 and 12) or navy (Years T-10).

Makeup is not to be worn to school.

Winter uniform 

The school uniform comprises the striped senior blazer for students in Years 11 and 12 and blue school blazer for students in Years 6 to 10.  Boys wear a grey shirt, school tie, grey socks, grey trousers, school jumper and black laced shoes.

For all formal occasions a white shirt is worn instead of the grey.  Years 6-10 girls wear a grey skirt or grey pants, TAS long sleeved blouse, black knee-high socks or black stockings and navy blazer.

For formal occasions the girls wear a white long-sleeved blouse and skirt with the school tie, black stockings and navy blazer. Year 11 and 12 girls wear a navy skirt (or navy pants), the white formal blouse, school tie, black knee-high socks or black stockings and the striped senior blazer. The navy school jumper may be worn at all times depending on the weather.

Students are permitted to wear the TAS all-weather jacket in winter unless it is a formal occasion where the blazer is required.

The Wearing of Student Uniform

  1. Ties should be worn so that the collar button is done up and does not show.

  2. Shoes should be polished at all times.

  3. Full school uniform must be worn in public between school and home (day students). The uniform is not to be ‘mixed and matched’ with personal items of clothing.

  4. Within the School, blazers do not have to be worn except at formal occasions or Tuesday Assemblies. The grey jumper may not be worn outside school as an outer garment.

  5. Extremes of hairstyle are not permitted (see dress regulations above).

  6. Jewellery:

  • Watches can be worn (Smart Watches may be asked to be removed for the purpose of academic integrity or confiscated if being used inappropriately).
  • No rings, wristbands or bracelets are to be worn, unless for medical purposes.
  • Necklaces are not to be worn, except for those that have religious significance. These should be discreetly tucked underneath the uniform.
  • Fake/Artificial nails, eyelashes etc are not permitted.
  • Beanies are not to be worn as part of the School Uniform. They can be worn when attending outdoor co-curricular sporting events in extreme conditions.
  • Boys –   Any jewellery worn must not be visible
  • Girls –   No facial jewellery is permitted
  • Girls can either wear one pair of small gold, silver or pearl studs or small gold or silver sleepers. However, girls may be asked to remove these during some sporting or co- curricular activities for health and safety reasons.
  • Each article of clothing must be clearly marked with a woven name tag (sewn tags, not iron-on tags- laundry markers do eventually fade).

Mobile Phones 

Mobile phones are not to be used between the hours of 8:40am and 3:30pm (including lunch and morning tea) or any other time when it is inappropriate. Therefore, they should not be used at times such as prep, in class, assembly, chapel, concerts and the like. At these times, phones should be switched off.

Phones will be collected at entry to an assessment and returned at the completion of the assessment.

At the discretion of the School, the student will have their phone confiscated if they are using it during the school day without permission. In the first instance the phone will be confiscated overnight, the second time for three nights and the third time for a week.

Absence, Illness and Punctuality 

  1. All students must be at school on time. If late, the student must sign in at Reception.

  2. Parents are asked to advise the school if their son or daughter is absent by 8.30 am on the day of absence. A written note or email from a parent explaining the absence MUST be provided to Reception by the commencement of the day of return.

  3. Should a student be ill during school hours, they are to go straight to the School Medical Centre. The School Nurse will then take appropriate action. Boarders must not be in the Boarding House if they are ill.

  4. Should a parent require a student to keep a special appointment that would interfere with academic time the student must sign out and back in at Reception.

  5. In any case of infectious disease or contact with an infectious disease, the School must be notified immediately and the student shall not return to school until the School Nurse informs the Principal that there is no risk of spreading infection.

  6. Students are expected to attend school for the full period of the term. An “Application for Exemption from Attendance at School” must be completed by a parent and permission given prior to the leave being taken. This form should be directed to the Reception for approval for students in years 9-12, for Middle School students and for Junior School students.

  7. Should a student be unable to meet sporting obligations for a match for which they have been selected they are to seek leave from the coach concerned, giving as much notice as possible so a replacement can be found.

Compulsory Student Attendance 

This Term we have a number of compulsory events where it is expected all Senior and Middle School students will be in attendance.

  • Tuesday 30 April – TAS Anzac Service at 7.30am (Formal Uniform)

  • Thursday 16 May- Junior School Athletics Carnival

  • Friday 17 May – MS/SS Athletics Carnival

  • Wednesday 19 June – MS/SS Activities Day
  • Thursday 27 June – Final Day of Term 2 (Friday 28 June is the designated Boarders’ Travel Day).

In addition, the King’s Birthday weekend will be a closed weekend for boarding students with School finishing on Thursday 6 June at 3.30pm and classes recommencing on Tuesday 11 June. Friday 7 June will be a dedicated boarders’ travel day with staff on site to support.

More information can be found on the parents and student portals via the School website under ‘Rules and Regulations’.

I wish all students and families a wonderful Term 2 and look forward to connecting with you all in the coming weeks.


Mr Ray Pearson
Deputy Principal
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From the Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

Welcome back to Term 2.

As we commence Term 2, I encourage everyone to begin with their best foot forward and consider some tried and tested habits and practices to set yourself up for academic success. I encourage everyone, particularly our senior students, to:

  • Read every day
  • Set up effective study routines
  • Use your diary to get organised and track tasks, and deadlines

Regarding effective study routines, our Year 12s took part in some targeted workshops towards the end of Term 1. The feedback again from our Year 12 students was very positive, and the two-day program, overseen by Mr Tonkin, also included a financial literacy workshop as well as time with Ms Rebecca Abbott, our School Counsellor, on the importance of balance and looking after yourself.

Midway through Term 2, our Year 9 and 10 students will make their Semester 2 choices for electives and both years will be preparing for the Mid-Year Examinations which commence on Friday 31 May (end of Week 5) and continue to Wednesday 5 June (Week 6).


This term, TAS will also be well represented at two sets of State Finals. Our Year 6 and Year 9 da Vinci Decathlon Teams will compete at the State Finals to be held at Knox Grammar School in Sydney in Week 3. Furthermore, a team of Year 6/7 students will also travel to Sydney in early June to compete in the Kids Lit State Final, following their success at the local competition held in Term 1. We wish these students well.

Now is the time for Year 12 students to express their interest in the Winter Break Study Camp which will be running in the final week of the Term 2 break (17-19 July). Please register your interest by email to The camp will not be residential so boarding families will need to arrange for their child to stay with a local family. Details on cost will be available soon but it will be reasonable and will cover the cost of all sessions, lunches and resources. The staff working at the camp will include TAS staff and external presenters to facilitate and workshop study skills for our students.

Finally, please be aware that we will commence the Term 2 timetable on Week B. Students are reminded to check Edval closer to the start of the term to ensure they are prepared for classes on the first day of term.

I wish you all well for the term ahead.


Mr Luke Polson
Acting Director of Teaching and Learning

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From the Director of Boarding

Dear Boarding Parents and Caregivers,

I trust you have all enjoyed the holiday period with family and friends. I am sure those boarders at home are enjoying themselves after what was another busy Term 1 for the boarders and staff.

Term 2 is typically a busy term due to the increased training and travel commitments of most of the winter sports. Boarders must return this term with the mindset that their winter sports coaches and team managers will expect the highest standards at training, during competition fixtures and regarding the wearing of uniform. Should you have any questions regarding Term 2 sport, including fixtures information, please check the TAS website, contact Mrs Rachael Edmonds or the respective sports MIC directly.

Term 2 classes will commence at 8.40am on Tuesday 30 April with boarding houses open for returning boarders from 1.30pm Monday 29 April. The TAS Anzac Ceremony commences at 7.30am Tuesday 30 April with all boarders expected to be in attendance and dressed in their formals.

June Long Weekend
The June Long Weekend falls during Term 2 and boarding houses will be closed from 10.00am Friday 7 June through to 1.30pm Monday 10 June. Classes will conclude at 3.30pm Thursday 6 June and re-commence at 8.40am Tuesday 11 June. Exemption from School Forms need to be submitted to the Deputy Principal, Mr Ray Pearson, well in advance for any boarders missing any classes during this time. Please plan for your son/daughter to either return home or stay with family or friends over this Long Weekend as early as possible.

Please ensure your son/daughter returns to TAS with their winter school uniform in appropriate condition. Appointments at the Uniform Shop can be made on-line for any last-minute purchases. Please also ensure school shoes are polished and haircuts are respectable.

Should you wish to discuss any of the above boarding matters further, please contact your Head of House in the first instance or otherwise contact me on 0418 961 325.


Mr David Drain
Director of Boarding

Term 2 marks a new chapter in boarders’ lives here at TAS, and I am very excited to be taking on the position of the Boarders’ Recreation Officer. At the end of last term, a group of boarders and I met to discuss what would enhance the boarding experience, and we are proud to launch Boarders’ REC, offering activities that allow the boarders to Relax, Engage in the community, and Cultivate new skills.

Our plan is to set the foundations for a range of weekly events, as well as offering other experiences throughout the term.

More information will be communicated to parents in TAS Talks and to boarders in person at roll calls.

I have included an outline of events for Term 2, but please note these may change closer to the time.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Boarders’ Recreation Program, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or the Director of Boarding.

Mr Jordan Lane 
Boarders’ Recreation Officer

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From the Director of Pastoral Care

Welcome back to another exciting term! We hope students had a restful break and are ready for all the wonderful learning opportunities and experiences that await us in Term 2.

We are excited to welcome Dr Mary Kaspar to TAS next Tuesday 30 April, who will be speaking to students from years 6-10 about friendships and relationship dynamics. Dr Kaspar is a Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years experience working with youth and adults in her practice. She has delivered training programs for psychologists and workshops for teens providing education about healthy relationships. Dr Kaspar is the author of the best selling book ‘The Popular Girls’ which explores the linkages between status seeking and relational aggression through a gender lens, although it is relevant for both boys and girls.

Dr Kaspar will also be hosting a live webinar for parents on Tuesday 30 April at 5.30pm. This webinar aims to help parents support children navigating relational issues throughout their adolescent years. A separate invite with more information about Tuesday’s webinar will be sent to parents over the coming days.

As we embark on this new term, we want to emphasise the importance of maintaining a positive and conducive learning environment in our classrooms. We believe that a respectful and focused learning environment is essential for the success of all our students. Therefore, we kindly ask for your support in reinforcing positive behaviour and reminding your child of the importance of respect, attentiveness, and consideration for their fellow classmates.

To ensure that our classrooms remain productive spaces for learning, students who engage in disruptive behaviour will face a range of consequences at the discretion of their Year Level Coordinator. These consequences may include afternoon detentions or, in cases of persistent disruption, internal or external suspensions. Our primary objective is to collaboratively address behavioural challenges with parents and guide students toward making constructive choices.

We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead in Term 2 and look forward to partnering with you to create a positive and enriching learning environment for all our students.


Mr Adam (AJ) Whalley
Director of Pastoral Care

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From the Acting Head of Middle School

Welcome back to Middle School at TAS for Term 2! We hope you all had a rejuvenating break and are ready for another term filled with learning, growth, and unforgettable experiences. For all day and boarding students, we are thrilled to have you back on campus.

Firstly, I’d like to congratulate all Middle School students and parents who were involved in the TAS Rugby Carnival during the first weekend of the school holidays as well as the Tour de Rocks which took place in the middle of the school holidays. Players, riders, and volunteers excelled during both events which was fantastic to see!

As we embark on this new term together, there are plenty of exciting opportunities and challenges awaiting each and every student. Term 2 is a time for all Middle School students to continue embracing everything that TAS has to offer.

The term calendar is filled with co-curricular and learning activities which will no doubt keep everyone engaged and busy. Such events as the annual Canberra trip, da Vinci Decathlon State finals, Winter Sports, Creative Arts, Newling Garden visits, and Kids Lit National Final will be wonderful experiences for all involved.

Students returning to school are encouraged to put their best foot forward from day one. The dedicated staff at Middle School are here to support each student every step of the way. Advisors and teachers are more than ready to continue to guide and encourage every young person when managing their busy academic and co-curricular schedule. 

I also highly recommend all students to fully immerse themselves in all co-curricular activities they take part in as members of the Middle School community. Be it sport, public speaking, drama, music, academic competitions, or community service, these events will build lifelong friendships and lasting memories.

Looking forward to the immediate future, please note that all students will be need to be wearing their Winter uniform from day one of Term 2. Also, be aware that the TAS Anzac Service will be held on Tuesday 30 April from 7:30 am outside Memorial Hall. All students are required to be in attendance wearing Formals and be present by 7:15 am to ensure that everyone is ready for a 7:30 am start.

As a matter of housekeeping please be aware that students will need to wear their blazers every Wednesday for the MS/SS assembly. On a positive note, there were no reports of students losing or misplacing their bags during the school day last term. Due to most of the community using their lockers and keeping their bags in their homerooms, students were able to avoid bearing extra financial costs for their parents. As another reminder, when having PE lessons scheduled, students have been advised to bring a sports bag for their PE gear. School bags don’t need to be taken to the gym unless PE has been timetabled for Period 6 and Period 7.

In relation to students being absent during the school day, regardless of being a day or boarding student, an exemption leave form needs to be submitted. Please see the link below of the document required to be sent to Assistance with this will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to catching up with the wider TAS Middle School community during the start of the term. All the best to everyone during this time.


Mr Jamie Brauer
Acting Head of Middle School

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From the Director of Development

Come and celebrate our community at TAS | Friday 14 June

The Solstice Dinner is an opportunity to come together and celebrate everything that is great about the school over a beautiful dinner, made by our very own catering team.

Canapes will be served in Big School with the main event in our famous Dining Hall that could have easily been set in Hogwarts.

Across all year groups, please save the date and look out for more information.

Mrs Emily McOrist
Director of Development

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From the Head of Junior School


We trust all in the Junior School community were able to spend some time resting and rejuvenating after our incredibly busy and productive first term. We look forward to welcoming our students back to school on Tuesday 30 April. An especially warm welcome to new students Misaki (Year 4), Forbes (Year 3), Winifred (Kindergarten) and Mercy (pre-Kindergarten) and their families. Students, families and friends are warmly invited to attend the TAS Anzac Service on Adamsfield that commences at 7.30am, prior to the commencement of classes on Tuesday 30 April.

In commemoration of Anzac Day, our Junior School community are again invited to enter the House Anzac Biscuit competition. Only one entry can be submitted by each student, into either of the two categories – ‘crunchy’ (which should have a near-audible snap when broken) or ‘chewy’ (soft-centred). All entries will accumulate valuable House points, with those shortlisted for the final round of judging earning even more. Entries should be submitted with the relevant entry form (also available from your child(ren)’s teacher upon the commencement of Term 2), together with the recipe used, and should be dropped off at Mrs Lasker’s office on Friday 3 May. All entries will be judged during recess (preliminary) and lunch (finals).

Please note that students may wear either their summer or winter uniform throughout the first week of Term 2, after which they will be required to wear their winter uniform. Sports uniform may continue to be worn to/from school by Junior School students on those days that they have either PE lessons or after-school sport.

Please note the following notable upcoming events in the first few weeks of Term 2:


Week 1

  • Tuesday 30 April – ANZAC Service (7.30am) and Students Return
  • Wednesday 1 May – CBCA Illustrator (Cheryl Orsini) Visit
  • Friday 3 May – 3H Assembly

Week 2

  • Wednesday 8 May – NCIS Cross Country
  • Thursday 9 May – Life Education
  • Friday 10 May – Life Education and Celebrating Families Community Event (from 2.30 pm)

Week 3

  • Monday 13 May – Year 5 Leadership Excursion
  • Wednesday 15 May – P&F Meeting (7.00pm)
  • Thursday 16 May – Junior School House Athletics
  • Friday 17 May – 5C Assembly


Mr Scott Chittenden
Head of Junior School
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