Riding the bumps earns the ‘air’, says BMX champion

Posted 6th December 2017

When Cam White built dirt jumps on his parent’s farm near Wamboin NSW as a youngster, he dreamed as big as the crowds he has performed in front of, around the world. However there needs to be an understanding of what it takes to fulfill those dreams, if you really want to make it happen, the champion rider said.

“It’s a privilege to be able to live my dream – I’m 33 years old, ride a kids bike, and get to travel the world,” he told The Armidale School students at a demonstration prior to his appearance as guest speaker at Junior School Speech Day this evening.

“There are the exciting peaks, but there are also plenty of troughs. Such as leaving your family to follow your dreams. The injuries and upsets you get along the way which may put you out of competition, or work. And even when you are in form, there’s always the uncertainty of a new track, or what the wind might do – it’s as much a mental game,” he said.

Now a professional BMX dirt jumper, Cam has been travelling and competing around the world since 2003. A two-time BMX Games Champion, he has also been Redbull Elevation Champion and Dew Action Sports Tour BMX Dirt Champion. Cam has also achieved major placings at events such as the Cleveland Dew Tour and Portland Dew Tours (first places), Baltimore and Orlando Dew Tours (third place at each), and second place overall in the Dew Action Sports Tour 2017. Cam was also the first rider ever to do a backflip barspin to tailwhip.

These days, he spends his time between Las Vegas in the USA and his parents’ Wamboin property where he holds an annual charity event, the Hillside Dirt Jam. This event has raised more than $80,0000 for Canberra local charities including Snowy Hydro SouthCare, Canberra Hospital Paediatrics Ward, Camp Quality and the Childrens’ Hospital Foundation Australia. He also tours the Cam White Pro BMX Team to schools, corporations, and community events.

“The thing is to never give up. Give things one hundred per cent, win or lose, don’t leave anything in your bag or you might regret it later. If you give it your best shot, you should always be happy.”

Prior to his formal commitments, Cam gave a demonstration in front of the school’s Memorial Hall, with tricks and jumps off a high ramp culminating in a front flip.


BMX champion Cam White thrilled students with tricks at The Armidale School this morning ahead ofbeing guest speaker at TAS Junior School Speech Day