Retiring cadets honoured at Passing Out Parade

Posted 11th September 2015

Success starts with getting out of bed in the morning and having the discipline to get on with your tasks, the reviewing officer of The Armidale School cadet unit’s Passing Out Parade said yesterday (11 September).

The annual event, a spectacle marked by precision and ceremony, served to farewell the departing Year 12 cadets and acknowledge their service to the second oldest cadet unit in Australia.

Colonel Jeffery Squire, Director of Information Activities, Military Strategic Commitments Division, told the 200-strong parade that courage, initiative and teamwork were inter-connected Army values that would stand cadets well in later life.

“Throughout your life you will be confronted with situations where you are challenged to do what is right. This will require courage, and courage takes initiative. I put it to you that teamwork is the reason that you show courage and initiative, to make a contribution to others, for a cause bigger than yourselves,” he said.

Col Squire said one of the hardest things in life is having the discipline to get started particularly when there are no longer parents or teachers to help – which requires overcoming doubts and removing distractions.

“You are all very lucky to be students and cadets here. With this privilege also comes a responsibility to help others that are less fortunate than you and to never take what you have for granted. Your experiences through leadership courses, bivouacs, camps and ceremonial activities have prepared you to serve others – good luck on your journey.”

As part of the ceremony, Colonel Squire presented the Sword of Honour for the unit’s senior cadet to CUO Nicholas Finney, and the McConville Sword for the unit’s second in command presented to CUO Samuel Redhead.

Amongst those officially ‘passing out’ were 12 cadets in Year 12 who were acknowledged for their service to the unit. With the band playing Auld Lang Syne, they departed the parade ground in a ‘slow march’ as cadets stood to attention to pay their respects.

The annual parade was the final formal cadet parade for the year and was followed by a formal senior cadet and guard dinner attended by cadets and their parents.


Passing Out Parade was a magnificent event. Click on the image for a gallery of photos.