Prefects for 2016 appointed at The Armidale School

Posted 15th October 2015

The Armidale School’s prefects for 2015-16 were inducted at a ceremony at the school on 15 October, with the 14 students coming from a broad range of localities including Brisbane, Sydney, and across the state.

The senior prefect is Ben Moffatt of Guyra – who is also believed to be the first fifth generation TAS student. Two deputy senior prefects have been appointed – Jarrod Bourke from Moree and Charlie Wyatt from Warren.

Headmaster Murray Guest said when the first TAS prefects were appointed, few boys were keen to take up the office believing that elevating some students over others ran against the egalitarian ideals of Australian society.

However far from conflicting with these ideals, the system recognises that there is a role for senior in setting standards and examples for others, and particularly juniors, to follow, Mr Guest told students and parents at the prefects’ induction ceremony today (14 October).

“Prefectship is not a prize for what has already been done already, nor is it an attempt to offer a good experience to a student who might be in need of that. Rather, it is a call to serve the school community over the coming year. The call is to assist the direction of the School in maintaining its standards in all areas; supporting students and inspiring pride in the school through good example,” Mr Guest said. “Above all, they have been called to join in our most important task – ensuring that every student in this school is able to feel supported and is confident that his best efforts will be applauded and never derided.”

Ben Moffatt said he looked forward to upholding the dignity and honour of the school, but also of his position.

“I’d like to think we can forge stronger relationships with the students in younger years and in doing so, set an example that they may follow,” he said.


TAS Headmaster Murray Guest with prefects (back row, l-r) Cameron Holcombe (Burren Junction), Angus Lloyd (Armidale), Alex Boulus (Armidale), Lachlan Cruickshank (Sydney), Alister Braham (Wollomombi), George Rodgers (Merriwa), Joe Kingham (Limbri), Dominic Pilon (Moree), (front) Charlton Grant (Armidale), Samuel Jackson-Bolton (Lightning Ridge), Henry Coldham (Deepwater), Charlie Wyatt (Deputy Senior Prefect, Warren), Ben Moffatt (Senior Prefect, Guyra), Jarrod Bourke (Deputy Senior Prefect, Moree), Andrew Knight (Guyra), Jack Radford (Rowena), Lachlan Thomas (Glen Innes). Absent: Oliver Mayhew-Sanders (Brisbane).