Life lessons in stepping stone program

Posted 2nd December 2014

Navigating their way through the pitfalls of the digital world, across an ironing board and around the silverware at a dinner table, Year 10 boys at The Armidale School took part in the Steps to Manhood program during their final week of term.

The program is designed to instil a range of life skills to help students become more independent, resourceful and equipped to take on the world as capable and considerate young men.

Sessions included ironing, financial management, manners and etiquette, adolescents and the law, the art of conversation, and forums discussing ‘the well educated young man’ from both women’s and men’s perspectives.

“It is designed to cover a number of those skills and life perspectives all young men should be exposed to, but that are usually sacrificed in the crowded curriculum of schools,” said TAS Headmaster Murray Guest, who himself delivered sessions on table manners and the psychology of handshakes.

“It is hoped that these boys who will take their places as leaders in the coming two years gained at least some insight into some of the skills they will need as good men,” he said.

Steps 1

Headmaster Murray Guest displays various handshakes to Jock Campbell

STEPS ironing

Cai Spiers gives classmate Luke Bray some tips on ironing during one of the sessions of the TAS Year 10 Steps to Manhood program