Guitar players pick up tips from masters

Posted 21st June 2015

For Year 11 music student Angus Lloyd, it’s one thing to perform in front of your peers – but another thing entirely to play as you are watched by two of the most renown guitar players in the world.

Angus, from The Armidale School, said he was privileged to take part in a masterclass with Slava and Leonard Grigoryan, held prior to a concert at the TAS Hoskins Centre last night (18 June).

“It was pretty daunting, just performing in front of others can be nerve-racking,” he said.

“They mostly helped me with technique, particularly in how I held my wrists. I need more performance practice, but it was great to get the advise of such respected musicians as well.”

Slava Grigoryan said the brothers usually try and hold a masterclass when on regional tours, with the focus on either musicianship or technique, depending on the student.

“We know from growing up that it is often difficult to get up and play in front of peers, and that in regional areas there is less access to professional musicians,” he said.

“Hopefully though it is a good sort of pain – and from our perspective, it is all about connecting young players with music, building a rapport with them and seeing the progress students have made.”

Since their first acclaimed Australian tour in 2002, the classical guitar duo have toured extensively in Australia and in Europe, the United States, Britain, Asia and the Middle East. When not on stage they are in the studio, having released five duo albums – the most recent ‘The Seasons’ in 2012 – all of which have been nominated for ARIA awards.

They last played in Armidale two years ago, but their concert last night was the first in the TAS Hoskins Centre which they described as “a great venue”.