Fantastic Mr Fox comes out of his lair

Posted 15th September 2014

A child’s classic about a family of foxes and their cunning plan to outwit three greedy farmers emerged from the underground to be staged at The Amidale School during the second last week of term.

Fantastic Mr Fox, a play based on Roald Dahl’s novella, was performed by TAS Middle School students who have been rehearsing their roles as personified underground creatures and cranky landowners since last term.

Each day, Mr Fox risks his life making nightly visits to three farms, in order to snatch livestock to feed his wife and four little cubs. A battle of wits ensues – and then Mr Fox devises a truly cunning plan to ensure he never has to take such risks again.

“It’s a child’s classic with a lot of humour and hi-jinx, and just such a good fit for a cast, crew, and audience of  adolescent boys,” said director Andrew O’Connell.

“While the play does differ from very popular Wes Anderson film version, many of the cast knew the film and brought some of that to their characters.”

Not only were Middle School students the stars on the stage, they were responsible for all the technical and backstage duties.

The play was staged at the TAS Hoskins Centre on Friday morning and evening and Saturday evening.

FOX DSC01836

Matt Turnbull as Mr Fox engages the young foxes in Middle School’s production of Fantastic Mr Fox.