Detective shares insights into pitfalls of the internet

Posted 26th March 2018

Accessing the internet can be as easy as the click of a button or the swipe of a screen – but it’s much more difficult to navigate the potential pitfalls that can often lead to tragic circumstances.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 27 March) at The Armidale School, former Queensland police detective Brett Lee will highlight the unhealthier side of the world wide web to students, staff and parents.

Director of Pastoral Care Mr Barney Buntine said the talk will complement much that is happening at TAS in the space of technology and adolescence, including a five-week Digital Detox Program in the Middle and Senior School.

“There is increasing evidence to suggest in adolescents, but adults also, screen time and social media use is exponentially increasing and, while technology is great in many ways, heavy usage is often leading to unhealthy habits and mental health consequences,” he said.

“While cyberbullying has had a lot of the headlines recently, there are myriad issues and we’re delighted that one of the leading Australian figures in safe internet use can share his insights at special seminars with students, staff and parents.”

While the content of each will vary according to the audience, topics to be discussed will include the law and the internet, social networking, instant messaging and online gambling, cyberbullying, sexting, and protective and preventative measures that can be put in place to minimise harm. Mr Lee will address students at various seminars throughout the day, before speaking to staff at 4pm and a free forum for parents 7-8pm.

For more information: visit Brett Lee’s website Internet Safe Education