Artworks selected for schools’ exhibition

Posted 27th July 2015

Very different works by two TAS students were among 60 selected for hanging from more than 700 submitted for this year’s Let’s Hang It, the UNE Schools Acquisitive Art Prize exhibition at the New England Regional Art Museum.

Year 11 student Dennis Pitt was awarded a a Highly Commended in the senior secondary school section for a self portrait, the first time Dennis had used the medium.

“I thought I’d try something new; I had never done a self portrait and didn’t want to do too much detail. First we were photographed wrapping ourselves up a sheet to make for an interesting composition, and drew from that – I found the charcoal easy to work with and it brought out the acrylic paints well.”

Will Forsythe was a finalist in the junior secondary school section with a photograph called Finally, of a drought-breaking storm on his family’s property at Croppa Creek in north-west NSW.

“It was the first time it had rained for five months. It was almost a fluke to capture the lightning the way it did – I was testing different exposures and was happy with the way it turned out.”

The exhibition features works from students from across the New England, North West and the North Coast.


D Pitt

Dennis Pitt’s self portrait was awarded a highly commended in this year’s UNESAP Let’s Hang It exhibition

W Forsyth

Will Forsythe was a finalist with a photograph of a drought-breaking storm on his family’s property at Croppa Creek